Jason Jordan

WWE.com is reporting that Jason Jordan underwent successful surgery on Tuesday morning to repair a neck injury, an injury that has been bothering Jordan for weeks.

The surgery procedure Jordan had done earlier this morning was described officially as minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy.

WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon talked more in detail about the injury.

“He had an injury to a disc in his neck which resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures. It was decided to do a minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve, to allow it to heal.”

It wasn’t revealed how much time Jordan will miss as a result of the surgery.


  1. Hopefully,when he gets back he’ll turn heel and end that abysmal storyline. Jason Jordan (despite his gimmick) has a lot of potential to be squandered on a storyline that was only good for giving him a brief RAW Tag Team Title run.

  2. People honestly need to give this storyline time to develop a little more. What the ‘net doesn’t seem to realize is that Jason Jordan is pulling off early Kurt Angle 2.0 pretty darn well here. They’re going in a direction that’s going to lead to a heel turn and a solid character with at least a layer of actual depth.

    In-ring skill and even natural charisma can only get you so far in the business. If the character isn’t there, you’re dead in the water. Brad Armstrong was a classic example of that. Very gifted worker, and by all backstage accounts, the most charismatic guy in the locker room, but his on-screen character was about as deep as a Petri dish, and he suffered for it. Jason Jordan’s a work in progress. Give it time.

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