WWF WrestleMania XIV Results – 3/29/98 (Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels)

WWF WrestleMania 14 Results

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WWF WrestleMania XIV Results
March 29, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts (FleetCenter)
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

A video kicks off the show talking about how the tradition of WrestleMania has been overtaken by a band of rogues, but it is the tradition of the gold and the lineage created by Hulk Hogan, André the Giant, Bruno Sammartino, and others that keep it going. Tonight, the men that shun tradition are destined to become a part of it. Somewhere beyond the lights, the father of the World Wrestling Federation, Vincent J. McMahon, will revel in it too.

Mike’s Thoughts: They go right to the action on the WWE Network and cut out what was truly one of the worst musical performances of all-time (I’m not kidding) with The D-X Band doing a “new age” rendition of “America the Beautiful” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” that was vociferously booed by the Boston crowd. It’s out there on YouTube if you’re in the mood to have your ears bleed.

Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

No. 1 Contender’s Tag Team Battle Royal

The Nation of Domination (Faarooq and Kama Mustafa) vs. Los Boricuas (Savio Vega and Miguel Perez Jr.) vs. Los Boricuas (Jose Estrada Jr. and Jesus Castillo) vs. The Truth Commission (Recon and Sniper) vs. Bradshaw and Chainz vs. The Nation of Domination (Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown) vs. The Quebecers (Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Ouelett) vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) vs. Too Much (Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher) vs. DOA (8-Ball and Skull) vs. Steve Blackman and Flash Funk vs. The Godwinns (Phineas I. and Henry O.) vs. The New Midnight Express (Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob) w/ Jim Cornette vs. The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) w/ Sunny

The bell rings and all 15 teams get in the ring and just brawl with each other. The crowd is loudly chanting “LOD.” Savio Vega has been eliminated, so Miguel Perez is out as well. Kurrgan makes his way to the ring to get Recon and Sniper out of the match. Barry Windham runs down and throws Chainz over the top rope to also eliminate Bradshaw. Windham was a former parter of Bradshaw. D’Lo Brown and Jacques Rougeau were eliminated. Ricky Morton was eliminated to take The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express out. Kama and Faarooq were also eliminated. The second Los Boricuas were also thrown out. Mark Henry press slams Brian Christopher in the ring, much to the chagrin of Jerry Lawler. The Headbangers were eliminated. Scott Tayler was eliminated, which also takes Brian Christopher out. Jerry Lawler is not pleased.

DOA, The Godwinns, LOD, and The New Midnight Express are still in this. They continue to brawl. Hawk absolutely levels Henry Godwinn with a clothesline and a nasty shoulder block. Hawk boots Bombastic Bob in the corner. The Godwinns eliminate DOA, so they run in and eliminate The Godwinns for good measure. It’s down to LOD and the Midnight Express. A loud “LOD” chant picks up. The Godwinns hit both teams with their slop buckets. The Midnight Express hit Hawk with a double-team back elbow. Jim Cornette looks very happy at ringside. Bob and Bart try to get Hawk over the top rope, but he fights back. Animal was taken out of the ring under the bottom rope. Animal gets back in and takes Bart and Bob down. Animal sends Bart into the ropes for a powerslam. Animal reverses a whip on Bob, and Hawk big boots him. Animal and Hawk then clothesline Bob and Bart over the top rope.

Winners: The Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom will face the WWF Tag Team Champions next month at WWF Unforgiven. The crowd loudly chants for them. Sunny celebrates in the ring with her new team.

Mike’s Thoughts: This match was, for the most part, a cluster-you-know-what. The Legion of Doom came into this one as a mystery team, so it was pretty obvious who was going to win since none of the other teams were even remotely close to being as over as they were. Fun opener – all action.

Footage is shown from the DX Public Workout at the Government Center last Thursday. DX got the better of Stone Cold Steve Austin. This past Friday, Austin got into it with Regis and Kathy Lee. Other events such as the VIP Dinner are also shown.

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
Aguila vs. Taka Michinoku (c)

Michinoku quickly applies a side headlock, but Aguila whips him off. Michinoku shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes, but Aguila hits an arm drag and a head-scissor takeover. Aguila then knocks him out of the ring with a spinning wheel kick. Aguila connects with a baseball slide and goes to the top rope. Aguila then this a wild high angle moonsault to the floor. Aguila gets in the ring and tries to suplex Michinoku in. Michinoku lands on his feet and dropkicks Aguila out of the ring. Michinoku then charges, leaps to the top rope, and catches Aguila with a big plancha! Michinoku gets in the ring and poses.

