Justin Credible

Former ECW and WWE star Justin Credible was involved in an incident at an independent wrestling show held in Enfield, Connecticut on Friday night.

According to a detailed report by PWInsider.com, Credible was booked to work a┬áBlitzkrieg Wrestling event taking part in a pre-show signing and an in-ring promo. However, Credible reportedly arrived in a condition described as “unable to perform” and was pulled from the show as a result. Credible was informed of this by the promoter.

Credible then made a decision to get inside the ring and started cutting a promo, demanding a microphone while slurring his words. Video was released to Facebook where talent involved with the show are clearly confused and trying to figure out what is going on. The promoter is also captured on video scolding Credible for showing up intoxicated.

Credible was eventually removed from the ring and it reportedly “took a long time” to get him removed from the actual venue as well to get a ride home. The situation definitely caught the eyes of many after Credible publicly praised WWE for helping him with rehab and turning his life around. He declared himself “clean and sober” with the help of WWE after officially retiring from pro wrestling back in 2015.

You can view video of the incident below.

  • Al79

    He was already washed up when he joined the group “S.E.X.” in TNA around 2002 or so.

  • Rob Giles

    Impact should try to sign him for another run, he would be the biggest name on their roster (no joke).

  • Mat Thompson

    Sad. One of my all-time ECW favorites.

  • Shayne Ritter

    Now you see why he’s called Justin A**hole

  • Erik Wayne Flannagan

    Just felt like I was watching a trailer to the sequel of The Wrestler.