Jeff Jarrett

Ryan Rider passed along the following recap.

On the latest episode of Main Event Radio, Ryan Rider interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. Available for download at:

Here’s are some highlights of the interview:

Becoming a WWE Hall of Famer:

“I got asked in January and had some time to digest it. It’s still sort of surreal to me. I’m incredibly humbled by the amount of the exposure that’s gone with it. It’s an honor. There are less than 200 wrestlers in there and I’m one of the lucky ones in there. It was a shocker. Without question, a lot of our history is quite documented if not quite accurate. In 2001, when Vince acquired Turner’s organization they went their way and I went my way. I didn’t think it would be in the cards . I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s going to be 32 years from the day I started my career to the day I get inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

Has he spoken to Vince:

“I’m very excited about the weeks to come and I’m very looking forward to seeing and speaking with him [Vince McMahon].”

Thoughts on NXT:

“NXT is growing; it is truly a 3rd brand. The network gives it a platform that is so unique. It’s a live touring business with merchandising. In essence, almost an entirely own promotion. Cudos to HHH and his staff and all the hard work that’s gone into it and certainly all the talent. No wrestling promotion has any wheels unless talent drives it. And all the names that have gone through NXT and the crop that they have there now including my close personal friend Eric Young. HHH and NXT have their pulse on the talent and I’m interested to see where that continues to go. The growth in a relatively short period of time is amazing.”

The WWE success of former TNA talents:

“I remember being in a car driving back from an event when AJ [Styles] made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in Orlando with chants in the arena at deafening levels. It’s well documented in our careers how we worked together professionally and personally. His days at TNA and then working with him at New Japan. Now here we are heading into Wrestlemania in 2018, I’m getting inducted to the Hall of Fame and he’s the WWE Champion. Bobby Roode has worn WWE gold. Samoa Joe, injured now but the prominence that he’s had. I’m very very happy for those guys and excited for Wrestlemania weekend.”

On Jeremy Borash:

“He’s a guy who’s worn many hats whether it be ring announcer, backstage announcer, creative side, production side, a little bit of everything. I’m so excited for him and we’ve had some communications over the past month. I think this kind of opportunity is a refresh for him. The creative, production, and talent juices in whatever role they have him play; he will exceed their [WWE’s] expectations. Had a lot of great times and created a lot of great stuff with him.”

Thoughts on the current TNA/Impact Wrestling regime:

“I wish them nothing but the best and will leave it at that. The company has had lots of up’s and down’s. That goes without saying. The wrestling industry needs as many thriving promotions as possible and I wish all those guys nothing but the best.”

Rumors of AAA/Roldan family’s interest in purchasing Impact:

“I’ve worked with the Roldan family for many, many years. Antonion, the founder of that organization, we had a great relationship. Also a great working relationship with Dorian creating the talent exchange [with Impact] last year, there needs to be as much of that as possible. Nothing but love for AAA and the Roldan family.”


  1. You mean Vince will probably ask for the 250,000 back I’m thinking? I’ve heard a few wrestlers who would have been in the know cite it as 300,000 even but it is always said that Jarrett held Vince up for the money but apparently the negotiaton was cordial and it wasn’t extra money, it was said to be the remaining money and PPV bonus he would have received but wanted it up front rather than waiting 90 days after being off WWE payroll. If that version is true, Jeff has certainly been painted with the wrong brush for quite some time in this one case.

  2. Yes, sorry I did mean that. And I think it’s pretty well touted that Jeff’s contract expired the day before the PPV, so in essence he was asked to work for free, and put over a crappy female wrestler to boot.

  3. I never understood a lot of the hate for that guy. I mean he may not have “drawn a dime,” but he was a great talker, and was above average in the ring. Maybe not super exciting, but it’s like he gets blamed for holding the belt in TNA so long, yet when Vince, Shane, and Stephanie are in every Wrestlemania, no one cares. But hes better than all of them.

  4. Yes, that’s why I was meaning by after he was off the payroll but what I read multiple times as well is that the amount Jeff asked for was his pay that would be owed anyway and wasn’t paid (I.e. previous PPV bonus, remaining contract payment and then a PPV bonus payment for the actual event where we would drop the belt after his contract was already expired) so if that is the case, it wasn’t holding the belt hostage money – just what he was due 🙂 either way though, good on him and obviously Vince left it in the past.

  5. Just heard that he said essentially if you want me to drop the belt like this I want the owing amount paid now rather than within 90 and also the pay and bonus I would get for working the actual date to drop the belt but all today rather than waiting.

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