Aguila gets in the ring, and Michinoku attacks, sending him to the corner for a running forearm. Michinoku stomps him down and hits a low dropkick. Michinoku follows up with a snapmare and dropkicks him for a two count. Michinoku punches Aguila against the ropes and charges, but Aguila hits him with a back body drop to the floor. Michinoku quickly comes back and punches him back before going to the top rope. Aguila quickly jumps to the top rope and hits an arm drag. Aguila shoulder blocks him and hits a springboard arm drag. Aguila grabs the arm, climbs the ropes, and hits a spinning arm drag to knock him out of the ring. Aguila then follows up with a corkscrew plancha! Aguila gets in the ring and taunts the crowd. Michinoku gets on the apron and punches him back. Michinoku goes to the top rope for a corkscrew splash, but Aguila moves. Aguila goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault press for a near fall. Michinoku quickly slaps Aguila in the face and goes to the top rope but pauses. Looks like there’s some miscommunication here. Michinoku punches him off the ropes and goes for a splash, but Aguila gets the knees up. Michinoku goes to the top rope, but Aguila hits a leaping head-scissor takeover. Michinoku quickly comes back and hits a missile dropkick. Aguila gets out of a Michinoku Driver, but Michinoku comes back with a sit-out powerbomb. Michinoku goes to the top rope for a moonsault, but Aguila moves. Aguila does La Magistral, but Michinoku kicks out. Aguila goes to the top rope and jumps, but Michinoku dropkicks him out of midair. Michinoku follows up with a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Taka Michinoku

Mike’s Thoughts: Not much of a match. It was the definition of a spot-fest. They’d do their spot, get up like nothing happened, and go to the next one. It’s a shame because they were doing some cool stuff that if it had room to breathe would be memorable and develop into a nice match. Instead it was completely rushed and the match stunk. It’s essentially a carbon copy of what the Cruiserweight Division was a few years ago. Here it was WWF trying to emulate what WCW was doing with their Cruiserweight Division… and it wasn’t even close.

Gennifer Flowers is shown in a sit-down interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock. She asks if he was the leader of the country, how would he run things? The Rock says he wouldn’t be a leader, he’d be a ruler. How would he handle the homeless situation if he was the ruler. As long as The Rock has his palatial palace on South Beach in Miami, he couldn’t give a damn about the homeless living in refrigerator boxes. As long as they stay away from him, it’s all copasetic. The Rock says he’d be a hung jury if you smell what he’s cooking. How would he run the White House? As long as all the interns are beneath The Rock and know their damn role without doing anything orally… err morally wrong, it’s fine.

The DX Band plays Triple H to the ring along with Chyna. Howard Finkel announces that Commissioner Slaughter will exercise his authority and handcuff himself to Chyna. Commissioner Slaughter is shown at ringside, and he gets the handcuffs out. Chyna won’t leave the ring, so Slaughter gets in the ring to get to her. Chyna shoves him before getting in his face. Chyna turns her back for a moment, and Slaughter slaps the cuffs on her.

Replays are shown of Triple H targeting the injured ankle of Owen Hart earlier on RAW Is WAR. Hart had a cast on the ankle.

WWF European Championship
Triple H (c) w/ Chyna vs. Owen Hart

Hart gets in the ring and immediately takes Triple H down before punching away at him. Hart sends him to the corner and hits a back body drop. Hart drops him with a clothesline before doing the 10 punches in the corner. Triple H stumbles out of the corner, so Hart hits him with a hurricanrana for a two count. Triple H quickly reverses a whip into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Triple H kicks him in the ribs, and Hart rolls out of the ring to recover. Chyna goes for a cheap shot on Hart, but Sgt. Slaughter holds her back. Hart laughs at her. Triple H tries to attack him off the apron, but Hart sidesteps him and sends him into the barricade. Hart punches away at Triple H and puts him back in the ring. Triple H reverses a whip and goes for a leapfrog, but Hart counters with a spinebuster. Hart goes for a Sharpshooter, but Triple H pokes him in the eyes to get out.

Hart quickly kicks and punches Triple H back before sending him into the ropes. Hart lowers his head, and Triple H hits him with a facebuster. Triple H quickly follows up with a clothesline before putting him in the corner. Triple H chops the chest before stomping him down. Triple H tells Hart to “Suck It” and continues to punch away at him. Jim Ross sends out best wishes to Earl Hebner, who is in intensive care right now. Hart hits the ropes, but Triple H drops him with a high knee to the face for a near fall. Triple H connects with a suplex before taunting the crowd. Triple H drops a knee on the forehead before punching him back. Triple H bounces him in the corner, but Hart fights back with some punches. Hart sends him to the corner and charges, but Triple H boots him back. Triple H follows up with a DDT for a near fall.

