WWF WrestleMania V Results – 4/2/89 (Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage for the WWF Title)

WWF WrestleMania V Results

WWF WrestleMania V Results
April 2, 1989
Atlantic City, New Jersey (Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall)
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

A graphic kicks off the show with Vince McMahon simply saying in his trademark growl, “The Mega-Powers EXPLODE here at WrestleMania V!”

We go live into the Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall, which is being promoted as the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for the second year in a row. Gorilla Monsoon welcomes us to the show.

Howard Finkel introduces WWF Women’s Champion Rockin’ Robin to sing “America the Beautiful.” Robin sings a slightly offkey version of the song with some oddly timed pauses and phrasing issues. Jesse “The Body” Ventura warns her not to quit her day job.

Mike’s Thoughts: Hard to argue with Jesse Ventura on his critique of Rockin’ Robin’s performance. This is the first time since the very first WrestleMania that a non-celebrity sang some version of a patriotic song (“Mean” Gene Okerlund sang the Star-Spangled Banner). This probably ranks as one of the lamer performances, but still they asked a non-singer to sing the song in front of a whole bunch of people on a big stage, so I have to give her props for doing it. It wasn’t good, but you have to give respect for the effort. Also an interesting fact: she’s the half-sister of Jake Roberts.

King Haku w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. Hercules

Before the match, Bobby Heenan says it would be appropriate for everyone at WrestleMania V and at home to show proper respect by bowing to the King of the World Wrestling Federation, King Haku!

The bell rings, and King Haku attacks Hercules from behind. Haku punches him to the corner and chops the chest before kicking him. Hercules reverses a whip and hits a hip toss before catching him with a scoop slam. Hercules sends him into the ropes for a flapjack. There must have been a botch or something that was edited out because there was a quick cut and then Hercules clotheslines Haku over the top rope. Heenan shouts some advice at Haku. Hercules pulls him up to the apron and hits a suplex into the ring. Hercules drops an elbow, gets up, and connects with a second elbow drop. Hercules now goes outside and begins to stalk Bobby Heenan. Haku follows Hercules outside the ring and clotheslines him down. Haku stomps him before shoving him into the ring apron twice.

Haku gets Hercules in the ring and stomps the back. The commentators point out Donald Trump in the front row for the second year in a row. Haku connects with a pair of backbreakers for a near fall. Haku applies a bearhug and walks around with Hercules in the ring. Hercules clubs away at Haku to try to break the hold, but Haku hangs on. Hercules manages to power out of the move, so Haku knees him in the midsection before punching him into the ropes. Haku chokes him on the ropes before throwing him down. Haku sends him into the ropes, but Hercules counters him with a running cross-body block for a two count. Haku elbows him in the face, but Hercules reverses a whip to the corner. Haku goes for a springboard cross-body block, but Hercules ducks. Hercules punches away at Haku before taking him down. Hercules sends him into the ropes and punches him in the midsection before taking him down with a knee lift. Hercules hits a pair of clotheslines before sending him into the ropes for a powerslam to pick up a near fall. Hercules goes to the top rope, but Haku kicks him out of mid-air. Haku goes for a second rope splash, but Hercules moves. Hercules then hits a high angle back suplex with a (sort of) bridge for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Hercules

Mike’s Thoughts: Not a bad opening match. Kind of an odd way to start the show with two beefy guys going at it, but this is the 80’s so booking is a little different than what you’d expect today. Hercules actually wasn’t bad as a face here. Haku is so underrated and was on point here as well. Finish was a little sloppy, but that’s ok.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with The Rockers. They’ll be facing the Twin Towers. Shawn Michaels says this is the moment of truth. They’re going to show Akeem and Big Boss Man something they’ve never seen before. Marty Jannetty says they’re taking on the biggest team in professional wrestling. Just surviving would be a victory, but The Rockers expect much more than that. They’re ready.

The Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Boss Man) w/ Slick vs. The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)

The Twin Towers try to attack The Rockers, but they run off. The Twin Towers chase, so The Rockers get in the ring and attack them as they get in the ring. It’ll be Shawn Michaels starting against the Big Boss Man. Boss Man powers Michaels to the top rope and slaps him. Jannetty distracts Boss Man, so Michaels hits a missile dropkick. Michaels punches him before having a whip into the ropes reversed. Michaels ducks a clothesline, leapfrogs Boss Man, and punches Akeem before punching Boss Man. Boss Man angrily paces around the ring before consulting Slick. Akeem tags in and does a little jig. Michaels then does a moonwalk. Michaels wrenches the arm and tags in Marty Jannetty. Jannetty wrenches the arm and tags Michaels in. Michaels hits a flying axe handle to Akeem’s arm. The Rockers tag in and out wrenching the arm of Akeem before punching Boss Man. Michaels wrenches Akeem’s arm, so Akeem powers him to the corner before sending him to the opposite side. Michaels sidesteps an avalanche and tags Jannetty back in. Jannetty wrenches the arm of Akeem. Akeem powers out and goes for a scoop slam, but Jannetty gets out. Boss Man blind tags in. Boss Man grabs Jannetty, and Akeem sandwiches Jannetty into Boss Man.

Boss Man attacks Jannetty before splashing him against the ropes. Akeem tags in and avalanches Jannetty. Boss Man tags back in, and he big boots Jannetty before punching him down. Akeem makes the tag. Boss Man sends Jannetty to the corner and avalanches him. Akeem then avalanches Boss Man into Jannetty. Boss Man tags in and works over Jannetty. Boss Man clubs him down and tags Akeem in. Boss Man holds Jannetty up. Akeem hits the ropes, but Jannetty gets out of the way causing Akeem to knock Boss Man down.

