Roman Reigns

Over the weekend, a fan tweeted a link to Roman Reigns with comments from current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes claiming he was the biggest draw in wrestling right now.

The comments in question, transcribed by Ringside News, came on Saturday night after Ring of Honor’s Global Wars event in Columbus in post-match comments by Rhodes.

“It’s no longer the company that defines the man, it’s the man that defines the company, and that company is Ring of Honor and the company that I keep is the Bullet Club. So, come at me and I will be smiling, because I’m the biggest damn draw in this entire industry.”

Reigns created a buzz when he simply provided this statement in a tweet to the fan.

In response, the current ROH World Champion opened the final Global Wars event in Chicago last night with a promo specifically addressing Reigns. Among the highlights, Cody took a shot at Reigns saying he wears a vest to hide his gut and “failed drug tests.”


  1. Don’t think so there are people now in the indies making more than in WWE that said the top dogs still earn more but you have a lot turning down offers where before they would cut their hands off for them.

  2. I don’t find he seems jealous at all – he left with a solid net worth and he has been drawing in the indies and has had complete freedom, is more on the minds of fans then being a mid-carder (at least for the most part) and I do believe he has replaced his WWE income – I don’t even know why he would be jealous (he asked for his release and hasn’t seemed to look back). It’s hard to compare draws unless Reigns wasn’t with WWE as that is a whole separate machine from the man doing the drawing…but Reigns has certainly been billed as a much bigger deal than Cody from WWE’s perspective. It’s simply not an apples to apples comparison, nor can Reigns validate that it’s him drawing half of any show let alone 100,000 at a show because WWE and other talent are certainly a major part of the draw.

  3. …Y’know, Cody brings up something I’ve been wondering for a while: Why does Roman Reigns always wear a vest or t-shirt, when we know how Vince is about bodies? You’d think he’d want Reigns to show it off at all times.

  4. I mean physically i find roman reigns attractive without the vest . i will say the vest gives him character and makes him stand out more visually. Kinda like a stripped down titan from destiny 2.

  5. Cody makes a great point & its something I’ve been saying for a while: what’s with all the vests, t-shirts and body suits lately? Wrestlers only used to do that when they got older, to cover their bodies getting out of shape. Way too many of these young guys do this now, its like they don’t even go to the gym.

  6. Exactly. I would go to a WWE show whether Reigns was on the card or not, either way, I’m good. This year I am going to Wrestle Kingdom and one of the main reasons I am drawn to that event is the Bullet Club, and especially Cody.

    WWE show = cool
    NJPW/ROH show = cool
    Wrestle Kingdom w. Cody Defending = Huge Draw (for me)

  7. All the shows Cody is working were a thing before he was working them too, just like with Roman Reigns. It might not be apples to apples, but Cody saying he’s solely responsible for whatever gains they might see devalues the rest of the card he’s on too.

    Also, let’s face facts, 90% of Cody’s drawing power stems from him being a former WWE personality.

    Third, it’s really hard for me to buy you as the biggest thing in the wrestling industry if you’re still taking the “slam the big bad WWE” mentality.

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