Triple H kicks Hart in the injured ankle and takes him down. Triple H drops a knee on the injured ankle and applies a stepover toehold. Hart is bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Triple H continues to kick away at the ankle before dropping an elbow on it. JR says Hart just got the cast off his ankle today. Triple H stretches out the ankle, but Hart punches out of it. Triple H slams his leg off Hart’s face. Triple H kicks away at Hart’s leg, but Hart angrily kicks and punches back at him. Hart shoulders him in the corner and whips him hard into the corner. Triple H tries to boot him back, but Hart slides under and out of the ring. Hart sweeps the feet and pulls Triple H crotch-first into the ring post. Hart goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Triple H hits the ropes, but Hart drops him with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Hart sends him again into the ropes and hits a jumping spin kick for a two count. Hart turns him upside down with a whip to the corner before connecting with an enzuigiri. Hart hurt his ankle in that exchange. Chyna tries to get in the ring, but Commissioner Slaughter holds her back. Hart picks up a two count. Hart goes for a hurricanrana, but Triple H counters into a powerbomb for a near fall.

Triple H puts Hart on the top rope, but Hart head-butts him away. Hart connects with a cross-body block for a near fall. Triple H reverses a whip to the corner and kicks him in the midsection. Triple H sets up for a Pedigree, but Hart gets out and goes for a Sharpshooter. Triple H kicks him to the corner, and Hart falls forward and “inadvertently” head-butts Triple H in the groin. Hart crawls over and picks up a near fall. Slaughter holds Chyna back, and she threatens to punch him. Hart sends Triple H into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Hart counters with a back body drop. Triple H tries to catch him with a roll-up, but Hart rolls through and applies a Sharpshooter! The crowd is going wild. Chyna quickly gets away from Slaughter and pulls Triple H’s hand onto the bottom rope to break the hold. The referee didn’t see Chyna’s interference. Hart punches away at Triple H and yells at the referee. Chyna throws powder into Commissioner Slaughter’s eyes. Hart is furious and swings at her, but she ducks. Triple H knees Hart from behind. Chyna low blows Hart. Triple H then hits Hart with a Pedigree for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H

Chyna looks pleased with the result. Slaughter is struggling to see. The referee goes outside and unlocks the handcuffs. Chyna then forearms Slaughter in the face and sends him over the barricade. Triple H celebrates in the ring with the European Championship and Chyna.

Mike’s Thoughts: I have to hand it to Owen Hart here. He went in with a legitimately injured ankle and gutted out a heck of a performance. It wasn’t a classic match by any stretch, but everything was crisp and flowed nicely. These two actually seemed to have some good chemistry together, but Hart was so good it was hard to have a bad match with him (though he could have a really bad match if he tried really hard – see Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley for a great story on that). I really liked the finish to this match even though it was incredibly goofy that the referee didn’t care that Slaughter had powder all over himself. They still pulled it off nicely. Good match.

There appears to have been some technical difficulties at this point in the broadcast.

Video Package: Mixed Tag Team Match

Former Light Heavyweight Champion Vinny Pazienza is shown at ringside.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Goldust and Luna vs. Marc Mero and Sable

Sable demands to start the match against Luna, but Mero tells her to get on the apron. Goldust punches away at Mero at the sound of the bell. Goldust sends him into the ropes, but Mero hits him with a head-scissor takeover. Mero clotheslines him, and Goldust frantically tags Luna in. Sable must come in. Mero points at Sable, and the crowd goes wild. Sable tags in and chases Luna around the ring. Luna gets in the ring and quickly tags Goldust in. Mero has to reenter the match. The crowd boos.

Goldust punches Mero, but Mero comes back with a scary back body drop. Mero tags in Sable, and she hits Goldust with a thrust kick. Luna refuses to enter the ring. Sable angrily tags Mero back in. Mero punches away at Goldust before whipping him into the corner. Goldust quickly boots him back and connects with a clothesline. Goldust lifts Mero and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Goldust chokes Mero on the ropes before Luna gets a cheap shot in. Mero hits the ropes and hits Goldust with a cross-body for a two count. Goldust soon drops down and uppercuts him. A “Sable” chant fires up. Mero and Goldust clunk heads and go down.

Sable and Luna tag in. Sable tackles Luna and punches away at her. The crowd is going wild! Sable grabs her by the hair and puts her in the corner before kicking away at her. Sable throws Luna across the ring by the hair before dropping Goldust with a forearm. Sable then clotheslines Luna over the top rope. The crowd is going absolutely bonkers. Goldust tags in, and Sable forearms him in the face. Mero tags in and sends Goldust into the ring steps. Mero gets him in the ring for a slingshot splash, but Goldust gets the knees up. Goldust spits at Sable, and she’s enraged. Mero hits Goldust with a low blow and goes for a TKO, but Goldust gets down and hits a DDT for a near fall. Mero sends him into the ropes, but Goldust sends him into the corner. Mero gets out of a Curtain Call and hits a knee lift. Mero goes to the top rope and hits a scary moonsault block for a near fall. Goldust quickly elbows him back and goes to the top rope. Mero hits the ropes to crotch Goldust on the top rope. Mero hits a super hurricanrana for a near fall. Mero hits the ropes, but Luna kicks him in the back. Goldust tries to blindside him, but Mero moves and Goldust hits Luna. Mero rolls Goldust up for a near fall. Mero sends him into the ropes and hits a TKO, but Luna breaks up the pin. Luna jumps on Mero’s back, and Sable tags in.