Michaels makes the hot tag and dropkicks Akeem back. Michaels punches Akeem before doing 5 punches in the corner. The Rockers send Akeem to the corner multiple times before hitting stereo flying shoulder blocks. Michaels covers for a two count. Michaels has a whip reversed, and Akeem annihilates him with a clothesline. Boss Man tags in and goes to the top rope. Michaels avoids a flying splash and covers for a near fall. Michaels charges, but Boss Man picks him up. Jannetty trips Boss Man, and Michaels lands on him. The Rockers knock Akeem off the apron and get on opposite turnbuckles. They hit Boss Man with stereo missile dropkicks. Akeem breaks up the pin before sending Jannetty out of the ring. Michaels goes to the top rope and goes for a flying seated senton. Boss Man counters into a powerbomb. Akeem tags in and hits Air Africa for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Twin Towers

Mike’s Thoughts: Pretty neat to see the first WrestleMania match for Shawn Michaels who would go on to have so many moments that define what WrestleMania is all about. On paper you’d think this wouldn’t be a good match, but it wound up being pretty decent. Akeem and Big Boss Man were two agile big guys that could definitely go. The Rockers weren’t booked to look like they were mismatched either. It was another solid effort.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase is laughing. DiBiase says he has been anxiously anticipating this day. There are highly elite people here like Donald Trump and Henry Kravis. They’re going to watch him demolish Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake is not touching his hair. Beefcake’s destiny is to be defeated by The Million Dollar Man. DiBiase shines like his Million Dollar Championship.

Ted DiBiase makes his entrance with Virgil and shakes hands with Donald Trump at ringside.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

The bell rings, and Beefcake puts his cutting shears back in the bag. They take their time, and DiBiase taunts Beefcake with the Million Dollar Championship. DiBiase hands the title to Virgil. Beefcake punches DiBiase down before hitting a back body drop and a hip toss. DiBiase tries to fight back, but Beefcake hits him with another back body drop. DiBiase quickly gets out of the ring to recover. DiBiase walks around ringside before getting back in the ring. DiBiase punches and clubs Beefcake before chopping him in the corner. Beefcake reverses a whip to the corner and hits a trio of scoop slams. Beefcake then clotheslines him out of the ring and struts around.

Virgil checks on DiBiase at ringside. DiBiase looks for a timeout and yells at some fans at ringside. DiBiase gets back in the ring and circles around him. They lock up, and DiBiase punches him. Beefcake punches back, and they’re now exchanging punches. Beefcake gets the better of him and tries for a whip, but Virgil grabs DiBiase’s leg. DiBiase takes Beefcake down and chokes him. DiBiase chokes him again and puts him in the corner. DiBiase sends Beefcake into the ropes and hits a back elbow. DiBiase drops a fist and picks up a two count. DiBiase sends him into the ropes and hits a clothesline. DiBiase goes to the second rope and waits for Beefcake to get up. DiBiase hits a flying elbow to the head and taunts the crowd. DiBiase stomps Beefcake and picks up another two count. DiBiase argues with the referee over the count. DiBiase sends him into the ropes, but Beefcake counters with a small package for a near fall. DiBiase quickly stomps Beefcake and tries for a suplex, but Beefcake blocks it. Beefcake catches DiBiase with a suplex of his own.

Both men pull themselves up to their feet. DiBiase sends him into the ropes, but Beefcake ducks a clothesline. They then wipe each other out with a double clothesline. DiBiase hits another suplex and taunts him. DiBiase sets up and applies the Million Dollar Dream. Beefcake struggles and gets to the ropes to break the hold. The referee backs DiBiase up. DiBiase puts him in the corner, but Beefcake blocks and bounces him off the turnbuckle. DiBiase is bounced again, and Beefcake punches away at him. Beefcake bounces him ten times off the turnbuckle, and DiBiase collapses. Beefcake sends him into the ropes and applies the sleeper hold. The crowd is into it. Virgil gets on the apron, so Beefcake chases him away. DiBiase knocks Beefcake out of the ring and distracts the referee as Virgil attacks. Beefcake chases Virgil back, so DiBiase goes outside to help. DiBiase attacks Beefcake from behind, and they brawl at ringside. The referee counts them both out.

Double Count-Out

Beefcake sends DiBiase into the ring post and chases Virgil off. Beefcake gets Virgil in the ring and hits an atomic drop. Beefcake connects with a clothesline and signals for the sleeper. Beefcake locks in the sleeper hold to Virgil. DiBiase runs in, so Beefcake punches him and hits a scoop slam. Beefcake grabs the cutting shears, but DiBiase escapes with Virgil.

Mike’s Thoughts: Actually not a bad match. DiBiase was bumping around a lot for Beefcake. The finish stunk, but the leadup wasn’t bad at all. The double count-out in the 80s feels like the constant disqualifications of today. Still, you’d think they’d want to give some finishes on WrestleMania matches.

Lord Alfred Hayes is shown earlier in the day at the WrestleMania brunch. The Bushwhackers are eating a lot of food. Luke talks with his mouth full, as does Butch. Hayes says this is a primitive response and returns us to a more civilized environment.

The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques and Raymond Rougeau) w/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers (Luke and Butch)

The Bushwhackers quickly steal Jimmy Hart’s coat and go to rip it apart, but the Rougeau Brothers stop them. Hart gets in the ring to get his coat, so the Bushwhackers whip the Rougeau Brothers into him. Hart goes down and gets out of the ring to recover.

It’ll be Raymond starting against Luke. Luke misses a fist drop, so Butch runs in and knocks the Rougeau Brothers down. Butch then takes Luke’s head and rams it into Raymond. Jacques goes for a knee drop to break up a pin, but he hits his brother when Luke moves. The Rougeau Brothers consult with Jimmy Hart at ringside. The referee is distracted, and the Rougeau Brothers double-team Luke. Raymond goes to the second rope and hits an axe handle to Luke’s back. Jacques punches Butch down on the apron and sends Luke into the ropes. The Rougeau Brothers take Luke down with a weak double clothesline for a two count. Raymond tags in and hits Butch with a double-clothesline. Jacques comes in and applies an abdominal stretch. Raymond tags back in and flips into the ring before strutting. Raymond kicks Luke in the midsection and celebrates with his brother. Butch comes in and uses Luke’s head to take Raymond down. The Bushwhackers hit a double-team gutbuster for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Bushwhackers

Sean Mooney is on the entrance ramp and is just there for the Bushwhackers to attack and lick him all over the head. Mooney says mere words cannot explain what it’s like to be licked by a Bushwhacker.

