Rusev talks about the popularity of “Rusev Day”, why it was planned as one-time thing is featuring an interview with WWE star Rusev where he talks about the popularity of “Rusev Day” in the company and how it was planned as a one-time deal.

“I had no idea this was going to happen. This was supposed to be a one-time ‘Rusev Day’ thing. I never thought in a million years it was going to be what it is today. It was something we planned to do, but just for one day. But it just caught on fire ever since then. Nobody expected that.”

Rusev also talked about breaking out of the foreigner bad guy presentation.

“By far it’s the most fun I’ve had in my career. I mean, I loved WrestleMania 31 with the tank — that was amazing, of course. But now I’m showing everybody that you don’t have to be stuck being a foreigner bad guy. Being a foreigner bad guy doesn’t have to be my destiny, and I can be much more than that.”