Sable covers Goldust, but the referee is distracted by Mero. Luna goes to the top rope, but she splashes Goldust when Sable moves. Sable hits Luna with a vicious powerbomb for a near fall. Luna pushes and rakes the eyes. Luna chokes her on the ropes as the crowd chants, “Sable.” Luna splashes her against the ropes. She tries again, but Sable moves. Luna shoulders her in the corner. Sable quickly counters and hits Luna with a TKO for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Marc Mero and Sable

Mike’s Thoughts: That was a super hot match. The crowd was crazy about Sable and popped loudly for everything she did. They really laid out a great match that protected Sable well and made her look great in the ring. Even though Goldust was enormous here having gained weight with all his issues he still put forth a solid effort with Marc Mero. Luna was great bumping around for Sable. Just an overall fun match. Forgot how good it actually was.

Tennessee Lee is in the ring and he introduces the returning Jeff Jarrett and Gennifer Flowers to the ring. Jarrett asks Flowers, “Ain’t I great?” Flowers says she’s been with great, and he is great. The Nation of Domination’s music hits, and she goes right into being the ring announcer.

Replays are shown of some vicious chair shots to the head The Rock dished out to Ken Shamrock and Faarooq in recent weeks.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
The Rock (c) w/ Kama Mustafa, D’Lo Brown, and Mark Henry vs. Ken Shamrock

Shamrock charges the ring and takes The Rock down. Shamrock kicks him in the face and clotheslines him over the top rope. The Rock goes to walk off, so Shamrock catches him going up the ramp and attacks. Shamrock bounces him off the barricade before getting in the ring to stop the count. The Rock punches back at Shamrock and tries to drive him into the stairs. Shamrock blocks it and slams Rock on them. Shamrock has a whip to the corner reversed on him, but he explodes out of the corner with two clotheslines. Shamrock kicks him down and punches away at The Rock. Rock quickly grabs him by the tights and pulls him out of the ring. The Rock goes outside and sends him into the ring steps. The Rock gets him in the ring and stomps him before hitting a scoop slam before hitting the big elbow drop for a near fall.

Shamrock fights back before sending him over the top rope. Shamrock clotheslines him on the floor before putting him in the ring. Shamrock grabs a steel chair and knocks the referee down. The Rock absolutely annihilates Shamrock with a chair shot to the face, but he kicks out! Shamrock punches away at The Rock and hits a back elbow. Shamrock hits a jumping calf kick before hitting a snap powerslam for a near fall. Shamrock hits a belly-to-belly side suplex before applying an ankle lock. The Rock taps out!

The Rock is bleeding from the mouth. The Nation of Domination runs in, but Shamrock hits Kama and Mark Henry with side suplexes. Shamrock reapplies the ankle lock to The Rock, who is gushing blood from the mouth. Faarooq runs down and gets on the apron, but he refuses to help The Rock. Faarooq just walks off. Referee run down and separate Shamrock from The Rock. Shamrock hits three referees with belly-to-belly suplexes, as well as a man in a suit. Pat Patterson keeps his distance from Shamrock. Shamrock has snapped.

EMTs come down with a stretcher and load The Rock onto it. Howard Finkel announces that the referee reversed the decision and disqualified Ken Shamrock for refusing to release the ankle lock! The Rock retains the WWF intercontinental Championship! Shamrock angrily chases The Rock and knocks him off the stretcher. Shamrock scoop slams The Rock on the DX Band’s stage and stomps him. Shamrock throws him off the stage and holds up the Intercontinental Championship to cheers from the crowd.

Winner by Disqualification and still WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock

Mike’s Thoughts: Not much of a match with an odd finish. Probably the thing that stood out to me the most was how awful it was to watch those vicious unprotected chair shots to the head. Knowing what we know now about chair shots and CTE, this is certainly tough to watch. Luckily years later Shamrock appears to be fine, but I’m glad wrestling has moved on from that spot. It’s barbaric and has no place in today’s world. Anyone that doesn’t think so is kidding themselves.

A WWF Attitude promo airs.

JR and The King talk about the amount of money generated by WrestleMania XIV. Dumpsters are being setup at ringside.

