ECW on Sci Fi Results – 1/13/09 – Sioux City, IA

ECW on Sci-Fi
Sioux City, IA
January 13th 2008
Commentators: Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
Report by: David Stephens of

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart because it is time for ECW!

Tonight on ECW: Jack Swagger v. Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship!

DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox v. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea

Mixed Tag rules are in effect for this match. The Divas start us off. Alicia has a smooth flow of speed as she attempts a quick roll up and dodges her way through Katie??’s offensive for a couple of counters. Katie tags in her brother, which also bring in Paul Burchill. Paul starts of strong and both he and DJ exchange some strong blows. Paul chokes DJ with the ropes and the ref breaks it up.

Grisham and Striker are keen to point out Paul??’s knee braces which double as legal weapons. Burchill locks in a rear headlock variant. DJ is able to power out and hits a back suplex. DJ goes for the cover but Katie Lea makes the save. Alicia runs into the ring and knocks out Katie. Gabriel uses the distraction to get to the second rope and hit his flying European Uppercut.

Winners via Flying European Uppercut: DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox

Video promo for Austin??’s induction in the WWE Hall of Fame


We come back and Tommy Dreamer is in the ring. Tommy is dressed up in a full suit and wants to address the WWE audience about tonight??’s ECW Title Match. Tommy would like to thank the fans for the 19 years that he has spent performing for them. He says that the reason people say he is the heart of ECW is because those three words mean the world to him. If he had to do it all again, he wouldn???t change a thing. Tommy says that today??’s competitors are younger, faster, and stronger and that he doesn???t think he can compete in ECW anymore. His WWE contract expires June 6th. He says the only way he can prove that he belongs in ECW is if he can win the title before his contract expires. He needs to be able to look at himself in the mirror with pride and respect and this is the only way he can do that, by becoming ECW Champion by June 6th.

Video Promo airs of Jack Swagger


In the back Ricky Ortiz is holding Tiffany??’s hand and is about to give her an incredibly awkward kiss before Hornswoggle runs in and interrupts. Finlay chases after him. This stuff is great.

The Boogeyman v. Sammy Savard

The monster from my closet thankfully has his old face paint back tonight. Boogeyman starts it off with the power game by throwing Sammy around the ring. Boogeyman hits a grand total of three moves before going for, and successfully gaining, the pin fall.

Winner via the Nightmares Under My Bed: The Boogeyman

After the match, The Boogeyman shoves some worms down poor Sammy??’s mouth.

Video airs of Jeff Hardy.

Todd interviews Matt Hardy who is on camera backstage. Matt says that he does believe Jack Swagger has earned the Title shot, but Matt is going to beat him tonight to retain his championship!


ECW Championship Match
Jack Swagger v. Matt Hardy

The two start off with an exchange of arm locks before Swagger slams Matt to the ground. The work their way back up and Swagger attempts to trap Matt Hardy??’s arm. Matt drops down to the ground which breaks the two up.


We come back and the two competitors are bouncing off the ropes. Matt catches Swagger in a side headlock. Matt heads out to the apron and hits Swagger with his shoulder. Hardy attempts to springboard but Swagger catches him with a forearm shot. Swagger and Hardy are both on the outside, and Jack uses the steel post of the ring to work on Matt Hardy??’s left arm. Swagger drops a couple moves on the arm, in an attempt to eliminate the possibility for Matt to hit the Twist of Fate.

Swagger backs Hardy into the corner and is ramming into him. Matt attempts a counter but gets thrown down to the mat head first.


We come back and Jack Swagger has Matt down with his arm trapped. Matt breaks free and heads to the turnbuckle, but Swagger jumps up to stop the high flyer. Jack Swagger hits a vertical suplex off the turnbuckle! Swagger doesn???t have the energy to go for the cover. Jack works Hardy over to the corner to go for another superplex but Hardy is able to break free. Hardy sunset flips and lands a powerbomb on Swagger. In the process, Swagger pulls off the turnbuckle cover as he goes.

Swagger hits a quick slam on Hardy and lifts Matt up for another power move. Matt hits a quick side sweep of the Russian variety. Swagger kicks out of the cover. Matt goes for the bulldog but is pushed away. Hardy bounces off the ropes and hits a Side-Effect! Swagger kicks out.

Swagger gets up and slams down on Matt Hardy??’s arm. He goes to the second turnbuckle and bounces off and actually hits his splash for the first time on ECW. Matt and Jack are going shot for shot here as both competitors are giving it their all. Swagger lifts up Matt Hardy and sends him to the other side of the ring to the previously exposed turnbuckle! Swagger nails the Blue Thunder Bomb!

Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Jack Swagger!

ECW Thoughts

Well we have a new ECW Champion it seems. Are they pushing him too hard, too fast? It??’s an interesting question and one that only time can answer. Matt Hardy is super over so why take the belt off him? If I???m to take a guess it is because that can use that energy the crowd gives Hardy to generate heel heat for the rookie. It wasn???t too long ago that some lackey named John Morrison won the ECW Title. I???m not suggesting Swagger will have the same success, simply that I???m willing to wait and see.

Dreamer is in a good place to feud with Swagger for the belt considering their history. Tommy??’s contract is set to expire on June 6th. I looked up this year??’s One Night Stand and it is set to fall on June 7th. My original thought is that he would have a match that night for the belt with his career on the line. Of course since it is off a day I???m going to have to go back to my thinking cap to figure this one out.

I???m really loving The Boogeyman right now. I just can???t get over his little dance movements and the insane amount of paint and accessories he is rocking with that costume. Seriously, there must be an entire wardrobe section dedicate to him, it is absurd.

DJ, Alicia, Burchill & Katie were all on the ball tonight. I???m looking forward to the continuation of this feud. It is a great way to rub all four of the stars. I still think DJ has a promising future so I???m interested to see where this takes both them and us.

WrestleView had the ECW Chat open this week! Please come and join us next week, it??’s a jolly good time.

On a side note ??? I attended a couple of Indy shows this Saturday, WSU and JAPW??’s Women??’s Division to be exact. My friend thought it would be amusing to get me some Scotty 2 Hotty gear, so I was dressed for the events. Well at the JAPW show the former WWE Tag Team ???The Highlanders??? happened to be in attendance. Robbie started a little ???Scotty??? chant as I walked by him at one point. Gotta love it.

The Wrestler

I had the privilege of seeing this movie this weekend and words cannot describe how powerful and awe-inspiring the film was. I will say nothing more other than to deeply encourage you to check it out. You will thank me later.

Power Rankings

3 Month Rolling Rankings; ECW Title Win 5, ECW Title Loss 4, ECW Win 3, ECW Loss 2, ECW Appearance 1, PPV Title Win 10, PPV Title Loss 8, PPV Win 6, PPV Loss 4, PPV Appearance 2.

October 14th 2008 ??? January 13th 2008

1. Matt Hardy ??? 51 pts. [l.w. 1]2. Mark Henry ??? 38 pts. [l.w. 2]3. Finlay ??? 38 pts. [l.w. 3]4. Jack Swagger ??? 33 pts. [l.w. 6]5. John Morrison ??? 32 pts. [l.w. 4]6. The Miz ??? 29 pts. [l.w. 5]7. DJ Gabriel ??? 17 pts. [l.w. 10]8. Hornswoggle ??? 16 pts. [l.w.9]9. Tony Atlas ??? 16 pts. [l.w. 7]10. Evan Bourne ??? 14 pts. [l.w. 8]

So that??’s ECW…Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I???m always up for reading your thoughts so send them over to me at .

-David Stephens