Several wrestlers in WWE are said to be applauding Jeff Hardy for the notion that he is thinking of taking some time off because they feel there is so much pressure not to do so even though the company publicy states you can take time off if you are stressed out or need it reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

While there is definitely a feeling in the company that if you leave you could risk losing your spot, Hardy’s attitude doesn’t seem to be too focused on that with some getting the vibe that he doesn’t really care if that is what happens if he leaves and comes back later. Some have pointed out Big Show and Chris Jericho as examples or proof that just because you leave doesn’t mean you will return in a more minor role. Christian has also been pointed out as another example that even if you leave, go to another company and come back that the company will have no choice but to push you if you get yourself over on TV (as he did on ECW).

It should also be noted that Hardy wanting to take some time off might be connected to a possible outside venture where he would be working with MTV on a reality show, although nothing has been confirmed. The belief right now is that if Jeff was to take time off to do this outside venture he would have interest in making a return to the company down the line. One major goal in WWE right now is to try and get Jeff to stay through the summer to give them enough time to get other guys over as stronger babyfaces such as CM Punk and John Morrison as The Undertaker tries to get healthy. There was even said to be some talk in the company about adding another babyface to Smackdown since your top babyfaces on the brand without Undertaker are Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio.

Vince McMahon reportedly doesn’t see Mysterio as a long-term No. 2 guy on the brand since he is injury prone so they are definitely in the process of getting something worked out on the brand. While nothing has been confirmed, Big Show, Matt Hardy and Batista have been tossed out as possibly being pushed back over to Smackdown and pushed as babyfaces. Obviously it would be very hard to get Big Show and Matt Hardy over as babyfaces, especially Matt, and that Batista would probably be the best option. However, he is locked up in a big feud with Randy Orton heading into Judgment Day and there is already fear in the company that making a change this early after the Draft would demean its importance.