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FREE AUDIO: "Wrestleview Telemundo" for 4/4/13

Wrestleview Telemundo podcast for 4/4/13


Title: Wrestlemania 29 Roundtable Discussion
Hosts: Mike Tedesco, Mr. V
Special Guests: Nick Teodoro, Matt Carlins
Email the show: mikeyt817@gmail.com

6:39 - The WrestleMania Roundtable kicks off with discussion of the undercard matches
1:02:12 - Discussion on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match
1:13:49 - They talk about the Triple H/Brock Lesnar match along with its stipulations
1:35:25 - Talk on the Undertaker/CM Punk match and the storyline surrounding it
1:48:03 - They talk about the main event and ponder “what if” Cena loses

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