Mysterio is kicked out by Barrett.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

Sheamus starts going after Barrett near the corner with big kicks and stomps. Jericho attempting Walls of Jericho on Cena. Time expires.

#21: Daniel Bryan

Bryan with kicks to Sandow, Ziggler and Barrett. He finishes off Barrett with a kick to the head. Sheamus is nearly getting Jericho over, but Jericho hangs on and pulls himself back in. Time expires.

#22: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro goes after Bryan with repeated uppercuts. Cesaro with uppercuts to Sheamus. Barrett with a big Cena. Time expires.

#23: The Great Khali

Cesaro is trying to eliminate Sheamus. Time expires.

#24: Kane

Michael Cole notes this is Kane’s 14th Royal Rumble appearance tonight. Kane goes after Ziggler and Jericho. Sandow is trying to eliminate Sheamus, but Sheamus hangs on. Time expires.

#25: Zack Ryder

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