Footage is shown of the New Age Outlaws putting Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie in a dumpster and throwing it off the stage two months ago.

WWF Tag Team Championship – Dumpster Match
Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws (c’s)

Terry Funk (Chainsaw Charlie) grabs Billy Gunn at ringside and starts delivering left hands to the forehead. On the other side of the ring, Cactus Jack bounces Road Dogg off the steel steps. Jack sends Jesse James into the dumpster and hits a running knee to the skull against it. In the ring, Gunn snaps Funk off the top rope. Jack lifts the lid of the dumpster and tries to lift James into the dumpster, but James fights him off. James grabs a metal tray and slams it into Jack’s head. Jack quickly punches back and goes up to the apron. Jack goes for a cannonball off that apron but hits the dumpster when James moves. Gunn gets Funk outside and whips him hard into the barricade before giving him a back body drop into the dumpster!

Gunn grabs Jack and whips him hard into the dumpster. James then gives Jack a Russian Leg Sweep into the back of the dumpster. Funk gets out of the dumpster, so the New Age Outlaws lean them on the edge of the dumpster and slam the lid off their backs a few times. They put Jack and Funk in the dumpster and start slowly closing the lids. Gunn’s nose is bleeding. Jack prevents the lid from being fully closed and applies the Mandible Claw to James. Gunn runs up, so Jack applies the Mandible Claw to him. James hits Jack in the head with the metal tray. Funk emerges from the dumpster with a cookie sheet and smacks Gunn in the head with it. Funk gets out of the dumpster and hits Gunn again with the cookie sheet.

Jack gets James in the ring and hits him with a swinging neckbreaker. Funk grabs James and hits him with a hangman’s neckbreaker. Gunn gets in the ring, but he’s quickly knocked to ringside. Jack gets on the apron with the cookie sheet and hits a flying elbow drop to the floor on Gunn! In the ring, Funk DDTs James on another metal sheet. Jack goes under the ring and throws a shovel into the ring. Jack also grabs a ladder from under the ring! They set the ladder up in the ring, and Jack starts to climb. Gunn low blows Funk and climbs the ladder to attack Jack. James hits Funk in the head with a tray, and Funk stumbles into the ladder, knocking it over with Jack and Gunn flying out of the ring and into the dumpster! Wow! Gunn soon emerges from the dumpster as Funk is knocked to the apron. Jack slinks out of the dumpster. The New Age Outlaws then powerbomb Funk off the apron into the dumpster! Unbelievable!

The New Age Outlaws attack Jack up the ramp and send him by the entrance stage. They then fight him to the back. Funk is still in the dumpster. The cameras lose them for a bit, so they show replays of the highlights of the match so far.

The cameras find them backstage, and the New Age Outlaws are viciously beating on Jack with weapons before sending him into some decorative coolers. Jack emerges with a steel chair and smashes them both in the skull with it. Jack gives Gunn a Double Arm DDT on a palate on a forklift! Funk somehow pops up and begins to operate the forklift! Jack puts James on the forklift, and Funk uses the controls to lift the palate. There is a dumpster nearby, so Funk drives the forklift over and dumps them into it. Jack shuts the lid and ends the match! Funk presses the forklift palate on top of the dumpster to trap the New Age Outlaws for good measure.

Winners and new WWF Tag Team Champions: Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie

Terry Funk wildly gets out of the forklift and punches the dumpster a few times before crawling over to Jack. There is a nasty blood blister on his lower back from the powerbomb into the dumpster. Funk and Jack celebrate while punching the dumpster.

Mike’s Thoughts: Pretty neat that in the long, legendary career of Terry Funk this is the only WWF championship he ever won… and it was in a Dumpster Match. This was a really fun train wreck match with some of the best to ever do it in Mick Foley and Terry Funk. No clue to this day why Funk went with Chainsaw Charlie rather than his established name. That blood blister on Funk’s lower back was hideous. That guy was absolutely nuts but also one of the nicest guys in wrestling. This match was lots of fun.

JR and The King talk about this being the highest grossing event in Boston.

Video Package: Undertaker vs. Kane

Howard Finkel introduces one of the all-time greats of baseball, Pete Rose. Rose comes out to a good reception and gets in the ring to do the ring announcing. Finkel hands Rose the microphone. Rose says, “The last time I was here, we kicked your ass!” The crowd loudly boos him. Rose says they can’t win a World Series. Rose mentions Bucky Dent says hello and says he left tickets for Bill Buckner, but he couldn’t bend over to pick them up. The crowd is absolutely nuclear! Rose says, “How ‘bout it?!” Rose mocks the Curse of the Bambino and says this is the City of Losers.

