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Next look at WWE Network subscriber numbers

The next WWE investor call will be held at the end of the month on October 26 at 11:00 a.m. ET (10:00 CT) with Vince McMahon, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios.

This call will revealed the latest WWE Network subscriber totals as of September 30. Network subscribers currently sit at 1.63 million subscribers as of Q2 2017. That figure was a drop from the 1.949 million subscribers WWE revealed in April following WrestleMania.

New network show to debut

A new series called “365” is currently in development for the WWE Network.

According to a report by PWInsider.com, the series will follow a specific WWE star for a full year in a documentary style. The first episode of the series is scheduled to focus on Kevin Owens and premiere following the Survivor Series PPV this year on November 19.


  1. Shocker, only 1.6 million people paying per month, revenue down to a trifling €192 million a year from this revenue stream alone.
    Would not be surprised if Vince can’t sleep tonight with worry

  2. I get your sarcasm but WWE is also a very expensive company to run. They’re already seeing a major drop in ratings & a moderate drop in live attendance. A drop in Network subscriptions on top of all that should have them worried.

  3. If you check out their financials last year their revenue was the highest in company history and they set records in live attendance, etc. http://corporate.wwe.com/investors/sec-and-other-documents/financials – you can review each area and see they are not dipping – if you recall they noted to shareholder meetings they needed 1 million subscribers to replace their old PPV model (without any PPV buys) and they still are getting traditional buys somehow and almost double what they needed in network buy some – this drop happens Post mania each year and the fact that they we’re not very 2 million is mind blowing – that’s a third of their highest raw ratings paying monthly to watch their content. Their live attendance is up (partly to do with NXT which is pulling numbers that didn’t exist recently), their merchandise is through the roof and over millions of viewers in India in recent months…bottom line is the bottom line is increasing. Oh, and their best profit years were 50-60 mill and at 20 mill for one quarter in this report they are set to past their best year. This is all shareholder public info so you shouldn’t say they should be concerned without backing up with facts. They are thriving right now.

  4. Ps. Their ratings are indeed half of what they were during say Monday Night Wars but worrying about that would be to ignore that almost all cable is down by that proven by the fact that WWE is still finishing in the top 5 the exact same way they were back then, and they just renewed with USA with their best renewal deal yet so they are in the top 5, USA brags them up during every release and they are earning record revenue share at a time when I’m surprised they are bringing in 3 million viewers weekly considering how many people stream the shows. We have no way to know if they have the same viewership as years gone by when Nielsen doesn’t track streaming but me and my 4 closest friends who all watched RAW and SD on cable all no longer have cable and instead have Andriod boxes or Apple TV and the like … I always respect your comments on here and still do and so it’s not a slight at you but you keep stating WWE as a business should be concerned and I finally thought I’m chime as all these things are document with a public company and WWE is undoubtably moving in the right direction business (and IMO wrong direction booking and talent-wise)

  5. Pps. In my opinion, unlike their business standing I feel their booking and product is about the worse it’s ever been but with business doing well it’s unlikely for them to work hard to change that…which is sad!

  6. Yes I’m well aware that they’re somehow making more money than ever which is why I said they’re currently in no danger of bankruptcy but fewer eyes on their product bodes ill for long term success. New Generation-esque TV ratings aside, Network subscription numbers usually bounce back by now after the post-‘Mania lull but the drop off has lingered. As for live attendance, they used to sell out every Raw but not as much anymore and there’s been news threads about them taping off entire sections for SmackDown. NXT is helping with that for now.
    There’s also the fact that overall public interest is probably at an all time low. You used to be able to go almost anywhere & see some kind of WWF or WCW merchandise. Now you only see some WWE stuff in toy sections of mostly chain stores and even there it’s about half retro characters. Wrestlers of the past were also major household names. Ask just anyone on the street how many current WWE wrestlers they can name now. Cena probably. Orton or Lesnar maybe. Maybe The Undertaker if he even still counts as a current wrestler.
    WWE may be in a good financial place at the moment but ask several former wrestlers & other industry personalities and they’ll say that the business is dying a slow death. Not any time soon but gradually and I tend to believe them and the more WWE tries to be the sole monopoly the more damage they’ll do.

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