Roman Reigns

Over the weekend, a fan tweeted a link to Roman Reigns with comments from current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes claiming he was the biggest draw in wrestling right now.

The comments in question, transcribed by Ringside News, came on Saturday night after Ring of Honor’s Global Wars event in Columbus in post-match comments by Rhodes.

“It’s no longer the company that defines the man, it’s the man that defines the company, and that company is Ring of Honor and the company that I keep is the Bullet Club. So, come at me and I will be smiling, because I’m the biggest damn draw in this entire industry.”

Reigns created a buzz when he simply provided this statement in a tweet to the fan.

In response, the current ROH World Champion opened the final Global Wars event in Chicago last night with a promo specifically addressing Reigns. Among the highlights, Cody took a shot at Reigns saying he wears a vest to hide his gut and “failed drug tests.”