Mike’s Thoughts: This was absolutely hideous. I don’t even think Butch tagged in. The crowd was totally dead throughout and the wrestling was just terrible. Bushwhackers were fun characters in WWF, but wrestling was not their forte… at least at this stage of their careers.

Mr. Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer

They circle the ring, and Perfect applies a side headlock. Blazer whips him off and leapfrogs him, but Perfect soon takes him down with a hip toss. They lock up again, and Perfect pushes him to the corner and slaps him in the face. Perfect shoves him again and goes for another slap. Blazer blocks it and hits a slap of his own. Blazer hits a drop-toe-hold and slaps him one more time. They lock up again, and Perfect chops the chest. Perfect sends him into the ropes for a hip toss, but Blazer lands on his feet and hits a pair of scoop slams. Blazer then dropkicks him over the top rope. Blazer hits the ropes and connects with a baseball slide. Blazer uppercuts him at ringside twice before putting him back in the ring.

Blazer chops the chest and wrenches the arm. Perfect shoves him to the corner grabbing at the mask and chops the chest. Perfect sends him to the opposite corner, but Blazer slingshots over him. Perfect blocks a hip toss, but Blazer flips through and hits a hip toss. Blazer connects with a scoop slam and a dropkick to the face. Blazer hits a backbreaker for a one count. Blazer wrenches the arm and flips him over for another one count. Blazer hits another scoop slam and goes to the top rope. Blazer goes for a big splash, but Perfect gets the knees up. Perfect clubs the back and knees away at him. Perfect then applies a reverse chin lock. Perfect clubs the back and chops the chest. Perfect sends him to the corner, but Blazer boots him back. Blazer hits a powerslam for a near fall. Blazer hits an uppercut and sends him the corner before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex for another near fall. Blazer has a whip to the corner reversed on him. Blazer comes out and hits a crucifix for a near fall. Blazer questions the referee, so Perfect takes him down. Perfect connects with the Perfect-Plex for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Mr. Perfect

Mike’s Thoughts: Good match with these two. It’s really tough for me to watch these guys work knowing how both were lost at such young ages. It’s especially hard to watch Owen Hart perform as the Blue Blazer, the character he was portraying that fateful night in Kansas City in 1999. Both Owen Hart and Curt Hennig were really good here and worked a WrestleMania match style not seen since Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III. This match would hold up to today’s standards and be just fine.

Howard Finkel introduces a self-professed Hollywood star, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Ventura poses on the balcony by the commentary table and gets the crowd going.

Lord Alfred Hayes is shown in a pre-taped video at a 5K run on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Mr. Fuji joined the race at the last moment. Fuji says he’s in good shape for a race. His Powers of Pain will be the new WWF Tag Team Champions. Fuji got a head start and was quickly overwhelmed. Fuji finished the race not looking out of breath at all.

Run-DMC is in the ring to perform the “WrestleMania Rap.” The crowd gives him a great hand at the end of their performance.

Video Package: Mr. Fuji turns on Demolition at Survivor Series 1988

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition. Smash calls Mr. Fuji, “Fooj the Stooge.” They’re going to take him out. Ax is ready to squeeze the life out of him.

WWF Tag Team Championship – Handicap Match
The Powers of Pain (Warlord and Barbarian) and Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition (Ax and Smash, c’s)

The bell rings, and Demolition removes their ring gear. Mr. Fuji throws the ceremonial salt in the corner. It’ll be the Warlord starting against Ax. Warlord clubs him, but Ax quickly clubs him down before tagging Smash in. Demolition then clubs away at the Warlord. Smash punches Warlord in the face before hitting a snapmare and applying a neck vice. Smash applies a front facelock and tags Ax in. Ax punches the midsection and hits a snapmare before applying a neck vice. Smash tags in, and Demolition clubs Warlord down again. Warlord quickly powers Smash to the corner and punches. Barbarian tags in and whips Smash hard to the corner. Smash boots Barbarian back and punches him back. Smash sends Barbarian into the ropes and tags Ax back in. Ax sends Barbarian into the ropes for a stiff clothesline. Ax hits a big scoop slam before tagging Smash back in. Smash hits Barbarian with a back elbow before getting Ax back in the ring. Demolition sends Barbarian into the ropes for a double-team back elbow. Ax hits another snapmare on Barbarian and applies a neck vice. Smash tags in and punches Barbarian back. Barbarian fights back and chops Smash down hard.

Warlord tags in, and he clubs Smash. Smash quickly fights back and tags Ax in. Demolition sends Warlord into the ropes for a double-team clothesline. Demolition targets Mr. Fuji on the apron, but Barbarian takes Ax down. Warlord stomps Ax before Fuji steps on his throat. Warlord chokes Ax as well. Mr. Fuji tags in and clubs the back. Fuji chops Ax down and hits a falling head-butt to the midsection. Fuji stomps him before tagging Barbarian in. Barbarian clubs Ax’s back before hitting a big boot. Barbarian hits a running shoulder block before tagging Warlord back in. Warlord clubs Ax’s back before stomping him. Ax quickly kicks out of a pin. Barbarian tags in and kicks Ax before lifting him up. Fuji tags in while Barbarian slams Ax. Fuji goes to the top rope for a flying senton splash, but Ax rolls out of the way. Warlord quickly tags in and knocks Smash off the apron before scoop slamming Ax. Ax ducks a clothesline and punches him down.

