WWE WrestleMania Results

WWE WrestleMania Results
– History of WrestleMania –

“It was a huge gamble. The biggest gamble I’ve ever been involved with. It was a roll of the dice.” – Vince McMahon

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The Beginning

On March 31, 1985, the then-World Wrestling Federation and Vince McMahon organized the spectacle known as WrestleMania. The inaugural event, which would take place inside the world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York City, featured the likes of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Mr. T, and Muhammad Ali.

WrestleMania 40 Results – Night Two

April 7, 2024 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Lincoln Financial Field) — The main event of WrestleMania 40 will see “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes in a Bloodline Rules Match. Will Cody Rhodes be able to finish his story with the odds stacked against him? Seth “Freakin” Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre with CM Punk, a nemesis of both men, on commentary. [Full WM 40 Night Two Results]

WrestleMania 40 Results – Night One

April 6, 2024 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Lincoln Financial Field) — In a massive main event with major implications for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on Night Two, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will team with “The Final Boss” The Rock to take on “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins. If Rhodes and Rollins win, The Bloodline is banned from ringside for the title match the next night. If The Bloodline wins, the title match will be held under Bloodline Rules. [Full WM 40 Night One Results]

WrestleMania 39 Results – Night Two

April 2, 2023 – Inglewood, California (SoFi Stadium) — Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns takes on “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes in the main event. Edge looks to settle his score with “The Demon” Finn Bálor inside Hell in a Cell. Bianca Belair puts the Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Asuka, and Gunther defends the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. [Full WM 39 Night Two Results]

WrestleMania 39 Results – Night One

April 1, 2023 – Inglewood, California (SoFi Stadium) — For the first time in the history of WrestleMania, the Tag Team Championship will be defended in the main event as The Usos of The Bloodline put their 623-day title reign on the line against the team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Charlotte Flair defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley, John Cena returns to action to attempt to take the United States Championship from Austin Theory, and Rey Mysterio battles his insolent son Dominik Mysterio. [Full WM 39 Night One Results]

WrestleMania 38 Results – Night Two

April 3, 2022 – Arlington, Texas (AT&T Stadium) — WWE Champion Brock Lesnar battles WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Winner Take All Main Event. The Raw Tag Team Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match, Edge battles AJ Styles, Pat McAfee battles Austin Theory, and then Mr. McMahon before McMahon’s old archnemesis makes an appearance for one final confrontation. [Full WM 38 Night Two Results]

WrestleMania 38 Results – Night One

April 2, 2022 – Arlington, Texas (AT&T Stadium) — “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a special guest on The K.O. Show in the show’s main event. This would lead to Austin having the final match of his career against Kevin Owens. Cody Rhodes makes a big return to WWE against Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Becky Lynch defends the Raw Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey. [Full WM 38 Night One Results]

WrestleMania 37 Results – Night Two

April 11, 2021 – Tampa, Florida (Raymond James Stadium) — On the second night of WrestleMania 37, the main event will be Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan and Edge. The Fiend will battle Randy Orton in a grudge match, and Rhea Ripley will challenge Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. [Full WM 37 Night Two Results]

April 10, 2021 – Tampa, Florida (Raymond James Stadium) — For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic took crowds away in March 2020, WWE has a live crowd in attendance at Raymond James Stadium. For only the second time (WrestleMania 35), women will main event the night. Sasha Banks will defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair. The WWE Championship will kick off the evening with Bobby Lashley defending against Drew McIntyre. [Full WM 37 Night One Results]

April 5, 2020 – Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center) — On the second night of WrestleMania 36, the first time the show was ever held over two nights, Drew McIntyre battles Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship in the main event. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt takes on the legendary John Cena in a Firefly Fun House Match, and the NXT Women’s Championship is defended for the first time ever on WrestleMania as Rhea Ripley defends against Charlotte Flair. [Full WM 36 Night Two Results]

April 4, 2020 – Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center) — WrestleMania will take place over two nights with no crowd due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the first time ever. Goldberg defends the WWE Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. The Undertaker battles AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match, Becky Lynch defends the Raw Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler, and Daniel Bryan goes for the Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn. [Full WM 36 Night One Results]

April 7, 2019 – East Rutherford, New Jersey (MetLife Stadium) — Ronda Rousey defends her RAW Women’s Championship against Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in a Winner Take All Match, the first-ever women’s main event in WrestleMania history. Brock Lesnar takes on Seth Rollins with the WWE Universal Championship on the line. Daniel Bryan defends his WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston. [Full WM 35 Results]

