Jinder Mahal

Nick Piccone of the Philly Voice is featuring an interview with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal where he talks about the Punjabi Prison match tomorrow night in Philadelphia and why he felt like a failure after his release from WWE back in 2014.

On looking forward to the Punjabi Prison at Battleground:

“I like the rules. It’s something unique. It’s something different. Like I said, it’s been 10 years since it last happened. It’s not a match you see every day. It’s not a match you see every month. The structure is very unpredictable and it is a risky match, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s no joke and I’m not taking it lightly. I’m focused and driven. It’s going to be a breakout match for me. This is my match. I look forward to bringing this match back just like Undertaker sort of introduced Hell in a Cell. I think Punjabi Prison is my match.”

Being close with Drew McIntyre and feeling like a failure after his WWE release:

“Drew’s one of my best friends. We’re always texting back and forth. Just to think a couple years ago, we were considered a joke and failures. I’ll be frank about it. I considered myself a failure when I got released from WWE after 3MB just because I didn’t live up to my potential. I didn’t live up to the expectations that I set for myself. I was going to come back with redemption and that’s exactly what I did.