Smash tags in and has a whip reversed. Smash takes Warlord down before punching Barbarian back. Smash hits the Powers of Pain with scoop slams and clotheslines. The crowd loves Smash. Demolition snaps Warlord off the top rope, but Barbarian breaks up the pin. Ax takes Barbarian out of the ring. Warlord holds Smash up. Fuji grabs some salt and throws, but it hits Warlord when Smash moves. Smash clotheslines Fuji down. Demolition hits Fuji with The Demolisher for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and still WWF Tag Team Champions: Demolition

Mike’s Thoughts: Good tag match. Solid match all around. I just love Demolition and it’s a joy to watch them again. How they’re not in the Hall of Fame yet is wild to me. One day. Mr. Fuji was a lot of fun in this. It’s ridiculous to watch anyone bump for him though. I had a lot of fun watching and recapping this.

Tony Schiavone is outside WWF Champion Randy Savage’s dressing room. Savage knocks the cameraman down and shouts that he’s ready for Hulk Hogan.

“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin vs. Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin

Before the match begins, Howard Finkel introduces one of the all-time greats in the World Wrestling Federation: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Snuka makes his way to the ring and gets inside before posing. Snuka then leaves.

Bravo attacks Garvin from behind and scoop slams him. Bravo drops an elbow before clubbing him in the back and taking him down. Bravo drops him with a straight right hand before sending him into the ropes for a bearhug. Bravo throws him into the corner, and Garvin collapses in pain. Bravo stomps him before sending him into the ropes for a shoulder block. Bravo then taunts the crowd. Bravo sends him into the ropes for another shoulder block. Bravo puts a foot on the chest for a near fall. Bravo goes for a slam, but Garvin punches him down for a two count. Garvin hits a running forearm and splashes him for a two count. Garvin chops him back and bounces him off the top turnbuckle six times. Bravo collapses, so Garvin gets a jackknife pin for a two count. Garvin applies a sleeper hold, but Bravo pulls himself to the corner. Garvin sets up for a piledriver. Bravo hits a back body drop, but Garvin counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. Garvin chops the chest in the corner and goes for the 10 punches, but Bravo counters into an inverted atomic drop. Bravo follows up with a sidewalk slam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dino Bravo

After the match, Garvin attacks Bravo and knocks him out of the ring. Garvin then takes Frenchy Martin and wipes him out with the Garvin Stomp. Martin convulses in the ring.

Mike’s Thoughts: Not really much of a match here. Dino Bravo pretty much squashed Garvin here. I honestly forgot all about Garvin’s WWF run. He was old even then and knowing how WWE usually treats older wrestlers, watching Garvin get squashed isn’t much of a shock.

The Brain Busters (Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson) w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana)

It’ll be Tully Blanchard starting against Rick Martel. Martel hooks a side headlock and takes him over. Blanchard soon whips him off, and Arn Anderson knees him in the back. Blanchard punches away at Martel, but Martel soon starts throwing punches at the Brain Busters. Strike Force team up to hit the Brain Busters with stereo dropkicks to take them out of the ring. Heenan does not look happy. Anderson kicks Martel and sends him into the ropes, but Martel takes him down for a two count. Martel tries to press the shoulders down, but Anderson powers up. Anderson soon counters into a body scissor, and Martel screams in pain. Martel fights up and turns Anderson over for a Boston Crab, but Blanchard thumbs Martel’s eyes.

Blanchard tags in, and Santana blind tags in. Santana takes Blanchard down with a bulldog and applies a Figure Four Leglock. Martel knocks Anderson down and applies a Figure Four Leglock as well. They fight up, and Santana hits a backslide for a two count. The Brain Busters sent Santana into the ropes, but Santana kicks Anderson away and cradles Blanchard. Anderson breaks up the pin. Santana accidentally hits Martel with a flying forearm when Blanchard moves. Blanchard then dropkicks Santana down. Anderson tags in and attacks Santana. Blanchard comes in, but Santana pushes him into Anderson. Anderson comes into the ring and punches Santana. Anderson gets caught with a sunset flip, but he tags Blanchard on the way down. Blanchard drops some knees on Santana for a two count. Santana quickly comes back with a cross-body block, but Blanchard gets out. Anderson comes in and applies a reverse chin lock. Santana fights up and punches Anderson back. Anderson quickly knees Santana down and goes to the top rope. Santana grabs Anderson and flips him off the top rope.

Santana reaches out for a tag on Martel, but Martel walks off on him. Blanchard attacks Santana as Martel walks to the back. The crowd is booing. The Brain Busters double-team Santana in the corner of the ring. Anderson sends Santana into the ropes for his trademark spinebuster. Blanchard tags in and struts around the ring. Blanchard sends Santana into the corner, but Santana fights out. Blanchard quickly overtakes him. Santana reverses a whip to the corner and goes for a monkey flip, but Blanchard throws him off. Anderson tags in, and the Brain Busters hit a Spike Piledriver for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Brain Busters

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with Rick Martel, and he demands an explanation for leaving Tito Santana high and dry. Martel says Santana got what he deserved and is tired of carrying him around. Martel says he was doing great as a singles wrestler. Santana wanted to ride his coattails once again. Martel has carried him along for too long. Okerlund says Strike Force is supposed to be a team. Martel says Santana is a loser and his timing was way off. Martel was a gentleman and just walked off. It could have been a lot worse!

Mike’s Thoughts: A good match with The Brain Busters and Strike Force. Obviously, the storyline breakup of Strike Force supersedes everything, but the match itself was fun to watch. The Brain Busters were such an underrated tag team in WWF and largely overlooked because they’re obviously better as parts of The Four Horsemen. Still, their WWF run was quite good. Strike Force was a good team as well, but this turn led to Martel becoming The Model, which was his most well-known gimmick and did wonders for his career.

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura talk about what just happened with the breakup of Strike Force.

Piper’s Pit w/ special guests Brother Love and Morton Downey, Jr.