April 8, 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) — Brock Lesnar is defending his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. AJ Styles defends his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey are taking on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, First Ever Women’s Battle Royal, and more! [Full WM 34 Results]

April 2, 2017 – Orlando, Florida (Camping World Stadium) — The main event pitted Roman Reigns handing the Undertaker his second-ever WrestleMania loss. We also saw a rematch between Goldberg (c) and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. This was Goldberg’s last match in wrestling for the time being. Who can forget when the Hardy Boyz returned, competed, and won the WWE RAW Tag team titles? [Full WM 33 Results]

April 3, 2016 – Arlington, Texas (AT&T Stadium) — Roman Reigns defeated Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The opening match was a surprise to all when Zach Ryder won the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match against six other superstars. The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell match. [Full WM 32 Results]

March 29, 2015 – Santa Clara, California (Levi’s Stadium) — Brock Lesnar was defending his WWE Championship against Roman Reigns. Toward the end of the match, Seth Rollins runs in with the briefcase and cashes his Money in the Bank contract, and wins the WWE Championship. WrestleMania 31 marked Sting’s first and last WrestleMania appearance where he faced Triple H. [Full WM 31 Results]

April 6, 2014 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) — The Rock, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan were in the opening segment. This was the WrestleMania where Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H to earn a main event title match later that night against Batista and Randy Orton. Bryan ended up winning the championship and saw one, if not the largest, “Yes” chants ever. WrestleMania 30 featured the very first André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which Cesaro won. [Full WM 30 Results]

April 7, 2013 – East Rutherford, New Jersey (Metlife Stadium) — A rematch from last year’s WrestleMania, The Rock vs. John Cena was the main event of WrestleMania 29 for the WWE Championship. John Cena became WWE Champion for the 11th time. CM Punk wanted to test the Undertaker’s undefeated streak. Brock Lesnar faced Triple H in a “Loser must retire” match. [Full WM 29 Results]

April 1, 2012 – Miami, Florida (Sun Life Stadium) — In the opening match, Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds to become the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Undertaker defeated Triple H for the third time at a WrestleMania to have a 20-0 record. Big Show became WWE Intercontinental Champion by defeating Cody Rhodes. The main event was the return of The Rock, where he defeated John Cena. [Full WM 28 Results]

April 3, 2011 – Atlanta, Georgia (The Georgia Dome) — The Miz retained his WWE Championship against John Cena in the main event. Originally, both Miz and Cena were counted out until The Rock came out and made it a No DQ, no count-out, no time limit. The Undertaker defeated Triple H for a second time at WrestleMania in a No Holds Barred match. Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole with Steve Austin as the special guest referee. [Full WM 27 Results]

March 28, 2010 – Glendale, Arizona — In a Streak vs. Career match, The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels. This was Shawn Michaels’ last wrestling match. John Cena defeated Batista to become WWE Champion. After 13 years, Bret Hart made his WrestleMania return by defeating Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match. Ten men competed in the “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match, in which Jack Swagger came out as the winner. [Full WM 26 Results]

April 5, 2009 – Houston, Texas — In the main event, Triple H defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship. John Cena won a Triple Threat Match against Edge and Big Show to win the WWE World Heavyweight title. The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels. Rey Mysterio defeated JBL to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Santino Marella’s twin sister, “Santina” won the 25 Diva Battle Royal. CM Punk won the “Money in the Bank” ladder match. [Full WM 25 Results]

March 30, 2008 – Orlando, Florida (Citrus Bowl) — The Undertaker defeated Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Shawn Michaels defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. This was Flair’s retirement match. Floyd Mayweather defeated the Big Show. Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero to become the NEW ECW Champion, the match lasted several seconds. [Full WM 24 Results]

April 1, 2007 – Detroit, Michigan (Ford Field) — In the main event, John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship. Bobby Lashley and Donald Trump shaved Vince McMahon’s head. This was a “Hair vs. Hair” match, where Bobby Lashley, who was representing Donald Trump, was against Umaga, who was representing Vince McMahon. The Undertaker defeated Batista to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. [Full WM 23 Results]

April 2, 2006 – Chicago, Illinois — In the main event, John Cena defeated Triple H to retain the WWE Championship. Rey Mysterio defeated Randy Orton and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat match to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rob Van Dam won the WWE Money in the Bank match. Shawn Michaels defeated Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match. [Full WM 22 Results]

