Daniel Bryan

During tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live in Dayton, General Manager Daniel Bryan made his return to the show for the first time since April and made an official ruling regarding the controversial ending to the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match on Sunday.

Bryan ruled that while all ladder matches in WWE have No DQ rules, they were in “uncharted territory” with James Ellsworth getting involved in the match on Sunday night when he climbed up the ladder, unhooked the briefcase and handed it to Carmella.

Bryan announced that he would be stripping Carmella of the briefcase and booked a Money in the Bank ladder rematch next week on Smackdown Live in San Diego.

It was also revealed earlier in the night that Naomi would defend the Smackdown Women’s Championship against Lana in a rematch as well.


  1. Bryan ruled that while all ladder matches in WWE have No DQ rules < should have stopped tight there

  2. That’s BS…. then why made Carmella the winner in the 1st place?
    Booker and JBL had a point there were no rules to break in the 1st place.
    If things should go by the book then strip Jinder’s championship

  3. I’m guessing she’ll win again
    She’s good as a heel, and no one else really needs to win it like she does.

  4. I believe the angle they are take now with Bryan’s decision is even tho there is no DQ, James wasn’t in the match. If JBL walked up the ladder and took down the case and set it in the ring I don’t think we’d argue that the first woman to pick up the briefcase lying in the ring should win – they’d put the case back up. Even tho there are no rules it still should be taken down by someone officially “in the match”? Imagine if AJ ran out from the back, climbed the ladder and handed to case to Becky – should she be the winner? That all said, I was fine with the original angle and thought it a great heel move, thought it was great for ‘mella (even if the logic didn’t stand up in my opinion per above) and was happy to have her as the winner. If she doesn’t pull off the win again, it’ll kind of seem pointless and hurt her character.

  5. If Jinder didn’t make the pin himself (regardless of how he got the win) and one of the brother’s actually covered Orton without actually being officially in the match, they wouldn’t end the match and give the win to Jinder? Jinder at least has the be the one covering him? I think that’s that dinstinction they are making here (see my note above). That all said, per my note about as well I was fine with the way it went down, want Carmella to be the case holder and think it was pointless as well if someone else wins but to me the logic wasn’t there with James grabbing the case – would have been better if he simply had Carmella on his shoulder and hoisted her up – although he probably would have dropped her šŸ˜‰

  6. I think this angle was money, if for no other reason it got people to tune in to Smackdown to find out what Daniel Bryan would say about the matter. Great call to delay Bryan’s appearance until the middle of the show as well. Carmella is a great heel. She has improved exponentially since her call up from NXT.

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