Bigboy Hollywood sent this report in regarding the post-Smackdown taping dark match on Tuesday in Memphis, TN:

After the show some crew members brought out pieces of the steel cage for the tag team steel cage match. Edge is still in the ring at the time giving several WTF looks. He gets on the mic and berates the fans of Memphis as well as the Grizzlies. (Surprised he didn’t attack my Tigers) and says that he didn’t want to nor had to wrestle here (Memphis) again.

Just before he got out of the cage Justin Roberts announces that we have a tag team steel cage match coming up. His partner Chris Jericho came out and they looked like they didn’t know what was going while arguing on the entrance ramp but they hugged and got back in.

Rey Mysterio came out followed by his partner Jeff Hardy.

It was a typical tag match but then later on Edge and Jericho took turns shoving Jerry Lawler (who by the way was the special guest ref) and they double teamed him. Lawler got back up and took his ref shirt off revealing his traditional wrestling attire and he pulled the strap down (that means trouble!). He unloaded on Edge and Jericho and then landed a double fist off the middle rope. This would eventually lead to Rey dropping the dime on Jericho and at the same time Jeff hits the Swanton on Edge for a double pin and the win! Rey and Jeff celebrated and hi-five the fans on their way out with Lawler. Edge later got out of the cage with Jericho and took turns talking trash to the ref opening the cage door. Edge took a rolling chair moved it up to the top of the ramp and got on it and slid down only to crash into Jericho. Edge then grabbed a little girl’s sign and the two took turns ripping it apart and taunting her as they left.