SPOILERS: Superstars for Thursday

Credit Jason Gear and GERWECK.NET:

– A correction: Jim Ross didn’t appear before Raw, he appeared during a commercial break. Also, he didn’t say he would be ringside at Wrestlemania, he said he hoped he would be there.

Dark Match:

Kozlov beat some jobber from Austin, Tx


– Kofi Kingston beat Chavo in a pretty decent match. It was stopped at one point because of Chavo bleeding.

– Evan Bourne beat William Regal with the shooting star press.

Post Raw dark match:

– Sheamus threw HHH back in the ring and started beating him down. Batista came out and said he was doing pretty good for a rookie but for a guy like HHH you can’t just beat him down, you need to take him out. Cena came out and cleared the ring then challenged them to a tag match. Batista avoided Cena during the match then eventually left, leaving Sheamus to take the Attitude Adjustment then Pedgigree for the HHH/Cena win.

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