WWE RAW Results – 11/16/15 (Final Survivor Series hype)

WWE RAW Results 11/16/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
November 16, 2015
Greenville, South Carolina
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

The entire WWE roster is out on the stage. Lilian Garcia calls for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Paris attacks over the past weekend.

The RAW video plays, and we’re brought into the arena. Michael Cole talks about Seth Rollins being sidelined by a terrible knee injury. They then talk about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Tonight, we’ll see Kevin Owens face Neville, Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto, and Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro.

The sound of monks chanting is heard, and the arena lights turn to a hazy purple. Druids march out as the arena watches on in curiosity. The bell tolls, and Undertaker’s music begins to play. Undertaker and his brother Kane slowly step out to a big reaction from the crowd. They stand at the top of the ramp and look out into the crowd before slowly walking down the ramp. This week on the WWE Network will be Undertaker Week. Replays are shown of Undertaker and Kane attacking The Wyatt Family last week on RAW. This Sunday at WWE Survivor Series, The Brothers of Destruction will face two members of The Wyatt Family. A loud “Undertaker” chant breaks out in the arena. Undertaker says, “Standing before you is the true army of darkness. On the horizon, vengeance awaits The Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family took our bodies and tried to claim our souls, but there is no one, no man living or dead, that contains the power of the dark side.”

Kane takes the microphone and says when you try to steal the flames of hell you will get burnt. At Survivor Series, they’ve reserved a special place for Bray Wyatt and his family in the deepest pits of hell. It’s a place where they will suffer in the fires of eternal damnation. Undertaker says Wyatt’s kind of evil is no match for theirs. Their evil has been time tested over and over again, so this is what’s going to happen. Undertaker tells Wyatt to choose whichever two members of his family he wants to sacrifice because the Brothers of Destruction have already decided their destiny. They will never rest in peace.

The Wyatt Family video flashes on the screen and the lights go out. Bray Wyatt comes out into the darkened arena with his family by his side. Wyatt sits in a rocking chair at the top of the ramp and blows out the lantern. The crowd loudly boos them. Wyatt says for twenty-five years, Undertaker has reigned over WWE. For twenty-five years, Undertaker has instilled fear in every creature on this earth. Wyatt thinks twenty-five years is long enough. It’s time for a new army of darkness to emerge. The Brothers of Destruction are no longer fate’s master. They no longer dictate when wolves howl or lightening strikes. Wyatt does that. Wyatt says he is the new face of fear. He is the master and decider. After Survivor Series, they will just be remembered as the brothers he destroyed. Wyatt says he is the one. Wyatt raises his arm, and thunderclaps are heard in the arena. As for the Creatures of the Night, they are his.

Wyatt’s video flashes, and the lights go out. When they come back on, Wyatt is laughing. The druids are wearing sheep masks. Wyatt growls, “Run.” The druids get in the ring, and Undertaker and Kane clean house on them. They then give stereo Chokeslams to the druids. Undertaker then invites The Wyatt Family to come in the ring. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman make their way to the ring, but Wyatt stops them. Their destiny is on Sunday. Until then, Undertaker and Kane can follow the buzzards. The screen flashes black, and that’s the end of the segment.

Kevin Owens will face Neville in a Quarterfinals Match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, next.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Neville vs. Kevin Owens

They lock up, and Owens shoves him into the ropes before taunting him a bit. They lock up again, and Neville rolls him up for a one count. Neville wrenches the arm, but Owens takes him down. Neville pops up and forearms him down. Owens gets to the corner and kicks him. Owens applies a side headlock and cinches it in. Neville whips him off, and Owens shoulder blocks him down. Owens hits the ropes, but Neville leapfrogs him and hits a running hurricanrana. Neville has a whip reversed, but he slingshots over him and does two quick flips to the corner. Neville boots Owens down and goes to the top rope, but Owens rolls out of the way. Neville then wipes Owens out with a moonsault block to the floor! Neville rolls Owens into the ring and covers for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Owens take Neville down with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Owens then applies a chin lock. During the commercial, Owens dropped Neville on his ribs on the barricade and threw him into the barricade. Neville fights up and punches out. Owens cuts him off and goes for a suplex, but Neville knees him in the head. Neville forearms and chops him before kicking him in the midsection. Owens quickly drops Neville on the apron and superkicks him to the floor. Owens demands the referee start counting Neville out. Neville takes some time before getting in at nine. Owens quickly grabs him and hits a gut-buster followed by a senton splash for a near fall. Owens backs up and laughs as Neville struggles to get to his feet. Neville sidesteps an avalanche and connects with a snap German Suplex. Neville dropkicks him in the head and hits a second rope Phoenix Splash for a near fall!