Rose starts his introductions, and the lights go out. Kane makes his entrance with Paul Bearer and loud pyrotechnics start going off. Kane gets on the apron and makes the ring posts blaze with fire. Rose looks stunned. The lights come on and Kane grabs Rose by the throat! Kane turns Rose over and drops him with a vicious Tombstone Piledriver! The crowd goes absolutely ballistic! Paul Bearer is pleased with what he’s seen. EMTs run down and puts Rose on a stretcher.

The lights go out again and it begins to thunder in the arena. O Fortuna from the Carmina Burana plays, and the druids come out holding torches. The Undertaker then makes his legendary entrance to a huge reception.

Mike’s Thoughts: This whole sequence of events was absolutely brilliant. From Pete Rose being the most unlikely guy to get nuclear heat in a wrestling ring to Kane giving him a Tombstone Piledriver to the Undertaker’s entrance… wow. Even the video package was spectacular. These entrances with all the loud pyro and smoke… these are legendary. I know they can do a ton of cool things with the LED boards now, but there’s something that feels so raw and intense about these entrances. You can’t quantify it or recreate it in a sterilized environment.

Kane w/ Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker

The bell rings, and the two brothers go face-to-face. Undertaker punches Kane three times to no avail. Undertaker ducks a right hand and punches and kicks Kane to the corner. Undertaker scares the referee away and runs into a back elbow. Kane throws Undertaker into the corner and goes to avalanche him, but Undertaker ducks and punches. Kane reverses a whip to the opposite corner and charges, but Undertaker boots him back. Kane quickly hits a short-arm clothesline, but Undertaker quickly sits up. Undertaker has a whip reversed on him, but Kane scoops him up and drives him into the corner for the tree of woe before stomping away at him. Kane puts Undertaker in the corner and punches away at him. Kane whips him hard into the corner twice before hitting a corner clothesline. Kane punches him down and stomps him. Paul Bearer yells that Undertaker should have listened to him when he had the chance. Kane gives Undertaker a front suplex on the top rope and clubs the back. Kane goes to the top rope and hits a flying club to the spine of his brother.

Undertaker gets back in the ring, and Kane uppercuts him before punching him to the corner. Kane chokes Undertaker in the corner and continues to strike him. Kane knees him in the midsection and sends him to the ropes, but Undertaker somehow gets on Kane’s shoulders in the electric chair position! Undertaker punches at him, but Kane floors him with a sit-out facebuster. Kane kicks him out of the ring and follows him out. Kane drops Undertaker on the railing before bouncing him off the steel steps. Kane grabs the top half of the steps and slams it on his back while Paul Bearer distracts the referee. Kane throws Undertaker down on the ring steps before slamming the top half onto his ribs! Kane boots him in the face and gets in the ring. Paul Bearer clubs Undertaker from behind and kicks away at him. Bearer then scurries away.

Kane grabs Undertaker on the apron and suplexes him into the ring. Kane bounces Undertaker off the top turnbuckle and punches away at him. Undertaker shoves him, but Kane punches right back. Kane sends him to the opposite corner, but Undertaker pops out with a clothesline. Kane doesn’t go down. Undertaker hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline, but Kane catches him and hits a Chokeslam! Kane covers, but he pulls Undertaker’s shoulders up before the three count. Kane applies a chin lock and grounds his older brother. Undertaker begins to fight up, but Kane cinches it in. Undertaker begins to punch out and peppers Kane in the midsection with jabs. Undertaker gets to his feet, but Kane immediately clotheslines him down. Kane drops an elbow and reapplies the chin lock. Undertaker soon fights up again, lifts Kane, and crotches him on the top rope. Kane quickly gets on the apron, and Undertaker punches him. Kane doesn’t go down, so Undertaker big boots him off the apron. Undertaker hits the ropes and dives over the top rope, but Kane lifts his arms and slams Undertaker through the commentary table! Wow!

Kane slams a piece of the table down on Undertaker and gets in the ring. Kane goes outside and gets Undertaker in the ring. Kane goes to the top rope and connects with a diving lariat. Kane covers, but Undertaker somehow kicks out. Kane punches away at Undertaker against the ropes. Undertaker tries to fight back, but Kane fights back. Kane reverses a whip into the ropes, but Undertaker ducks a clothesline. Undertaker lifts him up, but Kane bends through and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver for a near fall! Kane angrily puts him in the corner and punches. Undertaker punches back at him, and Kane begins to stagger. Undertaker hits the ropes and floors Kane with a stiff clothesline. Undertaker grabs Kane by the throat and connects with a Chokeslam. Paul Bearer shouts, “Damn you to hell!” Kane gets up, and Undertaker delivers a terrifying Tombstone Piledriver that legitimately spikes him on his head for a near fall. Jim Ross shouts that no one has ever kicked out of the Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver.

