Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy teases Anthem “war” ending soon

Matt Hardy noted on Twitter that the “Great War” was days away from ending, appearing to reference the ongoing issues with Anthem and GFW/Impact Wrestling regarding the rights to the “Broken” characters and trademarks.

Hardy thanked all the fans for the support in recent months.

More on Smith Hart

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, Smith Hart passed away this weekend after battling advanced prostate cancer. Hart, 68, had entered hospice care last month as a result. His passing also fell on the same day as Bret Hart’s 60th birthday.

If you missed it last night, WWE issued a statement regarding Smith’s passing.


  1. Another commentor, Cameron Huff, actually pointed out that Smith’s death was on Bret’s birthday. As if Bret hasn’t had enough family tragedy in his life already. Now his birthday will always be a reminder of his oldest brother’s death. Sometimes God’s plan has unbelievably shitty timing.
    And the tragic year of wrestler deaths burns on.

  2. And I’m f*cking sick & tired of this whole Hardy vs Anthem feud over this Broken nonsense! First we hear the Hardys rightfully own the concept. Then Anthem comes back to say they won the trademark. Can we get some kind of a definite, undisputed outcome on this because it’s getting tiresome & confusing as sh*t!

  3. If they gave Hardy’s creative control of their characters (which I presumed was the case) wouldn’t that allow for them to keep what they developed?

  4. I’m not a trademark attorney but as far as I understand, if The Hardys signed some kind of work for hire agreement with Anthem then Anthem would have the rights to what Matt & Jeff created even if Anthem had no part in the creative process. If the Hardys didn’t sign any such agreement, then they would have rightful control over what they created. Problem is, both sides have been claiming control over this Broken stuff for various reasons so there is no clear picture of who has the rights to it & who doesn’t.
    But what makes Anthem the real scumbags in all this is that they also claim to own the rights to Senor Benjamin (Reby Sky’s father) & King Maxel (Matt & Reby’s son) even though they didn’t sign anything with Anthem. As if little Maxel, who I doubt can even write out the entire alphabet in crayon right now, could even legally sign a contract with Anthem. So to a point, Anthem are being the corporate scumbags who are overstepping their bounds.

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