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Miscellaneous & indy videos for 2/15/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Independent Women (Episode 13) http://youtu.be/JAEEk9WhGbo 

Top 40 Moves of Extreme Tiger http://youtu.be/KSzdnCtTESo 

2/14/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast" http://youtu.be/e0YcY1vocts 

The Candice & Joey Show (Episode 22) http://youtu.be/FuAc91mv4Ao 

Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle (Episode 60) http://youtu.be/Ja_dyItY7CA 

Dory Funk Jr. Talks Training at the Funking Conservatory http://youtu.be/KH2gpC5RG6o 


2/12/14 Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling "Powerslam" TV http://youtu.be/lC7E51OBdOY 

New England Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 46) http://youtu.be/R6LH20Yt-Js 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 163) http://youtu.be/OjyUBhmdKZ8 

2/14/14 NWA Championship International Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/ySOHFK5WbCs