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Twin Peaks star on Smackdown spoof

Twin Peaks star Kyle Maclachlan posted the following on Twitter, commenting on the spoof of the show that aired on Smackdown Live this week involving Breezango.

The spoof also got media attention in articles posted on Entertainment Weekly and The Wrap. You can check out his tweet below.

Rollins in WWE Studios movie

Seth Rollins is featured in a small role in the latest trailer released for the next WWE Studios’ movie, “Armed Response”, starring Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche.

The movie will be released digitally on Friday.


  1. He did go to prison for tax evasion and may have to indeed pay those back taxes. But still, having to be in a WWE movie is a new low.

  2. Well Anne Hache was a big star and Halle Berry was recently in The Call (WWE) and Ed Harrison was in one not that long ago – not really that bad of acting company, IMO, to be in.

  3. Of all the actors you listed here, Halle Berry was the only one who surprised me at the time for appearing in a WWE film. But Heche & the others were never the lead actors in anything that particularly big. They’ve had supporting roles in big movies but were never the lead star in anything anyone really remembers–except maybe Momoa in that sh*tty Conan the Barbarian remake or Eckhart in that lousy I Frankenstein thing. Or Robert Patrick who was in the X Files as not Fox Mulder.
    But Wesley Snipes was a major lead action star for a number of years. Now he was never nearly as big as Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Gibson, or Harrison Ford but he did his share of big budget action movies. I guess he’s doing what he has to do to make money & possibly re-establish himself but WWE films has to be considered a step down for him. Other than launching The Rock’s stellar career (which was more because of The Rock himself rather than the WWE films he appeared in), WWE films doesn’t elevate anybody, not even their own wrestlers.

  4. We could debate it all day but a big part is opinion based. That said, are you meaning that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell aren’t as big as Snipes? Both have starred in way more blockbusters than Wesley. In fact, Wesley’s total box office is just shy on 1 billion and Vaughn is almost 2 billion based on movie’s he has starrred in, Colin is 1.5 billion roughly. Ps. Steven Segall is over a billion so he has starred in more than Snipes but of course a lot less notable roles in Steven’s case. But if you remove 5 of Wesley’s roles, his resume gets thin (Blade Trilogy, Passenger 57, White Man Can’t Jump) and 2 of them are almost the start of his career, I’m a bigger fan of Wesley than the rest here and agree completely WWE Films don’t elevate but think Wesley in it is no different than any other actor willing to star in a movie with whatever studio as long as they get paid and at least like the script!

  5. Vince Vaughan has BEEN in many movies but only starred in very few of them. Probably the only 2 anyone remembers are the Wedding Crashers & the Internship where he shared top billing with Owen Wilson. His career has been mostly that of a supporting actor.
    Colin Farrell? Eh, I guess I was wrong about him. He has been a leading man for the most part but has also been in just as many supporting roles. Doing 2 lousy remakes didn’t do him any favors either.
    Wesley Snipes however has been a leading man or the main bad guy in most of his movies with relatively few supporting roles. He may not be a top tier action star but being a Hollywood leading man for so many years then having to take on a role in WWE films must be a downer.
    As for Seagal, :/ his last notable big screen role was Under Seige 2 WAY back in ’95. Compared to the sh*tty films & direct to video crap he’s done since then, WWE films would be a considerable big step up for him. XD

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