WWE schedule

WWE schedule from 6/23-6/29

Here is the upcoming WWE schedule from June 23 to June 29, 2017.

* NXT TV tapings in Winter Park, Florida tonight (June 23).
* NXT live event in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday (June 24).
* WWE live event in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday (June 24).
* WWE live event in Everett, Washington on Sunday (June 25).
* Monday Night RAW live in Los Angeles, California on Monday (June 26).
* WWE live event in Bakersfield, California on Monday (June 26).
* Smackdown Live taping in San Diego, California on Tuesday (June 27).
* WWE live event in Singapore on Wednesday (June 28).
* NXT live event in St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday (June 29).

As always, if you are attending any events live we are seeking live reports.

Send all live reports to AdamMartin@wrestleview.com.

Bobby Roode on his transition to NXT

Jamie Welton of the Card Subject To Change podcast passed along an interview with current NXT Champion Bobby Roode where he talked about his transition to WWE and being part of the NXT brand with nearly 20 years of wrestling experience.

“It was easy actually for me. A little nerve racking at first because you hear a lot of negative things, and you hear some positive things. And until you get to experience it for yourself I didn’t try to come in with any sort of expectation. I had a conversation with Triple H. I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I’ve been doing this for almost twenty years so I wanted to come in, I wanted to be here, I wanted to get an opportunity, and he was willing to give me that opportunity and it’s been great for myself and I feel great for the brand. I think just with the experience that I’ve gained I was kind of prepared to come in, work hard and do what I’ve done to get me to this point.”


  1. Roode should have already been on the main roster. It’s odd that Baron Corbin and Nakamura are both there and Roode isn’t. RAW really could use Bobby Roode.

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