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FREE AUDIO: "Wrestleview Radio" for 4/1/13 reviewing RAW - Wrestleview.com

FREE AUDIO: "Wrestleview Radio" for 4/1/13 reviewing RAW

Free Wrestleview Radio podcast for 4/1/13


Hosts: Adam Martin, Hunter Golden, Doug Lackey
Email the show: [email protected]

22:00 - Discussion on WWE increasing the price of Wrestlemania 29 in HD this year
44:00 - Frustration over the build for The Rock vs. John Cena for the second time
1:32:00 - Why the Fandango character is intended to be over the top and ridiculous
1:49:00 - Feeling like Wrestlemania 29 this Sunday could end up as a big letdown
2:05:00 - Closing out the podcast reading listener emails sent to [email protected]

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