Paccy sent this in regarding last night’s Raw taping:

Just got home from the show, after the TV airing ended Sheamus whips up on HHH more then throws him back into the ring. Then Batista comes out and cuts another AWESOME promo while walking to the ring in his wrestling gear. Stuff like ?great job rookie, you are making a name for yourself” etc etc then says when you got a guy down like HHH you gotta take him out. Then Dave is about to powerbomb him and then Cena makes the save. Well Cena says lets make this a tag match. SO a match happens! HHH is in most of the time getting punked by both, the end comes with Sheamus and HHH down, Hunter makes the hot tag to Cena, Cena hits the FU on Sheamus he lets Sheamus up to tag Batista but Batista drops and walks out on match. Cena then drops Sheamus, tags HHH, he hits the pedigree and the 1-2-3 and the Crowd goes home happy. It was cool at the end HHH and Cena walk around whole arena shaking hands and at the end both on the ramp and do their patented gestures. Great show. Peace