The ring is decorated with a Scottish carpet and has three stools set up. Howard Finkel does an introduction for what sounds like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but Brother Love comes out instead wearing a kilt, but keeping his trademark red shirt, white suspenders, and white jacket. Love makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd. Love shouts, “I love you!” Love welcomes everyone to the Brother Love Show. As his special guest, he has Brother Rodney Piper. Love is talking to an empty stool. Love sits on the other stool and does a Piper impression shouting that he loves Brother Love and is in awe of him. Love switches seats and puts his glasses back on. Love asks “Brother Rodney” which show is his favorite. Love, as Piper, shouts that he loves the Brother Love Show.

Morton Downey, Jr. makes his entrance and runs down to the ring high fiving the fans. Downey gets in the ring with a cigarette in his mouth and puts it out in an ashtray in the ring. Love says that he loves Downey, but that doesn’t mean he likes. Downey says any guy that wears a skirt shouldn’t love him. Downey lights another cigarette and calls Love a “fat boy.” Downey looks completely out of breath.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is now introduced to the ring, and he comes out to a big reception from the crowd. Piper doesn’t look impressed with what he’s seeing in the ring. Piper gets in the ring and makes fun of Brother Love and Downey. Piper asks Love some questions before pulling the microphone away each time and saying he didn’t want to know that badly. Piper says Love’s face is red, and he doesn’t know if it’s high blood pressure or fear. Love says Piper can’t scare him, so Piper scares him back. Piper asks if Love has ever fought anyone, but Brother Love says he’s a lover, not a fighter. Piper points out that Love’s jewelry is fake gold, despite Love saying Ted DiBiase got it for him. Downey throws some cigarettes at Piper, who shrugs them off. Piper continues on with Love and says he looks stupid in the dress. Downey then puts a lit cigarette in their faces, which is obviously annoying Piper. Piper says Love doesn’t have anything under the kilt. Piper tries to pull the kilt off him, and Love begs for mercy. Piper rips the kilt off, revealing red underwear. Love runs off.

Downey blows smoke in Piper’s face, and Piper says he’d appreciate if he doesn’t do that again. Downey blows the smoke in his face again. Piper talks about watching Downey’s talk show, and Downey once again blows smoke in Piper’s face. Piper asks why he’s called Morton Downey, Jr. Downey says that’s the name Piper’s mother gave him from the husband who reared him. Piper looks pretty upset. Piper asks what happened to all of Downey’s warts. Downey says he gave them to a homeless warthog, and Piper says he didn’t know Downey’s girlfriend was homeless. Downey gets in Piper’s face and blows smoke again. Downey says Piper is wearing a skirt and considers him a transvestite. Downey blows smoke in Piper’s face multiple times, and Piper is furious. Downey says the smoke is healthy for them. Piper asks if Downey has an extra cigarette for him. Downey grabs a cigarette and lights it. Piper pulls out a fire extinguisher and sprays it in Downey’s face, dropping him to the mat! Piper continues to spray the helpless Downey before walking off.

Mike’s Thoughts: Not a great segment. It really dragged at times. This didn’t age well either. The off-color jokes by Morton Downey Jr. certainly wouldn’t be acceptable now. Even the constant cigarette smoking is cringey, especially knowing that Downey lost his life to lung cancer after convincing a generation that smoking was cool. This is segment is best served being lost in history.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund talks about Hulk Hogan’s newest picture “No Holds Barred.” The last time we saw Hogan on the silver screen was in Rocky III.

Video: The trailer for “No Holds Barred”

Sean Mooney is at ringside with Donald Trump. Mooney mentions this is the second WrestleMania in a row in Atlantic City. Trump says people have come from thousands of miles away. It’s really fantastic. They’re honored that WWF has joined them. Mooney asks if the casinos have been busy. Trump says the casinos are packed. Everyone is excited. Mooney thanks Trump.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura is furious that Hulk Hogan is invading Hollywood, which he thinks is his territory. Ventura says Hogan can drive his limo. Monsoon puts over “No Holds Barred.”

Footage is shown of The Mega-Powers at the height of their run. They formed last year at WrestleMania IV when Hulk Hogan assisted Randy Savage in winning the WWF Championship. Hogan and Savage would gain victories at SummerSlam and Survivor Series 1988. On Saturday Night’s Main Event in January 1989, The Twin Towers handcuffed Miss Elizabeth with Hogan down until Savage ran in. On Superstars, Hogan would save Savage from the Twin Towers. Finally, on The Main Event in February 1989, Savage accidentally wiped out Miss Elizabeth. Hogan carried Miss Elizabeth off and returned to the match, but Savage slapped him. Savage would then blindside Hogan backstage as Miss Elizabeth helplessly watched on.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with Hulk Hogan. Okerlund notes what a difference a year makes. At WrestleMania IV, Hogan was at the side of Randy Savage. One year later, he’s challenging the same man for the World Title. Hogan says one year ago, he was one with Macho Man. They were best friends. If you’d have told him a year later they’d be locking horns in Trump Plaza for the title, he’d have thought you were a liar. Hogan says he should’ve seen this coming. The Mania was ahead of the Madness. You were either ready or you weren’t. Macho Man made him believe he believed in the demandments. That’s why Hogan stuck with him. Okerlund mentions Savage attacked the Hulkamaniacs. Hogan says Savage was consumed by jealousy, putting Miss Elizabeth between them. Savage couldn’t be the man the Hulkamaniacs wanted him to be. What really tore them apart was the jealousy of Hulkamania and his manipulation of Miss Elizabeth. Savage is a cheap shot artist and never in Hogan’s corner. Just like Donald Trump, he hopes Savage is ready. Trump has questions in his own mind. Trump had scientists check on the foundation of Trump Plaza. When the Mega-Powers explode, it could shake the whole earth. The Hulkamaniacs are ready. Hogan wants Savage to be ready. When Hulkamania rules and lives forever, he wants the whole world to realize that he beat Savage at his best. At the end of WrestleMania V, he’ll be the World Wrestling Federation Champion. What’cha gonna do when the whole world full of Hulkamaniacs destroys Savage?

Howard Finkel introduces the special guest referee Big John Studd for the next match. André the Giant makes his entrance and gets in Studd’s face.

