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TNA 24/7 videos for 1/9/14 - Wrestleview.com

TNA 24/7 videos for 1/9/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


#IMPACT365-EC3 Talks Sting and the Unification Match at Genesis http://youtu.be/_exRaTcRTDE 

#IMPACT365-Chris Sabin after Recapturing the X Division Title http://youtu.be/0jXPWjVrCGU 

#IMPACT365-Samuel Shaw Argues With Interviewer About Christy Hemme http://youtu.be/g2yBWvPJ1IA 

#IMPACT365-Kurt Angle and James Storm Talk Tag Team Partners http://youtu.be/TdHJclMf_wM 

#IMPACT365-Dixie Carter Comments on New TV Announcement http://youtu.be/1J7a95PR-48 

#IMPACT365-Madison Rayne Health Update Following Her Match http://youtu.be/X9Zm0CA1Zb0 

1/7/14 IMPACT Podcast http://youtu.be/VIak1oF9EVQ