Seth Rollins

Brian Fritz of Sporting News is featuring an interview with WWE star Seth Rollins discussing the new WWE Studios movie “Armed Response” and how close he was to missing WrestleMania 33 this past April in Orlando after tweaking his knee.

On how close he was to missing WrestleMania 33:

“I went to Birmingham the following day, I thought it was the same injury. I thought I was going to be out another six months. Once we got the MRI, the possibility was going to be to make it back by WrestleMania was just a matter of if the ‘powers that be’ in WWE were going to be OK with me working at a certain level. But I knew my knee would be healthy, especially in a brace. It was just about me packing my bags and moving down to Birmingham and rehabbing and making sure it was as strong as it could be going into WrestleMania.”

If he was concerned about re-injuring his knee filming “Armed Response”:

“I wasn’t worried about hurting it. I had gotten my routine established with my rehab at home so in moving down to New Orleans, I had to find a new routine. I wasn’t very interested in that. I was so concerned about getting back as soon as I could that I was like I have to keep rehabbing and working out. Consequently, I’d be at the set sometimes all day, 12 hours a day, and we filmed about an hour south of New Orleans. So I had to commute back and forth and then I would end up working out at like two in the morning sometimes because that was the only time I could train. It reminded me of all of the ‘Rocky’s’ and the Rocky tweets and Instagrams about how he’s clanging and banging at 4 a.m. I was like, dang, that’s a real thing because sometimes that’s the only time you get a workout in.”