André the Giant w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. Jake “The Snake Roberts

Special Guest Referee: Big John Studd

André attacks Roberts as he gets in the ring. André bounces Roberts off the top turnbuckle and there’s no turnbuckle pad there. André chops Roberts down and drops a knee. Studd doesn’t notice there’s no pad. André applies a sleeper hold to Roberts, who flails to get out of the hold. Roberts elbows out and punches André against the ropes before going for Damian in the burlap sack. André, who is terrified of snakes, keeps Roberts away and applies a sleeper hold. Roberts fights out and punches André. André stuns Roberts with a right hand and punches him to the corner. André squashes him in the corner until Studd admonishes him. André chokes Roberts in the corner until Studd makes him back up. André chops Roberts before talking strategy with Heenan. André sits on Roberts’ chest before stepping on him. André pulls him up to his feet and punches him. André chops him, but Roberts comes back with some punches before hitting the ropes and hitting an elbow. André is knocked back into the ropes and is tied up. Roberts chokes André before walking over to Damian. Studd steps between Roberts to stop him.

Roberts punches away at André in ropes. André pulls himself out of the ropes with Heenan’s assistance and chokes Roberts down. André head-butts Roberts down before applying a nerve hold. The crowd stomps on the floor to try to pump Roberts up. André quickly head-butts Roberts in the back of the head and chops the chest again. André chops him in the corner before shouldering him. Roberts quickly knees André in the face, stunning him. Roberts punches away at André before bouncing him into the exposed turnbuckle. André falls down to the mat and is on wobbly legs. André quickly chops him out of the ring as he recovers. Roberts gets on the apron, but André knocks him back to the floor. André head-butts Roberts off the apron as he tries to get back into the ring a third time. Referee Studd gets in André’s face and admonishes him for knocking Roberts off the apron. Roberts grabs the burlap sack with Damian in it and gets in the ring. Studd tries to stop Roberts, and André avalanches Studd. Studd shoves André back. Roberts goes to untie the bag, but The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase attacks him from behind and steals the bag.

Inside the ring, André starts to attack Studd and applies a nerve hold to him! Roberts catches up with DiBiase on the ramp and steals Damian back. Roberts gets into the ring and unleashes Damian. André quickly gets out of the ring and runs off. Studd then calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Mike’s Thoughts: A lot of stalling and a very slow pace. It’s amazing how much André has changed from the first WrestleMania to here. The effects of acromegaly were really ravaging him. Roberts looked great here. It shows what the company thought of him at the time putting him in a big spot with André.

Sean Mooney is in the stands with some fans in the cheap shots. Gorilla Monsoon makes fun of the people up there.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Sensational Sherri. Sherri says she is sensational, unlike Rockin’ Robin who can’t sing any better than she can wrestle. She’ll take that Women’s Title back. Also, people think Miss Elizabeth is beautiful… but look at her. Isn’t a shame the Mega-Powers are going to explode today?

The Honky Tonk Man and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart vs. The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart)

It’ll be Bret Hart starting against Honky Tonk Man. Jimmy Hart shouts insults from ringside on his trademark megaphone. Hart and HTM lock up. HTM knees him, but Hart punches him back. HTM reverses a whip, but Hart rolls him up for a two count. Hart hits an atomic drop before connecting with an inverted atomic drop. Valentine tags in, and Hart hits him with an inverted atomic drop. Hart dropkicks him before punching him back. Neidhart gets a shot in. Neidhart tags in, and Hart slingshots him over the ropes into a shoulder tackle on Valentine for a two count. Hart tags in and hits a backbreaker on Valentine. Hart comes off the second rope for an elbow drop, but Valentine moves. Valentine drops some elbows and drops a fist. Valentine sends Hart hard into the corner and tags HTM in. HTM kicks Hart in the corner. Valentine chokes while the referee deals with Neidhart trying to come in and help. HTM hits a snapmare and digs a shoulder into Hart. HTM hits a pseudo-northern lights suplex for a two count. HTM drops some elbows and tags Valentine in. Valentine comes off the top rope with a flying forearm. Valentine kicks Hart in the chest and drops an elbow. Valentine hits an inverted atomic drop before head-butting the midsection. HTM sets up for Shake, Rattle, and Roll and executes it. Valentine tags in, and he reverses his knee pad. Hart takes Valentine down, but Valentine gets up. Valentine hits a gutbuster for a near fall. HTM tags in, but Hart hits a running cross-body for a two count. Hart is knocked out of the ring on the kickout. Valentine tags in and elbows Hart. Valentine sends Hart into the ropes, but Hart gets away and tags Neidhart in.

Neidhart hits a dropkick on Valentine and dropkicks HTM. Neidhart shoulder blocks Valentine and covers, but HTM breaks up the pin. Neidhart ducks a clothesline from Valentine and takes him down. HTM breaks up the pin again. Valentine rakes the eyes and tags HTM in. Neidhart attacks HTM and tags Hart in. Neidhart scoop slams HTM, and Hart comes off the second rope with a diving elbow. Hart rams HTM’s head into the corner and hits a suplex, but Valentine breaks it up. Valentine then knocks Neidhart off the apron. Neidhart chases Jimmy Hart away. Hart takes Jimmy Hart’s megaphone and hits HTM with it. Hart covers for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Hart Foundation

Mike’s Thoughts: Pretty good tag match here. I like that the Hart Foundation took a page out of Jimmy Hart’s playbook to get the win. If anything I thought the beat down on Bret Hart went a little too long and the hot tag went a little short. Still, except for the Bushwhackers’ match, this is another showcase of just how good WWF’s tag team division was in the 1980s.

