The comments made by Joey Styles over on his official Twitter account speaking out against President Barack Obama caused some internal concern reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There were some WWE higher-ups concerned that advertisers might find out and that it would cause some unwanted trouble, while there was also fear it would reflect badly on Linda McMahon on the school board and the “Smackdown Your Vote” campaign that is supposed to be nonpartisan. Despite these feelings in the company, Vince McMahon was said to have loved what Styles said since both are big conservative Republicans.

Some have noted that this took Styles from being an ECW guy with a past some in the company looked down upon to now being a favorite of McMahon’s for what he said. Although sources close to Styles do believe what he wrote is things he truly feels, some felt that knocking Obama was an easy way to get over big with the “boss.” One source who used to work in the “WWE inner circle” for years stated that guys ended up getting favored more for being more outspoken on being far right or ultra conservative right (not religious right) and that discussions often took place on McMahon’s jet and during internal meetings that were always anti-Democrat.