WWE bans beach balls at Smackdown Live

After the chaos involving beach balls at the SummerSlam PPV and Monday Night RAW this past week at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, WWE began banning beach balls from the arena, as well as all pool-related items, during last night’s Smackdown Live taping.

The belief is that the ban on beach balls and pool items at WWE events will become a permanent fixture going forward.

Source: PWInsider.com

Taz undergoing surgery

Former WWE, ECW and TNA star Taz will be undergoing surgery on Wednesday to repair nerve damage that has caused him to lose the ability to grip with his right hand.

This stems from nerve damage Taz sustained in his neck during his in-ring career, with the surgery being said to be a grander version of carpel tunnel surgery. With the surgery, Taz will miss a few episodes of his daily CBS radio show, The Taz Show.

Source: PWInsider.com


  1. maybe you should show a little more respect to the ” superstars ” .. if you want to play with balls, stay home !

  2. The right move, if this is true. Fans are perfectly entitled to support or berate whoever they wish, but nonsense such as beach balls deviates away from what goes on in the ring. If the majority of the product bores you that much, watch it after the fact on the network/dvr and fast forward what you don’t like. Works for me. I’ve never gone to a show, WWE or indy and thought to bring a water pistol or some transformers, because I’m there to watch WRESTLING.

  3. Agree with the decision as it is disrespectful to the performers, but they are encouraging the behavior when Cena speaks out in favor of it and they show the fans playing with them on live TV. Seems counterproductive.

  4. I guess you can call it the Cesaro rule. 😀
    And best of luck to Taz for a full recovery. Man what a dark, miserable year this has been for wrestling with all the deaths & health problems!

  5. U go to a wrestling show to watch wrestling not play beach ball.
    Go play at the beach… its not hard to figure out why it is called a “beach ball”

  6. I can see your point, but this distracts the people who are there to enjoy the show that they paid for.

  7. respect has to be earned. put on better matches then fans wouldn’t have to entertain themselves.

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