Footage is shown of the pose down with The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude at the Royal Rumble. Rude attacked Warrior and choked him out with a bar. When Warrior came to, he wiped out all the agents.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude makes his way to the ring with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Rude tells the productions crew to cut his music. What he’d like is for the high rolling Atlantic City sweathogs keep the noise down as he takes his robe off and shows the ladies the sexiest man alive. The women in the crowd go wild as Heenan removes Rude’s robe. Rude’s tights are painted with the Intercontinental Championship.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. The Ultimate Warrior (c)

Warrior hits the ropes immediately, so Rude goes for a knee to the midsection. Warrior was still wearing the Intercontinental Championship, so Rude hurts his knee. Warrior shoves Rude twice into the corner before taking him down with a third shove. Warrior sends Rude to the corner hard and gets the crowd fired up. Warrior sends him to the opposite corner before whipping him again. Warrior applies a bearhug. Warrior holds it on for a while until Rude rakes the eyes. Rude then comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick, but he gets a no count.

Warrior scoop slams Rude down, and Rude bounces. Warrior scoop slams Rude again and walks around the ring. Warrior then goes back to the bearhug. The referee checks on Rude, but he won’t quit. Rude rakes the eyes of Warrior. Warrior returns the favor by biting him. Warrior sends Rude into the ropes for a back body drop. Warrior hits the ropes and goes for a big splash, but Rude gets the knees up. Rude soon follows up with a piledriver and takes a moment to recover before pinning him, but Warrior kicks out. Rude takes Warrior down with a jawbreaker. Rude tries to gyrate, but his back is in too much pain. Rude sends Warrior into the ropes for a clothesline to pick up a near fall. Rude catches him with a side Russian Leg Sweep for another near fall. Rude now applies a surfboard stretch. Warrior feels the power and starts to get pumped up. Warrior pulls himself to the ropes to break the hold. Warrior shakes Rude off and knocks him back.

Warrior hits the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block. Warrior connects with a facebuster and paces around the ring. Warrior hits another facebuster before hitting a backbreaker. Warrior holds him, but he loses his balance and falls hard into the ropes. That looked bad. Warrior takes Rude down before throwing him into the corner. Warrior sends him hard into the corner and shoulder blocks him back. Rude avoids an avalanche and goes for the Rude Awakening, but Warrior powers out of it. Warrior hits a clothesline, and Rude rolls out of the ring. Warrior goes outside and puts Rude in the ring. Warrior gets pumped up and clotheslines Rude out of the ring. Warrior pulls him up to the apron and tries to suplex him into the ring, but Heenan pulls the leg out. Heenan holds the leg down, and Rude gets the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new WWF Intercontinental Champion: “Ravishing” Rick Rude

The Ultimate Warrior immediately chases Bobby Heenan around the ring. Warrior gets Heenan into the ring and attacks. Warrior connects with a military press slam before running off to try and catch Rick Rude.

Mike’s Thoughts: I totally forgot that Rick Rude won the Intercontinental Title at this event, so that was a nice surprise. I automatically assumed Warrior was retaining. Typical Warrior match where he blows himself up during his entrance and has to take it easy for the majority of the match because he’s too blown up. With this being WrestleMania, Warrior was obviously pushing a bit, which led to an exhausted Warrior losing his footing and crashing down into the ropes with Rude. Still, a pretty significant match with Rude winning the title and Warrior taking his first pin in WWF. Very creative finish.

Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Brown attacks Duggan as he gets into the ring. Duggan soon fights back, and Brown gets out of the ring and starts to walk up the ramp. Brown thinks about it and turns around. Duggan brings Brown into the ring the hard way before punching him back. Brown fights back and bounces Duggan off the turnbuckle. Duggan looks stunned. Duggan fights back, so Brown thumbs him in the eye. Brown head-butts Duggan out of the ring. They continue to brawl at ringside with Brown sending Duggan into the ring post. Brown gets Duggan in the ring and drops an elbow. Duggan quickly knocks Brown down and hits a clothesline that Brown sells horribly. Brown grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring. The referee warns him. Duggan grabs his 2×4. They swing the weapons and clash them together. The referee throws the match out.

Double Disqualification

They brawl before Duggan hits an atomic drop and knocks him out of the ring with the 2×4. Both men were disqualified.

Mike’s Thoughts: My honest thoughts? Hideous.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with The Red Rooster. Rooster walks up crowing. Rooster says he’s going to beat the teacher and teach him how to lose. Rooster says in a few minutes, he’ll make the best of a good opportunity. He’ll get his Rooster claws into that weasel hide. Rooster crows again.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan w/ The Brooklyn Brawler vs. The Red Rooster

Bobby Heenan is holding his ribs from the attack by The Ultimate Warrior a little while ago. The bell rings, and Heenan quickly covers up. Rooster attacks Heenan and whips him hard into the corner. Heenan reverses a whip into the corner and charges, but Rooster sends him into the ring post shoulder-first. Rooster covers for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Red Rooster

Brooklyn Brawler quickly attacks Rooster from behind and knocks him out of the ring. Rooster angrily gets back in the ring, so Heenan and Brawler retreat.

Mike’s Thoughts: Good lord… who on earth thought the Red Rooster was a good idea? Props to Terry Taylor for trying to make it work, but the bobbing of the head with the red hair spikes… complete and total cringe. It’s also so weird to me that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Mr. Fuji have both had matches on a WrestleMania, let alone the same one.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is backstage with Miss Elizabeth. Okerlund says this must be the most difficult day of her life. Elizabeth says she’ll be in a neutral corner and will support both men. It’s unfortunate for everyone that these two men felt they could only settle their differences in this way. Elizabeth prays neither will be seriously injured.

Tony Schiavone is in the locker room, which is empty. The wrestlers are all in the arena to see the Mega-Powers explode.

Sean Mooney is in the crowd and asks some fans who will win. They all say Hulk Hogan, but Mooney says it’s a split decision.

WWF Championship
“Macho Man” Randy Savage (c) vs. Hulk Hogan

Miss Elizabeth is out there in a neutral corner to support both men.

