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FREE AUDIO: "Monday Night Mayhem" podcast for 4/16/13 - Wrestleview.com

FREE AUDIO: "Monday Night Mayhem" podcast for 4/16/13

Monday Night Mayhem podcast for 4/16/13


Hosts: The Big Mosh, Todd Vincent
Special guests: John Pollack, Jon Waldman, Brian Soscia
Follow us on Twitter: @FeelTheMayhem

12:00 - Discussion on the fallout from Wrestlemania 29 last Sunday at Metlife Stadium
20:00 - Thoughts on the great crowd in New Jersey during the 4/8 RAW after Wrestlemania
28:00 - Looking at the popularity of the Fandango character following Wrestlemania 29
43:00 - Discussing what could be next for WWE during the upcoming summer months
52:00 - Closing out with which characters could be on the rise within the WWE roster

FREE AUDIO: Click here to stream or download the podcast for 4/16/13