Neville goes to the top rope for the Red Arrow, but Owens gets to his feet. Neville jumps over him and connects with an enzuigiri to take him down. Neville goes to the top rope, but Owens shakes the top rope to send him crashing and burning. Neville manages to avoid a Pop-up Powerbomb and connects with a nasty reverse hurricanrana for a near fall! Neville goes back to the top rope and goes for the Red Arrow, but Owens moves. Neville lands on his feet, and Owens takes him out with the Pop-up Powerbomb for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens
Match Rating: **

Kevin Owens advances to the Semifinals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. Replays are shown of the final moments from this match. Owens stands next to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on display at ringside and holds his WWE Intercontinental Championship up next to it.

Later tonight, we’ll see Dean Ambrose take on Dolph Ziggler as well as Alberto Del Rio take on Kalisto. We’ll also see Roman Reigns face Cesaro. The winners will go on to the Semifinals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament at WWE Survivor Series.

Footage is shown of Paige debuting in April 2014 to defeat AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Championship on her first night. Charlotte and Paige will have a contract signing for their WWE Survivor Series match later tonight.

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Triple H is seen talking to Kevin Owens backstage. They shake hands, but we do not know what they’re talking about despite the camera being unbelievably close to them.

A replays is shown from last week’s RAW. Triple H offered Roman Reigns a chance to join The Authority and get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that way, but Reigns turned him down. Still photos are then shown of Seth Rollins’ knee surgery.

Tyler Breeze makes his entrance to the ring with Summer Rae. Breeze will be in action, next.

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Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs. R-Truth

They circle the ring and lock up. R-Truth backs Breeze into the corner, but Breeze turns him around. Breeze goes for a right hand, but R-Truth ducks it. Breeze puts himself through the ropes to avoid being punched. R-Truth taunts him, so Breeze runs into a drop-toe-hold. R-Truth body slams him, does a split, and drops a leg for a two count. Breeze quickly clubs him and sends him into the ropes, but R-Truth holds on and gyrates. R-Truth splits under a clothesline and gives him a hip toss. The referee holds R-Truth back as Summer applies lip balm. Breeze kicks R-Truth in the knee and attacks him in the corner. Breeze attacks the knee and punches away at him. Breeze takes him down with a body scissor before transitioning to a single leg crab. R-Truth quickly gets to the bottom rope. Breeze argues with the referee before R-Truth punches him in the face and hits a pair of clotheslines. Breeze avoids a kick, but R-Truth stuns him with a kick to the midsection. R-Truth hits a sit-out front suplex before connecting with the Scissor Kick for a near fall. Breeze gets out of a suplex and connects with the Beauty Shot for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tyler Breeze
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Dean Ambrose will take on Dolph Ziggler in a Quarterfinal Match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, next.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose

Charles Robinson, the greatest referee ever, is the official for this match. They circle the ring and goes for a test of strength. Ziggler is wearing eye black. Ambrose bends him back, but Ziggler fights up and bends Ambrose back. Ambrose kips up and applies an overhead wristlock. Ziggler fights out and covers for a one count. Kevin Owens is seen watching backstage. Ziggler gets out of a waistlock and applies one of his own. Ambrose quickly takes him down with a headlock, but Ziggler starts fighting up. Ambrose twists the arm, but Ziggler rolls him up for a one count. They lock up, and Ambrose wrenches the arm. Ambrose applies a side headlock, but Ziggler whips him off. Ambrose shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes. Ziggler leapfrogs him and goes for a superkick, but Ambrose avoids it. Ziggler smirks and says he was close. They go for another test of strength, but Ambrose gets out and executes a headlock takeover. Ziggler gets out and sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Ambrose then clotheslines him out of the ring. Ambrose hits the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, but Ziggler runs out of the way. Ambrose holds the ropes and lands on his feet. Ambrose slaps the mat in frustration.

