Carlos Guerra sent this report in:

It’s Carlos G once again reporting from MSG earlier tonight!

Same thing happened from an earlier report on ECW. But after ECW went off the air Tommy Dreamer presented the ECW Championship at ringside.

Then the ring was set up for WWE Superstars. In the meantime a WWE Tribute to the Troops video was displayed and booed when George Bush showed up.

Evan Bourne defeated Paul Burchill with the shooting Star press. Few people were into this match.

Jim Ross and Tom Grisham came out.

Then WWE Supstars Intro and pyro were displayed.

Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool def. Maria and Gail Kim with a boot to Gail Kim in the face by Michelle

Jose Pena also sent this report in:

Dark Match for ECW: Mike Knox b. Ricky Ortiz via Jumping Boot To the Face

Main Show:
1) Tyson Kidd b. Finlay via shillelagh to the knee while Natalya distracted Ref

2) ECW World Championship
Christian battled Tommy Dreamer to a no decision due to outside interference from Jack Swagger

Superstars Main Show:

1) Evan Bourne b. Paul Burchill via Shooting Star Press

2) Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool defeats Gail Kim and Maria (I don’t know how it ended I was on a bathroom break)