April 3, 2005 – Los Angeles, California — Batista defeated Triple H in the main event to win the WWE World Heavyweight title. John Cena defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield to win the WWE Championship. Hulk Hogan made a surprise appearance while Muhammad Hassan was attacking Eugene. Edge won the “Money in the Bank” ladder match. This WrestleMania featured Piper’s Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin. [Full WM 21 Results]

March 14, 2004 – New York City, NY (Madison Square Garden) — John Cena defeated the Big Show to win the WWE U.S. Championship in the first match of the show. Bill Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar (Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee). The Undertaker defeated Kane. In the main event, Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. [Full WM 20 Results] [Retro Recap]

March 30, 2003 – Seattle, Washington — Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle to win the WWE Championship. This is where Brock Lesnar did the big shooting star press and ended up botching the move, landing on his face. The Rock defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin. Trish Stratus defeated Victoria and Jazz in a Triple Threat match to win the WWE Women’s Championship. Hulk Hogan defeated Vince McMahon, and the stipulation was if Hogan loses, he must retire. [Full WM 19 Results] [Retro Recap]

March 17, 2002 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada — The main event saw Triple H defeat Chris Jericho to become the WWE Undisputed Champion. In a historic match, The Rock defeated Hulk Hogan. Hogan was the heel, and The Rock was the babyface coming into this match, but it all changed when fans embraced the legendary Hulk Hogan and heavily booed The Rock. The opening match saw Rob Van Dam defeat William Regal to win the WWE Intercontinental Title. [Full WM 18 Results] [Retro Recap]

April 1, 2001 – Houston, Texas — Regarded as one of the best WrestleMania shows of all time, WrestleMania X-Seven is considered to be the end of the Attitude Era. The main event saw Stone Cold Steve Austin join forces with Vince McMahon to defeat The Rock for the WWF Championship. The Undertaker also took on Triple H for the first time on PPV. After just purchasing WCW from under his father’s nose earlier in the week, Shane McMahon fought Vince McMahon in a Street Fight refereed by Mick Foley. For the second year in a row, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boyz put it all on the line in a TLC match. [Full WM 17 Results]

April 2, 2000 – Anaheim, California — Better known as WrestleMania 2000, it is the only WrestleMania never to feature a traditional singles match. The main event was a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match with “a McMahon in every corner.” The McMahon Family saga bled into WrestleMania with each member managing one of the main event competitors. The show featured Mick Foley’s final match (for the time being) and the first time a heel ever retained the WWF Championship at WrestleMania with Triple H winning. A Triangle Ladder Match with The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian put all six men on the map. [Full WM 16 Results]

March 28, 1999 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — At the height of the Attitude Era, the two biggest stars collide in the main event, their first of three classic WrestleMania encounters. Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock for the WWF Championship in the main event, with Mankind as the guest referee. The undercard saw Triple H battle Kane, Shane McMahon take on X-Pac, and The Undertaker battle the Big Bossman in a Hell in a Cell match. [Full WM 15 Results]

March 29, 1998 – Boston, Massachusetts — The Austin 3:16 Era officially begins, catapulting wrestling into a different level of popularity. Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship in the main event with Mike Tyson as the special enforcer. This would be HBK’s last match for four years. The Undertaker picks up a seventh WrestleMania victory against Kane. [Full WM 14 Results]

March 23, 1997 – Chicago, Illinois — The Undertaker picked up his sixth WrestleMania victory by defeating Sycho Sid in the main event. In one of the greatest matches in the history of professional wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret “Hitman” Hart squared off in an epic Submission Match with Ken Shamrock as the guest referee. [Full WM 13 Results]

March 31, 1996 – Anaheim, California — Shawn Michaels defeats Bret “Hitman” Hart in a classic 60-minute Iron Man Match 1-0 after the match went to Sudden Death Rules. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper takes on Goldust in one of WrestleMania’s more unique matches ever, the Hollywood Backlot Brawl. The Ultimate Warrior also makes his triumphant return against Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and The Undertaker picks up his fifth WrestleMania win in a row against Diesel. [Full WM 12 Results]

April 2, 1995 – Hartford, Connecticut — NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor faces off with Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event of WrestleMania 11. Diesel retains the WWF Championship against Shawn Michaels, Undertaker collects his fourth win at WrestleMania against King Kong Bundy, Bret Hart faces Bob Backlund in an I Quit Match, Razor Ramon tries to get the Intercontinental Championship back from Jeff Jarrett, and Owen Hart finally wins a championship as he teams with Yokozuna to win the Tag Team Titles. [Full WM 11 Results]

