Brie Bella says Daniel Bryan will find his way back to the ring

During an interview on the “From the Top Rope” podcast on PodcastOne, Brie Bella stated that she felt her husband Daniel Bryan will find a way to return to the ring even if WWE doctors don’t officially give him clearance to do so.

Bryan, who officially retired from the ring in February of 2016, has remained active on WWE television as the General Manager of Smackdown Live. He’s hinted publicly about an interest in wrestling again, even if WWE passes on letting him do so.

“I told Bryan, ‘You do have a daughter, so always remember that. But if the doctors finally give you the green light,’ I say, Go. Like this is your dream and passion. You have one life to live and I will never hold you back — because I love to wrestle, and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it. And if WWE doesn’t allow it, then I said, ‘Go somewhere else. It’s all on you.’ Obviously he would love to be able to get back in that WWE ring, but I know for a fact my husband is going to find his way back to the ring. Like, he honestly is.”

Brie also noted in the interview that Bryan has been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has around 40 treatments across the country. Bryan hasn’t wrestled since April of 2015 and approval to return would mean a reversal by Dr. Joseph Maroon.

Maroon opted to not clear Bryan to return to the ring after he began experiencing issues again in 2015. Bryan later revealed on ESPN that he hid the fact he experienced post-concussion seizures, including a test revealing a “small subacute or chronic lesion” in his temporal region which is an area of the brain that causes seizures.