Ziggler takes Ambrose down in the ring and applies a modified bow and arrow stretch. Ambrose rolls out of it. Ziggler applies a side headlock, but Ambrose whips him off. Ziggler comes back with a nice dropkick for a one count. Ziggler sends him to the corner, but Ambrose slingshots over him. Ambrose connects with a backbreaker for a one count. Ambrose digs his knee into the back and pulls his hair. Ambrose applies a single leg crab, but Ziggler rolls through and kicks out. Ambrose quickly body slams him down and goes to the top rope for a diving elbow drop. Ziggler rolls through and get a two count. Ziggler then applies a sleeper hold. Ambrose gets out by driving him face-first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler rolls him up for a two count. They trade pins before Ambrose attempts Dirty Deeds. Ziggler fights out, and Ambrose blocks a superkick. They then take each other out with stereo cross-body blocks. The commentators missed all of that. Ziggler runs into a back elbow, and Ambrose goes to the top rope. Ziggler scales the ropes, and they fight it out. They head-butt each other and fall off the second turnbuckle to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ambrose take out Ziggler with a suicide dive. Ambrose rolls him into the ring and pulls himself up. Ambrose hits a running forearm and goes for a bulldog, but Ziggler dropkicks him. Ambrose goes for a rebound clothesline, but Ziggler kicks him and connects with a famouser for a near fall. Ziggler splashes him in the corner and goes for a neckbreaker, but Ambrose counters into a backslide pin for a two count. Ziggler quickly takes him down with a big spike DDT for a two count. Ziggler stomps the mat and goes for a superkick, but Ambrose blocks it and catapults him into the corner. Ambrose schoolboys him for a near fall. Ziggler quickly jumps on his back for a sleeper hold, but Ambrose fights out and connects with a sleeper hold of his own. Ziggler counters out with a jawbreaker. Ambrose rebounds off the ropes with a big clothesline for a near fall.

Both men seem physically spent. Ambrose goes to the top rope, but Ziggler scales the ropes and connects with a super face-buster. Ambrose rolls out of the ring to recover. Ziggler tweaked his knee doing the face-buster off the top rope. Ziggler hobbles at ringside and throws Ambrose into the ring. Ambrose surprises him with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ziggler immediately superkicks him down for a near fall. They trade punches before Ambrose lights him up with jabs and chops. Ziggler quickly head-butts him and goes for a Zig-Zag, but Ambrose holds the ropes. They struggle for a moment before Ambrose catches him with Dirty Deeds for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Dean Ambrose
Match Rating: ** 1/2

Dean Ambrose will face Kevin Owens in a Semifinal match at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. Ambrose paces in the ring. Ambrose says if he becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series, he’s turning the world upside down. No more suits and ties. They’re throwing the rules out the window. More action and less talking. Ambrose will turn this place into the Ambrose Asylum.

Later tonight, we’ll see Alberto Del Rio take on Kalisto. Then we’ll see Roman Reigns face Cesaro.

Footage is shown of Charlotte debuting on RAW this past July. Charlotte and Paige will have a contract signing later tonight.

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The New Day makes their entrance to the ring. Xavier Woods calls for the music to be turned down. Woods says for some strange reason, the only anniversary people are talking about is twenty-five years of The Undertaker. What they should be talking about is the anniversary of the debut of the most entertaining group in the history of WWE – The New Day! Kofi Kingston asks if they’ve been invited to the show like Undertaker or interviewed on ESPN like The Usos? No! Speaking of The Usos, the last time they stepped in the ring with The New Day, Jey Uso go injured. Big E makes fun of Jey’s injury by saying, “Uce-OW!” Big E tells Woods to not let the people drag him down into negativity. His grandpappy used to say, “When life gives you booty, make booty-ade.” They then start chanting, “New Day rocks.”

The Usos and Ryback make their entrances. They’ll face The New Day, next.