March 20, 1994 – New York City, New York (Madison Square Garden) — WWF returned to where it all began for WrestleMania 10. This show featured one of the best matches in company history with the classic Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. Bret “Hitman” Hart was defeated by his younger brother Owen Hart earlier in the night but beat Yokozuna for the WWF Championship at the end of the night. Yokozuna also defended the title against Lex Luger earlier. [Full WM 10 Results]

April 4, 1993 – Las Vegas, Nevada — For the first time in the company’s history, the WWF Championship changed hands twice in one night. Yokozuna defeated Bret “Hitman” Hart with the help of Mr. Fuji to win the title. Moments later, Hulk Hogan would defeat Yokozuna for the title. Undertaker picks up the third win of his historic WrestleMania streak by defeating Giant Gonzalez by disqualification. [Full WM 9 Results]

April 5, 1992 – Indianapolis, Indiana — This show featured two main events. The first saw “Macho Man” Randy Savage defend the honor of Elizabeth and defeat Ric Flair for the WWF Championship. The other main event saw Hulk Hogan beat Sid Justice by disqualification and featured the return of The Ultimate Warrior. The show also saw Bret Hart battle Roddy Piper for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, and The Undertaker get his second WrestleMania win against Jake “The Snake” Roberts. [Full WM 8 Results]

March 24, 1991 – Los Angeles, California — Hulk Hogan defeats Iraqi sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter to win the WWF Championship for a third time in the main event. In a Retirement Match, The Ultimate Warrior defeated “Macho King” Randy Savage where Miss Elizabeth made a special appearance. André the Giant made his final WrestleMania appearance helping Big Boss Man against Mr. Perfect in a match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. [Full WM 7 Results]

April 1, 1990 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada — WWF Champion Hulk Hogan battles WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior in the Ultimate Challenge. André the Giant competes in his final televised WWF match alongside Haku in a losing effort against Demolition with the WWF Tag Team Championship on the line. Mr. Perfect suffers his first WWF loss to Brutus Beefcake, and Ted DiBiase defends the Million Dollar Championship against Jake “The Snake” Roberts. [Full WM 6 Results]

April 2, 1989 – Atlantic City, New Jersey — Hulk Hogan regains the WWF Championship for the second time in his career by defeating “Macho Man” Randy Savage in a match where the Mega-Powers exploded. Shawn Michaels, who would come to be known as “Mr. WrestleMania,” made his show debut as a member of The Rockers against The Twin Towers. “Ravishing” Rick Rude also handed The Ultimate Warrior his first WWF pinfall loss to win the Intercontinental Championship. [Full WM 5 Results]

March 27, 1988 – Atlantic City, New Jersey — The WWF Championship was vacant for the first time in the company’s history after WWF President Jack Tunney declared it so following André the Giant selling the title to Ted DiBiase in February 1988. A 14-man tournament was held to crown the new champion. Highlights include a rematch between Hulk Hogan and André the Giant, Demolition winning the WWF Tag Team Championships, and Randy Savage being crowned champion. [Full WM 4 Results]

March 29, 1987 – Pontiac, Michigan — Hulk Hogan defeated André the Giant to retain the WWF Championship following the body slam heard ’round the world. In what is considered one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat defeated “Macho Man” Randy Savage to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper also faces Adrian Adonis in a Hair vs. Hair match, which was Piper’s farewell match for the time being. [Full WM 3 Results]

April 7, 1986 – Long Island, Chicago, and Los Angeles — The only WrestleMania to take place in three different cities. Three main events took place in each city. In one of the main matches, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper took on Mr. T in a Boxing Match. The WWF wrestlers also took on some NFL players in a Battle Royal. Finally, Hulk Hogan defended the WWF Championship against King Kong Bundy in the only WrestleMania Steel Cage Match in history. [Full WM 2 Results]

March 31, 1985 – New York City, New York (Madison Square Garden) — The inaugural WrestleMania, which featured celebrity appearances from Muhammed Ali, Liberace, Billy Martin, and Cyndi Lauper. The main event saw Hulk Hogan and Mr. T team up to defeat “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. Wendi Richter defeated Leilani Kai to win the WWF Women’s Championship, and André the Giant beat Big John Studd in a $15,000 Body Slam Challenge. [Full WM 1 Results]