Undertaker drops a leg on Kane and lifts him up for another Tombstone Piledriver that again spikes him on his head. Kane kicks out again! Paul Bearer holds his chest at ringside. Bearer again damns Undertaker to hell. Undertaker goes to the top rope and hits a big diving clothesline! Kane sits up and stumbles into Undertaker. Undertaker lifts him up for a third Tombstone Piledriver and connects. Undertaker hooks the leg and covers for the three count! Kane kicks out after three.

Winner by Pinfall: The Undertaker

Paul Bearer brings a steel chair into the ring and kicks away at the Undertaker. Bearer goes over to Kane and tells him to get up. Undertaker gets up and floors Bearer with a right hand. Kane picks up the steel chair and smashes it on the back of the Undertaker. Bearer gets up and gives instructions to Kane. Kane grabs Undertaker and gives him a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel chair! Bearer orders Kane out of the ring and they walk off to loud boos. Undertaker sits up in the ring, but he looks to be in a lot of pain.

Mike’s Thoughts: It’s been a while since I’ve seen this match. Honestly, it’s not as good as I remember it. Without this story, this wouldn’t have been that great. However, having watched that video package and listening to the crowd reaction, this gets more than a pass from me. This is probably the first really interesting match Undertaker has had at WrestleMania… the six before this weren’t that great with the exception of a passable Diesel match. This had a red hot story, a lot of great antics before the match, and some decent high spots in this. The scary moments were Undertaker being so exhausted after a long match that he legitimately dropped Kane on his head twice. That didn’t look good at all. Still it was fun overall and the post-match let them continue feuding.

A great vignette with Freddie Blassie, Killer Kowalski, Big Cat Ernie Ladd, Pat Patterson, and Gorilla Monsoon talking about how they cheer for today’s athletes.

Video Package: WWF Championship

The Special Enforcer for this match “Iron” Mike Tyson makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd. Tyson is wearing a DX shirt. The DX Band plays him down to the ring.

“Marvelous” Marvin Hagler is at ringside and enjoying himself watching Mike Tyson.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is shown walking backstage, and he gets a huge ovation. His music hits, and the place comes UNGLUED! Austin poses on all four turnbuckles and gets in Tyson’s face. They jaw jack a bit before Austin walks away and waits on the WWF Champion.

WWF Champion Shawn Michaels is shown walking backstage with Triple H and Chyna. Michaels shouts, “This is for you Earl!” The DX Band begins to play the D-Generation X theme song.

WWF Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels (c) w/ Triple H and Chyna

Special Enforcer: “Iron” Mike Tyson

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Michaels skips around and talks a little trash. Austin flips him off for having too much fun. Michaels looks sad. Michaels jabs him in the face and shouts. Michaels jabs him again, and Austin does not look happy. Austin chases him, and Michaels gets out of the ring. They get in the ring, and Michaels hits the ropes but Austin clotheslines him down. Austin puts him in the corner twice before grabbing the tights. Michaels’ backside is revealed. It’s a full moon in Boston. Austin kicks Michaels in the leg a few times. Michaels hits the ropes with his butt still hanging out. Austin then gives him a back body drop over the top rope onto Triple H! Triple H soon attacks Austin from behind and sends him into the barricade. The referee shouts at Triple H and Chyna. The referee ejects Triple H and Chyna from ringside. Michaels does not look happy at all.

Michaels comes off the apron and clubs Austin in the back with an axe handle. Austin runs off and attacks Triple H as he goes up the aisle. Austin throws him into the DX Band’s equipment. Michaels clotheslines Austin down, grabs a cymbal, and hits Austin with it. Austin fights back, but Michaels reverses a whip into the dumpster. Michaels sends Austin back into the ring and goes to the top rope. Austin punches him out of mid-air before punching him down a few times. Austin whips him hard into the corner, and Michaels gets turned inside out. Michaels hit hard. Austin hits an inverted atomic drop for a near fall. Austin wrenches the arm and takes him down. Michaels punches out and applies a side headlock. Austin whips him off, catches him, and hits a hotshot on the top rope for a near fall. Austin sends him into the ropes and goes for a Stone Cold Stunner, but Michaels gets away. Michaels goes to the apron, and Austin knocks him off into the commentary table. Michaels took a really rough bump there.

Austin bounces Michaels’ face off the ring steps and elbows him in the throat. Austin gets him in the ring and clubs away at him for a two count. Austin covers again for another two count. Austin applies a chin lock. Michaels fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Austin rolls to the corner to recover. Michaels looks to be in a tremendous amount of legitimate pain from the bad back. Michaels goes to wrap the legs around the ring post, but Austin pulls him face-first into the steel post. Austin punches him to the timekeeper’s area, but Michaels gives him a back body drop into the crowd. Michaels then hits him with the ring bell. Michaels gets Austin in the ring and clubs him down. Michaels punches away at him and gets up. Michaels looks like he’s going to pass out. Michaels stomps him and holds his back again. The crowd chants, “Holyfield” at Tyson. Michaels hits Austin with a snapmare and punches away at him again. Michaels stomps Austin’s midsection and flips off the crowd. Austin angrily takes Michaels down and punches away at him before throwing him over the top rope. The crowd loudly cheers Austin.

