While the full details behind the release of Mr. Kennedy by WWE are still not known, some new reports that have come out over the last 24 hours indicate that a discussion between Kennedy and WWE Champion Randy Orton may have pushed things more along.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Orton and Kennedy had a discussion after this past week’s Monday Night Raw taping. It wasn’t a heated discussion and was more Orton telling Kennedy to be careful out in the ring. Orton was said to have been a little upset about a back suplex given to him by Kennedy during the main event on Monday night where he was dropped more on his shoulder instead of his back, which happened to be the same area where he broke his collarbone last year putting him out of action for a good amount of time.

Kennedy didn’t argue with Orton or talk back when told this after the show. While there were reports that Kennedy suffered an injury to his wrist taking an RKO from Orton during the main event, it wasn’t believed to be that serious and many WWE sources who discussed it didn’t seem to think it was going to keep him out of action at all. Some have suggested his release may prove the pull Orton might have in WWE right now, while others think it is a combination of many things including how Kennedy hasn’t progressed much in-ring wise and continues to have health problems. Either way, his release definitely surprised many yesterday.