Alex Riley

Former Alex Riley on RAW mention

Former WWE star Alex Riley (Kevin Kiley Jr.) took to Twitter to address being mentioned on last night’s RAW in San Jose during a promo by Roman Reigns.

While WWE opted to cut out the Riley mention in the clip uploaded to YouTube, you can check out an excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s recap below.

“Reigns says John Cena might be the best talker ever, but the thing is he sometimes says stupid shit like trying to say he’s the next John Cena. Does he walk, talk, or even look like Cena? Does he look like a jacked up white guy with a military haircut? If he did, he wouldn’t have a career here. If you don’t believe him, ask Alex Riley about that.”

In response, Kiley wrote the following on Twitter.

Nikki Bella on Dancing with the Stars

ABC has uploaded a clip of Nikki Bella making her debut as part of “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday night. Nikki scored 20 out of 30 points doing the tango.


  1. Alex Riley had the build and haircut of a John Cena but his career went down the shitter. Riley’s saying that WWE are starting to see that guys don’t need to look like that and are pushing them for a separate identity. Or something like that.

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