Del Rio then falls out of the ring to the floor below. Big Show follows Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio with a low blow that remains legal due to the stipulation. The referee starts the count. Big Show barely gets up shortly after the 8 count by the referee. Big Show with knees to Del Rio and then drives Del Rio’s face into the floor. Big Show then tosses Del Rio into part of the Royal Rumble HD set. Big Show misses a kick on Del Rio and kicks part of the set. Big Show grabs part of the HD set and cracks it over the back of Del Rio. Big Show grabs a table nearby and sets it up near Del Rio. Big Show grabs part of the HD set, grabs Del Rio by the hair, pulls Del Rio up on the hanging set by one arm, they start scaling up the hanging set piece, Big Show grabs Del Rio by the neck and tosses him to the floor crashing through the table! The referee immediately begins the count when Del Rio goes through the table. Del Rio fights to his feet at 9 and is still dazed. JBL screams on commentary, “We got ourselves a fight!” Back in the ring, Big Show calls for the knockout punch and Del Rio bails out of the ring to the outside. Big Show picks up the steel steps and throws it at Del Rio. Del Rio moves and the steps hit the steel ring post. Ricardo attacks Big Show from behind and Big Show tosses Ricardo against the ring barricade.

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