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TNA 24/7 videos for 4/11/14 - Wrestleview.com

TNA 24/7 videos for 4/11/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


4/8/14 IMPACT Podcast http://youtu.be/CJaKHWaaYXs 

#IMPACT365-Gail Kim, Madison Rayne & Mr. Anderson in Augusta, Georgia http://youtu.be/ogR0IrxMpg4 

#IMPACT365-Gail Kim, EY, Roode, EC3, Hemme, Bromans and More Prepare for Impact http://youtu.be/lDTHnVQcR9k 

#IMPACT365-Eric Young's Emotional Comments After Winning the World Heavyweight Title http://youtu.be/2YIZDXXTQWY