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The New Day vs. The Usos and Ryback

Jimmy Uso will start the match against Xavier Woods. They lock up, and Woods wrenches the arm. Jimmy applies a side headlock, but Woods gets out. Jimmy uppercuts Woods and tags in Jey. Jimmy clotheslines Woods out of the ring. Jey then takes Woods and Big E out with a nasty diving plancha. They get in the ring, and Woods kicks Jey in the shoulder following a distraction. The New Day takes turns tagging in and out stomping Jey. They’re apparently calling this the unicorn stampede. Woods plays the trombone while Big E gyrates. Kingston dropkicks Jey in the face before stomping him on the back of the head. Kingston applies a chin lock, but Jey fights out. Kingston quickly takes him down with a dropkick before talking some trash. Big E is tagged in, and he connects with a big splash for a two count. Big E applies an abdominal stretch while mocking Ryback. Kingston is tagged in, and he hits a diving stomp on Jey for a two count. Jey fights back, but Kingston grounds him with clubs. Jey fights and gets a tag, but New Day distracted the referee so he didn’t see the tag to Ryback. The referee orders Ryback out of the ring. New Day use the distraction to attack Jey. Big E goes to Jey, but Jey punches back at him. Big E quickly cuts him off and takes him down. Big E gets a cheap shot on Ryback. Ryback attacks The New Day and shoves the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners by Disqualification: The New Day
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Ryback suplexes Kingston onto Woods. Ryback then takes Big E out with a Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback gives Kingston a back body drop over the top rope and goes to press slam Woods, but he gets out. The Usos superkick Woods, and Ryback press slams him out of the ring onto The New Day.

Footage is shown of Charlotte winning the WWE Divas Championship at WWE Night of Champions over Nikki Bella. Charlotte will be in the ring with Paige for a contract signing later tonight.

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Cesaro is seen tying his boots in the locker room when Triple H comes in. Cesaro says he can save his breath. Triple H wants him to understand what’s at stake. This is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cesaro has been there for a long time. Triple H hasn’t seen many guys like Cesaro. Very few guys can do what he does. Triple H thinks he needs that little bit of something. This might be Cesaro’s time to grab that brass ring. Cesaro appreciates that. Triple H says he’ll be sitting in his own personal Cesaro Section. If Cesaro is willing to do anything, then maybe he can grab that brass ring. Maybe it’s time for Cesaro to be the man. Triple H gets up and walks off.

Roman Reigns makes his entrance to the ring. The crowd is giving him a mixed reception. Reigns asks if the Roman Empire is in the house. It’s been a wild ride to get to this Survivor Series. The night after Hell in a Cell, he earned the right to face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series, but they hit a detour as Rollins got injured. Triple H created a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament and offered him a spot in The Authority to go to the top, but he doesn’t sell out. This ride will be bumpy and take twists and turns, but it will end this Sunday with him becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. You can believe that.

Reigns will face Cesaro, next.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro

The bell rings, and they take their time before locking up. They tussle around the ring for position before giving a clean break. Cesaro faked him out with an uppercut before backing up. Cesaro applies a waistlock, but Reigns counters with a side headlock. Cesaro goes to whip him off before transitioning to a side headlock. Reigns twists out and executes a headlock takeover. Cesaro gets out with a head-scissor, but Reigns kips up out of it. Cesaro kips up for good measure. Cesaro applies a side headlock before wrenching the arm. Reigns reverses a whip into the ropes, but Cesaro twists to the apron to boot him in the face. Cesaro goes to the top rope, but cartwheels on the top rope to avoid Reigns’ attack! Cesaro rolls him up for a two count. Cesaro springboards off the second rope with a sunset flip, but Reigns rolls through and picks up a two count. Cesaro then applies a side headlock. Reigns fights up and whips him off. Reigns drops down, and Cesaro grabs him for a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Reigns blocks a suplex, as does Cesaro. Reigns applies a waistlock, but Cesaro elbows out. Cesaro hits the ropes, but Reigns takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for a near fall.

