Chris Kelly passed on a link to a new blog entry by Jim Ross over on his official website where he addresses the wrestling internet media and his role on WWE TV.

JR had the following to say:

“The wrestling internet is an interesting animal. I often times learn of things that are going on that one would think I should known before reading it on line. I guess that just proves how disconnected I am from many aspects of the business but at the same time I choose to not be immersed in minutia….or all the dirt.

Most things people write about me are generally positive, respectful and uplifting but I stand by the right of fans to say whatever they the hell they choose as I can’t control it any way plus it’s their right to speak their minds. Not that I agree with all that I read but the same goes for what I write, many don’t agree with my opinions.

I have never understood how some, vocal fans feel that they have “lost all respect for J.R.” for doing such things as kissing Mr. McMahon’s ass or being a pawn in the Backlash/Santina skit. Many have declared that I should have quit my job and “walked off.” I can only imagine that many of these fans are young and have never held regular jobs or have a family to care for.

These uncomfortable moments on TV are just that and are intended to elicit a reaction. These matters are entertainment based and are fictional. It’s like playing a Native American, of which I am one, on a TV western and being scripted to be killed by the calvary. Can you imagine any actor portraying a Native American refusing to follow the script? Me neither. Certainly they could refuse out of misguided principles but they might find themselves having a hard time finding work.

I have also been accused of being a shill for WWE. Call it what you choose but I am loyal to whomever employees me. If loyalty is a fault then I am guilty. I was taught by my parents to be loyal and to work hard. If I’m a shill in some folk’s eyes then I suppose I always will be as I don’t intend to be any thing but a team player whether I like the play called or not. For the record, I haven’t always liked the plays I have been instructed to run but I ran them to the best of my ability. I don’t plan on changing that philosophy any time soon.

Others have suggested that I will “be kicked to the curb” as soon as WWE can find someone to replace me. Interesting thought process. I have an entirely different perspective of my work and feel I can still carry my share of the water. When I can’t do so any longer then I need to be “kicked to the curb.” The good news is no one will have to have a benefit for me and my departure won’t be like many in the wrestling business where I won’t have a pot to p*** in or a window of which to throw it out.

Uh, yes I am aware that I am not “TV friendly” in the eyes of many decision makers.

Plus, I won’t be out of work long if I choose not to be. We are growing a restaurant business as some of you may have heard and it is doing well, thank you very much.”

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