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John Cena vs. Ryback (Update #3)

Ryback lifts Cena back up and slams him back down hard on the mat. Ryback with a big clothesline that keeps Cena down. The referee starts the count. Cena barely gets up at 8. Cena with a drop toe hold on Ryback and gets the STF locked in. Cena breaks the hold and Ryback is out. The referee starts the count. Cena leaves the ring and brings another table inside. Ryback drops Cena down on the mat. Ryback gets Cena up, Cena counters off and connects with the AA on Ryback through the table in the ring! The referee starts the count. Ryback is up at 7, nearly 8. Cena is on the top turnbuckle. Ryback grabs Cena, gets him on his shoulders and connects with Shell Shocked. Cena barely gets to his feet at 9. Ryback with a big elbow to the back of Cena that immediately drops Cena. Ryback grabs a steel chair at ringside, Cena kicks the chair back at Ryback and Cena tackles Ryback through the barricade by the timekeepers area! The referee starts the count. Ryback is up at 7 and so is Cena. Ryback with a shot to Cena as they brawl into the crowd.

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