Reigns sends Cesaro into the corner twice before wrenching the arm. Cesaro avoids a leaping clothesline and takes him out with a springboard twisting uppercut! Cesaro waits for Reigns to get up. Cesaro sweeps the legs for the Cesaro Swing, but Reigns kicks him away. Cesaro quickly avoids a shoulder block in the corner, which causes him to hit the ring post shoulder first. Cesaro then drives him into the ring post again, and Reigns falls out of the ring to recover. Cesaro goes outside as he gets to his feet and hits a running uppercut.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in a wristlock. Reigns fights up and throws Cesaro off. Reigns charges, but Cesaro sidesteps and sends him out of the ring. Cesaro goes for a running uppercut at ringside, but Reigns big boots him down. Reigns gets Cesaro in the ring and kicks him a few times. Reigns sends him into the ropes for a misdirection clothesline. Reigns holds his arm in pain before Cesaro uppercuts him. Cesaro sends him to the corner for an uppercut. Cesaro starts the uppercut train, but Reigns punches him back. Reigns puts him in the corner and connects with some clubbing blows. Cesaro uppercuts him back, but Reigns explodes with a clothesline. Reigns then hits a sloppy looking release German Suplex. Reigns goes outside for a Drive By Dropkick, but Cesaro avoids it and bring him in the ring for the Cesaro Swing! Cesaro then steps through and applies the Sharpshooter! Reigns tries to go to the bottom rope, but Cesaro counters into a crossface! Reigns tries to roll out, but Cesaro keeps it applied. Reigns then gets a burst of strength and picks him up for a Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Cesaro charges him, but Reigns back body drops him out of the ring. Cesaro cracks his elbow off the apron on the way down. Cesaro hurt his elbow last week on RAW during his match against Sheamus. Reigns goes outside to connect with a Drive By Dropkick. Reigns gets him in the ring and connects with a leaping clothesline. Reigns clubs away at him in the corner despite barely being able to move the arm moments before. Cesaro blocks a shot, and Reigns goes back to selling the arm. Reigns quickly rolls him up, picks him up with the bad arm, and hits a sit-out slam for a near fall. Reigns gets to his feet and punches the mat with his bad arm. The crowd is loudly booing him. Cesaro counters a Superman Punch with a Pop-up European Uppercut for a near fall.

Cesaro gets Reigns on the top rope and dropkicks him off to the apron. Cesaro goes for his deadlift superplex, but Reigns fights out and head-butts him. Reigns connects with the Superman Punch, and the crowd is really turning on him. Cesaro uppercuts him as he goes for a Spear and attempts the Neutralizer, but Reigns counters out. Cesaro catches him with a backslide pin for a near fall. Reigns hits a Superman Punch and a Spear for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Roman Reigns
Match Rating: ** 3/4

Roman Reigns advances to the Semifinals in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Reigns looks at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before shaking hands with Cesaro and hugging him.

Footage is shown of Paige attacking Charlotte and Becky Lynch following a loss on RAW. They’ll have a contract signing later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

A graphic airs paying tribute to the recently departed WWE Hall of Famer Nick Bockwinkel. The commentators say some kind words about the great AWA Champion.

The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray Dudley will start the match against Viktor. Viktor applies a side headlock as the crowd chants, “We want tables!” Bubba counters out with a nasty swinging back suplex. Bubba clotheslines him down before connecting with a nasty big boot. Bubba punches him down a few times before Konnor tags in. Konnor boots Bubba in the face before punching away at him. Viktor tags in. Konnor avalanches Bubba in the corner before sending him into a high knee from Viktor for a one count. Viktor punches him in the corner before Konnor is tagged in. Konnor punches him down before talking trash to D-Von Dudley. Bubba then slams Viktor down.

D-Von and Viktor are tagged in. D-Von hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting a shoulder lock. Konnor is knocked off the apron before D-Von hits a shoulder block. D-Von avalanches him in the corner before hitting a spinning back elbow. Konnor breaks up the pin. D-Von clotheslines Konnor out of the ring before they take Viktor out with a 3D for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Dudley Boyz
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter. Colter says he’s the official voice of Mex-America. There is no crime or taxes in their country. Triple H walks up and shakes hands with Del Rio. Triple H congratulates him on all the success he’s had since he’s been back. With the right allies, they could do just about anything. Del Rio could go from a man of the people to just the man. Del Rio smirks. He’ll face Kalisto, next.