Michaels quickly sweeps the feet and drags him to the ring post. Michaels slams the leg off the ring post three times. Michaels gingerly gets in the ring and slams the injured knee off the mat. Michaels shouts at the crowd and stomps Austin’s knee to take him down. Michaels wrenches away at the knee and goes for a submission, but Austin kicks him shoulder-first into the ring post. Austin rolls him up for a near fall. Michaels quickly takes him down and slams the knee off the mat again. Michaels puts the leg on the bottom rope and jumps on it. Austin rolls out of the ring, and Michaels baseball slides him into the commentary table. Tyson sends Austin back into the ring. Michaels hits a chop block and applies a Figure Four Leglock! Michaels holds the ropes in full view of Mike Tyson, who happily endorses it. Austin is in a lot of pain and is nearly pinned. Austin drags Michaels away from the ropes to stop the leverage advantage. Austin turns the Figure Four Leglock over to reverse the pressure.

Both men are down, but Michaels is first to his feet. Austin gets up and starts punching away at Michaels before catapulting him into the corner. Austin covers for a near fall. Michaels reverses a whip and applies a sleeper hold. Austin tries to back Michaels into the corner, but referee Mike Chioda gets in between them and is squashed. Austin punches Michaels down a few times before bounching him off the turnbuckles. Austin then stomps a mudhole in him. Austin sends Michaels into the ropes for a back body drop. Michaels looks to be in so much pain. Austin sends him into the ropes, but Michaels takes him down with a flying forearm. Both men are down again, and Michaels somehow kips up. Michaels goes to the apron and looks like he’s having trouble lifting his legs. Michaels goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop. Michaels gets up and signals for the end. Michaels begins to tune up the band in the corner. Austin gets up and ducks Sweet Chin Music. Michaels gets away from a Stone Cold Stunner and tries for another Sweet Chin Music. Austin blocks it, spins him, and hits a Stone Cold Stunner! Austin covers and Mike Tyson jumps in the ring to count a very fast three count!

Winner by Pinfall and new WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Mike Tyson holds Austin’s arm up. Stone Cold Steve Austin receives the WWF Championship and poses for the crowd. The crowd is elated. Austin grabs an “Austin 3:16” shirt and throws it to Tyson. Tyson holds the shirt up. Michaels gets up and looks confused with what Tyson is doing. Michaels shouts at him and rips the t-shirt away from him. Michaels talks trash to him and pokes the chest. Michaels throws a punch, but Tyson blocks and lays him out with a right hand!

Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to celebrate with the WWF Championship. Austin flips off Shawn Michaels as confetti cannons go off. Tyson lays the “Austin 3:16” shirt over Michaels’ face. Austin and Tyson walk off together to a big ovation.

A highlight reel for WrestleMania 14 plays to close the show.

Mike’s Thoughts: This was a good main event, but it could have been so much better. It was obvious that Shawn Michaels was less than 100% with the bad back which he seemed to aggravate really early on in the match with a big bump over the top rope. You can’t blame him, but this will forever be one of those “what if” matches. What if Shawn Michaels wasn’t injured? What could they have done? I can tell you they wouldn’t be doing stall spots and rest holds. Austin and Michaels would never face again.

I loved how red hot the crowd was during this match. That’s the huge advantage of having a 3-4 hour WrestleMania – by the time the main event rolls around, the crowd isn’t completely spent. Austin could do no wrong. Mike Tyson played a big part in the story leading up, but during the match he was pretty quiet until getting in the ring for the fastest three count not done by a heel referee. This kicked off the Austin Era and wrestling was never hotter.

Overall, I really enjoyed this WrestleMania. For me, it’s always been one of my favorites and that hasn’t changed at all. Each match had a little something for everyone. There was nothing that was egregiously bad. This ages well and is a fun, easy watch for those looking to dive into some older stuff. Looking forward to the next retro recap!

Quick Match Results

— The Legion of Doom won a No. 1 Contender’s Tag Team Battle Royal
— Taka Michinoku def. Aguila to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
— Triple H def. Owen Hart to retain the WWF European Championship
— “Marvelous” Marc Mero and Sable def. Goldust and Luna
— The Rock def. Ken Shamrock via DQ to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship
— Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie def. The New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster Match to win the WWF Tag Team Championship
— The Undertaker def. Kane
— Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Shawn Michaels to win the WWF Championship

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