ECW on Sci Fi Results – 6/30/09

ECW on Sci-Fi
Fresno, Calif
June 30th 2009
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker
Report by: Chris Kelly of

Tiffany is stood in the ring and welcomes us to a new era of ECW! Following last night’s trade, ECW has changed, ECW lost some amazing superstars but gained some. Tiffany puts over ECW as the best brand.

Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and gets a pretty decent face pop. His opponent is Yoshi Tatsu.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Yoshitatsu

Shelton grabs the mic and starts to mock Yoshi by speaking in a japanese accent then bends down to the crowd and Yoshi before doing a kong fu pose and the sumo wrestling stomp. Out of nowhere, Yoshi kicks Shelton in the head for the 3 count!

Winner: Yoshitatsu

Yoshi runs up the ramp as a replay of the kick is shown. The main event of Christian & Tommy Dreamer vs Kozlov and William Regal is plugged

Abraham Washington is shown backstage and we are told he has a talk show with The Bella Twins as we go to a break.


We are back and John Cena vs HHH on Raw is plugged.

Abraham Washington walks down the ramp to a small pop. Two seats are in the ring and Abraham gets booed when he starts to talk. He talks about last last weekends PPV and calls Vince dumb for buying back Raw for double the amount he sold it for. Abraham plugs that John Cena’s movie is out then brings out the Bella Twins who are dressed in red.

Abraham and the Bella Twins sit down then Abraham asks the Bella who is who. He has cue cards and asks how much money the Bella Twins spend on weaves. He asks who is younger,who got the better results at college,who was the first to get a kiss and who is the better at athletics and this leads to the Twins arguing. The segment ends with the Bella arguing and the crowd booing.


We are back, Sheamus walks into the ring to face Oliver John. Sheamus puts over the fact he is Irish and calls himself the Celtic Warrior

Sheamus vs. Oliver John

Sheamus locks up with Oliver and over powers him before kicking him to the floor. Oliver gets Irish Whipped into the corner before getting clothesline. He locks in a chin lock as the crowd gets behind Oliver. Sheamus chucks Oliver into the corner and starts to beat him down. A loud pop as Oliver gets back into the match only to walk right into a bicycle kick!. A Rock Bottom onto the knee of Sheamus ends this match

Winner: Sheamus

Koslov is shown backstage when William Regal walks up to him. He tells Kozlov not to embarrass him. Kozlov says something in Russian and says “I will embarrass you”


Zack Ryder is in the back when Tyler Rex walks in and informs Zack they will wrestle each other on Superstars this Thursday.

Matt Striker and Josh Mathews introduce the Raw Rebound.

Christian is shown walking to the ring where he is cut of by Dreamer. Christian tells Tommy he still wants the belt and this leads to a little argument but they walk off together.


Tommy Dreamer & Christian vs. Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal

Christian and Regal lock up with Christian getting the upper hand with two head locks. The two go into the corner were Regal hits two shoulder blocks before whipping Christian into the ropes. Regal tags in Kozlov who over powers Christian and locks in a Torture rack. Tommy tags Christian foot and hits a cross body on Koslov. Kozlov runs at Tommy who lowers the rope and Kozlov is sent flying. Regal checks on Kozlov as we go to an advert


We are back and Regal has Dreamer in a chin lock. Dreamer starts to fight back but is cut off by two massive blows to the back. Kozlov and Regal double team Dreamer before Kozlov hits two elbows and tags Regal back in. Regal irish whips Dreamer into the rope and tags in Christian. Christian gets the upper hand on Regal and gets a two count with a roll up. Kozlov enters the ring and chucks Christian arm first into the turnbuckles before applying a arm bar.

Christian starts to fight back but is cut off by a massive knee. Regal enters and works over Christians injured arm by knee dropping it. Kozlov is tagged in and works on the arm with some arm drags and a arm bar. Christian starts to fight back but gets a belly to belly for his effort. Regal tags in and works on Christian’s arm. Christian fights out but bangs heads with Regal.

Both tag in their team mates, Dreamer goes for a DDT,Kozlov blocks it so Dreamer hits a neck breaker. Kozlov tags in Regal and Dreamer gets a suplex from Regal. Kozlov tagges himself in and hits the Iron Curtin on Dreamer for the 3 count

Winner: Vlaidmir Kozlov & William Regal

A replay of the ending is shown as Regal looks at Kozlov is a confused way before raising Kozlov’s hand.

ECW Thoughts

First off as you can guess this is not David Stephens, I’m Chris Kelly (aka Crelly from the WrestleView Chatroom) and the WrestleView TNA Epics recapper.

Now to ECW, I really enjoyed ECW tonight as we saw many new faces so i will go though the new people.

Yoshitatsu looked pretty darn good in the match with Shelton Benjamin despite it only being one move long, his kick to the head looked awesome and the flash pin leads me to beleive we will have a Yoshi vs Shelton feud and I’m looking forward to it.

Abraham Washington really didn’t stand a chance tonight with the crowd chanting “what! what!” to anything he said. Please stop this chant, Austin is no longer in the WWE and this chant should be gone too.

Sheamus looked awesome tonight and his finisher move looks painful. I think he will go far and I believe he will be ECW within a year or so, With him putting over the fact he is Irish, I think we will see a Sheamus vs Regal feud since the English and Irish are not best of friends and that match could be a massive draw.

Tyler Rex was pretty good in his backstage segment but we will have to wait in till Superstars to see his in ring skills.

These people won’t fill the gap left by Bourne, Swagger and Henry right away, but give them time and I think they will be big stars on ECW. ECW was good tonight and I look forward to seeing these guys grow on TV

Overall Rating: C+

That’s it for ECW. Agree or disagree? Shoot me an email with any feedback to

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