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Kalisto is shown in a pre-taped promo talking about how his dream is to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter

Charles Robinson is back for another match. They lock up, and Del Rio gets Kalisto in the corner before kicking him. Del Rio kicks him in the back before covering for a one count. Kalisto quickly rolls him up for a one count. Del Rio immediately big boots him down before stomping him. Del Rio sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Kalisto counters out of a tilt-a-whirl and avoids a splash on the ropes. Kalisto jumps over Del Rio and gives him a flying hurricanrana off the apron to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Del Rio pick up a two count. Del Rio applies a chin lock, but Kalisto fights up. Del Rio quickly comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Del Rio whips him hard into the corner before stomping him. The crowd boos as he taunts them. Del Rio applies a chin lock, but Kalisto’s foot is under the bottom rope. Kalisto fights up and kicks out. Kalisto goes for a handspring back elbow, but there’s some miscommunication there. Del Rio then gives him a backstabber. Del Rio puts Kalisto on the top rope and accidentally rips his mask off. Del Rio helps put the mask back on. Eventually Kalisto fights him away and gets Del Rio shoulder-first into the ring post. Kalisto hits a seated senton before catching him with a springboard corkscrew elbow. Kalisto kicks him a few times before Del Rio takes him out with a sloppy looking clothesline. This match is really struggling. Del Rio sends him into the ropes, but Kalisto gets him to his knee and hits a hurricanrana DDT for a near fall.

Del Rio counters Salida del Sol by hanging him up on the top rope. Del Rio goes for the tree of woe double stomp, but Kalisto gets out. Eventually Del Rio gets him hung up and hits the double foot stomp for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Alberto Del Rio
Match Rating: *

Alberto Del Rio will face Roman Reigns in the Semifinals at WWE Survivor Series. We’ll also see Dean Ambrose face Kevin Owens.

Footage is shown of Paige becoming the #1 Contender for the WWE Divas Championship. Coming up next in the final segment of the evening, Paige and Charlotte will have a contract signing.

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The final four in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament will be on Miz TV this Thursday on Smackdown.

WWE Divas Championship Contract Signing

Michael Cole is in the ring. There is a table with a contract on it. Cole introduces Paige to the ring first before having the WWE Divas Champion come out. Charlotte refuses to sit down, so Paige gets up. Cole says the WWE fans are trying to figure out what happened to their friendship. Paige says there are no friendships. When you’re a true champion, there’s no room for emotions or friendships. She wanted to teach that to Charlotte, and she’ll do it this Sunday when she takes back their championship. Charlotte asks how Paige got so bitter. She wanted to be like Paige. She was the naïve, sweet Carolina girl, and Paige was the British badass. They sat at home watching their parents on television night after night. They cared about the WWE almost as much as they cared about them. Charlotte starts crying as she mentions her late brother. Paige looks like she’s getting teary eyed too. Paige was there for her at that time. She’s here to fulfill his dream. They were a family.

Paige says it doesn’t matter what she said or thought about her. Paige has been using her since day one. Charlotte says she sucks at using people because she’s the Divas Champion and Paige isn’t. It’s not about the title – it’s about whose got your back at the end of the day. Paige asks where she learned that crap. Charlotte says PCB was going to change the Divas Division until she let her selfish ways get in the way. Paige says she deserves the championship more than Charlotte. Charlotte says Paige isn’t a champion. A champion is a role model, someone people aspire to be like. Charlotte says she won’t be champion forever, but when she loses the title, it won’t be this Sunday or to someone like Paige. Paige says Charlotte is so naïve it makes her sick. It’s embarrassing.

Cole reminds Charlotte to sign the contract. Paige says no one has Charlotte’s back, not even daddy. Paige calls out Ric Flair to come out and drop an elbow on his jacket. Paige calls him an old fart. Charlotte unconvincingly says she needs to shut her mouth or she won’t leave the building. Paige says her little brother didn’t have that much fight in him. That’s absolutely disgusting. Your classic trashy storyline for WWE – when you can’t get heat, call on the dead. They have a brawl that absolutely no one in the crowd cares about, and that’s all she wrote. This was put on last because people have all together stopped watching the third hour of RAW, so chances are not a lot of people saw this. Lucky them. Sorry, I usually stay neutral in the recap, but this was awful.


Quick Match Results

Kevin Owens def. Neville in a WHC Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Tyler Breeze def. R-Truth
Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler in a WHC Tournament Quarterfinal Match
The New Day def. The Usos and Ryback via DQ
Roman Reigns def. Cesaro in a WHC Tournament Quarterfinal Match
The Dudley Boyz def. The Ascension
Alberto Del Rio def. Kalisto in a WHC Tournament Quarterfinal Match

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I will be back on Sunday for my Survivor Series predictions. I missed last month, but I will make it for this one.

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