Fox Sports hosts continue to hint at WWE relationship, Matt Hardy teases Ultimate Deletion

Fox Sports hosts continue to hint at WWE relationship

During yesterday’s edition of “Speak For Yourself”, Fox Sports personalities Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd discussed Cowherd attending Smackdown Live in Los Angeles this past Tuesday and continued to hint at a possible new relationship with WWE.

Cowherd, a long-time critic of professional wrestling, compared attending WWE live to a “rock concert” and that he had a blast. He talked about meeting Stephanie McMahon and said it was a very professionally run organization.

At the end of the segment, Cowherd noted WWE was “coming to a network near you.” As noted yesterday, FOX was among many networks that were looking at becoming a potential suitor when WWE’s current TV rights with NBC Universal expire next year.

Matt Hardy teases Ultimate Deletion is featuring an article covering a recent tweet by “Woken” Matt Hardy where he teases that a “Great War” and “Ultimate Deletion” is coming with Bray Wyatt.

Hardy noted back in January that he expected some form of a “Final Deletion” type segment to take place on WWE programming in the future.