Statement from WWE fuels “rumors” Vince McMahon could be reviving the failed XFL

A tweet by reporter Brad Shepard on Friday stating Vince McMahon was looking at reviving the XFL and could be announcing the move as early as June caught the attention of many in both the pro wrestling and sports media in the last 24 hours.

The tweet stated McMahon could be announcing the move on January 25, 2018.

Reporter David Bixenspan contacted WWE about the possibility and while the company didn’t specifically address the XFL, they didn’t outright deny the possibility.

WWE confirmed McMahon established a personally funded separate entity away from WWE called Alpha Entertainment to explore potential investment opportunities, including “professional football.” This of course fueled the rumors even more.

ESPN aired a “30 for 30” series earlier this year examining the history of the XFL franchise back in 2001. The end of the documentary even hinted at McMahon showing interest in possibly reviving the franchise in some form or fashion, notably working with the NFL.

Mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post, New York Post, Pro Football Talk and Yahoo have also started covering the story. ESPN has made no mention.