The bell rings, and the main event of WrestleMania V begins. Hogan and Savage slowly circle the ring. Miss Elizabeth looks on nervously. Hogan charges Savage but Savage immediately gets out of the ring. Savage gets on the apron and climbs the ropes to taunt the crowd. Savage gets in the ring and circles around. They lock up, and Hogan powers him down. Savage angrily goes to the apron as a loud “Hogan” chant fires up. Savage applies a side headlock, but Hogan whips him off and shoulder blocks him down. Savage gets out of the ring once again, and Hogan is looking upset. Savage gets in the ring and applies a side headlock before punching Hogan in the face. Savage cinches in a headlock, but Hogan whips him off. Savage holds the ropes and gets out of the ring yet again. Hogan chases him at ringside until Savage hides behind Elizabeth. Hogan looks furious. Savage gets in the ring and taunts Hogan.

Hogan slowly gets into the ring. Hogan applies a headlock and takes Savage down before applying a front facelock. Hogan transitions into a side headlock, but Savage fights up and hits a back suplex. Savage goes for an elbow drop, but Hogan avoids it. Hogan punches away at Savage, taking him down. Hogan wrenches the arm, but Savage rakes the eyes. Savage kicks him in the knee and goes to the top rope for a diving double axe handle for a near fall. Savage quickly applies an arm bar. Donald Trump is shown at ringside. Savage cinches in the arm bar, and the crowd chants, “Hogan!” Savage pulls Hogan down by the hair and digs a knee into the face while holding the arm bar. Hogan soon fights up, but Savage pulls the hair again. Hogan won’t go down, so Savage wrenches the arm. Hogan then pulls the tights to send Savage hard into the ropes. Savage falls to the floor. Hogan quickly goes outside and sends Savage into the ring. Hogan bounces Savage off the top turnbuckle before bouncing him off the opposite turnbuckle. Hogan sends him into the ropes for a clothesline. Hogan drops some elbows before raking the eyes with the boot. Hogan sends Savage into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Savage then clotheslines Hogan down for a two count.

Hogan is busted open about his left eye. Savage applies a side headlock and grounds him. Hogan pulls on the hair to try and get out of the hold. Hogan fights up and gets pumped up. Hogan elbows out and hits the ropes for a shoulder block. Hogan hits the ropes and blocks a big boot from Savage. Hogan hits an atomic drop before going for an elbow drop, but Savage moves. Savage sends Hogan into the turnbuckle head-first. Savage rolls him up and grabs the tights, but Hogan kicks out. Savage whips Hogan into the corner and punches him in the cut eyebrow. Savage sends Hogan into the corner, and he collapses to the mat. Savage taunts the crowd, and they loudly boo him. Savage punches Hogan, but Hogan gets fired up. Savage doesn’t notice. Hogan grabs him and bounces him off the top turnbuckle a few times. Hogan punches away at him in the corner before sending him hard into the corner. Hogan clotheslines him in the corner and hurts his own arm. Hogan then scoops him up and slams him over the top rope! Miss Elizabeth checks on Savage as a bloodied Hogan shouts in the ring. Savage pushes Elizabeth away.

Savage pulls Hogan out of the ring and rips at the eye. Hogan blocks a shot into the barricade and knocks Savage back. Savage tries to bounce him off the apron, but Hogan blocks it. Hogan bounces Savage and Miss Elizabeth steps in the way. Savage slides off Hogan’s shoulder and sends him into the ring post! Savage gets in the ring and poses. Miss Elizabeth helps Hogan, so Savage angrily gets out of the ring and pushes her back. Savage grabs her by the face and pushes her back up the ramp. Earl Hebner orders Miss Elizabeth to the back. She tearfully walks away.

Savage goes to the top rope and leaps off with an axe handle to the back on the floor. Hogan hits the barricade hard. Savage gets Hogan in the ring and snaps him off the top rope. Savage gets fired up and splashes Hogan against the ropes. Savage elbows Hogan in the throat and hits a scoop slam. Savage drops a knee and covers for a two count. Savage pulls some tape off his wrist and chokes Hogan with it. Savage continues to choke Hogan and brings him down to the mat. Savage heads to the top rope and hits the Flying Elbow Drop! Savage covers, but Hogan kicks out at two! Hogan begins to Hulk Up! Savage punches, but Hogan shakes them off. Hogan shakes in the ring and wags a finger at Savage. Hogan blocks a punch and punches Savage back before sending him into the ropes for a big boot. Hogan drops the leg and covers for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new WWF Champion: Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage is furious as he storms to the back. Hogan falls to his knees and thanks God. Hogan puts the title on and celebrates the beginning of his second reign as WWF Champion. Hogan poses in the ring, and the fans are happy. Hogan eventually goes up the ramp with the title around his waist and poses one last time before going to the back.

Mike’s Thoughts: Really good main event with Hogan and Savage. This was a big storyline and they paid it off nicely with a solid match. The intensity was there and you really disliked Savage throughout. Great heel work there. I also loved how they worked Miss Elizabeth into the match as well. The whole thing just felt well planned out and was a home run.

Overall, I really enjoyed this WrestleMania. Other than the Bushwhackers, Brown/Duggan, and The Red Rooster, there was nothing bad on this show. A really solid effort here and a great way to cap off WrestleMania shows of the 1980s. Looking forward to the next one!

Quick Match Results

— Hercules def. King Haku
— The Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Boss Man) def. The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)
— Ted DiBiase vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake goes to a Double CO
— The Bushwhackers (Luke and Butch) def. The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques and Raymond)
— Mr. Perfect def. The Blue Blazer
— Demolition (Ax and Smash) def. The Powers of Pain (Barbarian and Warlord) and Mr. Fuji to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship
— Dino Bravo def. “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin
— The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) def. Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana)
— Jake “The Snake” Roberts def. André the Giant via DQ
— The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) def. The Honky Tonk Man and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
— “Ravishing” Rick Rude def. The Ultimate Warrior to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship
— Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan went to a Double DQ
— The Red Rooster def. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
— Hulk Hogan def. “Macho Man” Randy Savage to win the WWF Championship

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