Ron Michalak sent this in:

Dark Match – Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Paul Burchill

After the Jericho vs Hardy match, Mysterio climbed in and took out Jericho from the top rope. Jericho got on the mic and said that he will rule Smackdown by winning the IC title and the World Heavyweight title. He finally said that he will make Mysterio, Hardy, Edge and all the hypocritical fans pay.

Bonus match – Batista and John Cena defeated Randy Orton and Edge. Finish saw Orton get the RKO on Cena, Batista speared Orton, Edge speared Batista, and then Cena hit the attitude adjustment when Edge tried to spear him.

They announced that Cyber Sunday on October 25th will be at Mellon Arena with tickets on sale this Saturday.

About 7,500-8,000 in attendance with the balconies and the D level tarped off on the one side.

Update: Forgot to mention that it looked like they added CM Punk vs Umaga to Judgment Day as well.