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TNA 24/7 videos for 1/13/14 - Wrestleview.com

TNA 24/7 videos for 1/13/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


#IMPACT365-Bobby Roode Comments on Magnus Vs. AJ Result http://youtu.be/GlkKddYTNRc 

#IMPACT365-OUCH! Hardest Chop Ever! Austin Aries Unloads on Chris Sabin http://youtu.be/LNPZ4zmcIwU 

#IMPACT365-The Bro Mans Arrive! (1/11/14-McMinnville, Tennessee) http://youtu.be/60HtxaUDCfM 

#IMPACT365-Magnus Celebrates His Win (1/11/14-McMinnville, Tennessee) http://youtu.be/6VboJtFaku8 

#IMPACT365-Bad Influence on Taking Out The "Friends of AJ" http://youtu.be/VsNUT3NjonI 

#IMPACT365-Knockout Champion Gail Kim Arrives in McMinnville Tennessee http://youtu.be/ptMhghj8Z94 

#IMPACT365-Sting Meets With Fans Backstage in McMinnville, Tennessee http://youtu.be/o80zmi2lZKo 

#IMPACT365-Madison Rayne Makes Her Arrival (1/11/14-McMinnville, Tennessee) http://youtu.be/PVIQ6i6pQpQ 

#IMPACT365-Magnus Comments on the AJ Styles Match Last Thursday http://youtu.be/r_51x9rsNlU 

#IMPACT365-Are the Bro Mans the Best Tag Team in the World? http://youtu.be/Uzy8Sz0Unms 

#IMPACT365-EC3 & Rock Star Spud on Why They Helped Take Out Sting http://youtu.be/on2xTV_jTFc 

#IMPACT365-Kurt Angle Will Do Whatever it Takes to Get to Bobby Roode http://youtu.be/Y2VBla19EEc 

#IMPACT365-AJ Styles and His Impact on The Entrie Wrestling Industry http://youtu.be/mGlEQtl_y4E