AEW Collision Results – 8/12/23 (World Trios Title Match and more!)

AEW Collision Results
August 12, 2023
Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, NC
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to pre-match promos hyping up tonight’s show. The video package to start the show kicks off, as Saturday night is alright for fighting!

Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the historical Greensboro Coliseum, as the pyro goes off! The crowd is hot tonight for AEW Collision, as it’s loud tonight!

The commentary team promote All Out and All In. They then recap last week with Ricky Starks vs. CM Punk and Starks taking out WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out Ricky Starks, who has some heat from the Greensboro crowd. Starks makes his way to the ring and does interact with some fans. He enters the ring as the fireworks go off as the spotlight is on him. Tony points out that the belt Ricky has was worn by Steamboat last week. Tony talks about how Starts beat Steamboat with his own belt. Tony announces that Starks has been suspended for 30 days due to beating Steamboat because he was an official referee. Starks says because Steamboat cost him the match he had to whip his a–. Starks says he figured he would be suspended. Starks says he went and got a manager’s license and so he will be on the show each and every week. He then said you don’t have to like him or love him, but you have to respect him. Starks then told Tony that if he look at him again he will whip his a–. Starks says he can live with L from last week and that CM Punk is not Absolute Ricky Starks as the fans boo for Starks. He then said he is going to set the company on fire and bring a war next week to the front door.

We now go to a video package showing the rivalry between FTR and the Young Bucks, hyping up the tag title match taking place at All In London on August 27.

The Acclaimed’s music hits as Max Caster starts his rap, trashing their opponents who are already in the ring. Billy Gunn is not with them.

The Acclaimed vs. Iron Savages

The bell rings and we are underway. The fans chat for Billy. Forearms are exchanged with Bronson and Anthony, who then chops Bronson and tags in Max. They double team Bronson with elbows in the corner. Bronson tags in Boulder as Max tags in Anthony who chops Boulder and then tags Max back in. Max tries to lift up Boulder but can’t. Max tags in Anthony. Max leaps off the top, but Boulder catches Max and tosses both Max and Anthony over his shoulders as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Boulder tags in Bronson as they double team Max in the corner. Bronson scoops up Max and slams him down. Bronson attempts to get a pin, but Max kicks out at two! Bronson continues beating on Max and prevents him from getting the tag to Anthony. Boulder is tagged in and kicks Max as he tries to get the tag to his partner.

Back from PIP: Max makes the tag to Anthony as he chops and takes down Bronson with a number of chops. Boulder is tagged in and as Max comes off the top, he catches Max and slams him down. Boulder covers Anthony, but he kicks out at two! As Anthony is down, Bronson is on the shoulders of Boulder, but is dropped by Anthony. Max is tagged in and picks up Bronson and slams him down. Jack Jamison comes in the ring, but is taken out. The Acclaimed deliver a scissor me timber on Jamison. They follow up with double famassers on Bronson to get the pin!


After the match, Max caster has the mic and says the best two man team in the sport has returned. Max then says this Wednesday on Dynamite they are wrestling again. Max has Billy’s boots and holds them up and says they can’t be stopped to get to the top of the tag team division. Anthony then says last week they got to say goodbye, but the fans didn’t. Anthony tells Greensboro to put up scissor for Billy to show how much they love Billy and that the fans and The Acclaimed love Billy Gunn. The Acclaimed interact with the fans as they leave for the back.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair introducing Bullet Club Gold. Juice says there is no one hotter than Bullet Club Gold. Jay White, then says this is the most elite version of Bullet Club ever. Jay then says there is a team of brothers that call themselves the best brother tag team. The Gunns then say they are the best and on Wednesday not to bring superkicks to a gun fight.


As the show returns, we go to a video package with Adam Cole and AEW World Champions MJF and the history as a tag team, along with the bond they now have, which is leading up the title match at All In.

Out comes Willow Nightingale to somewhat of a good ovation. TBS Champion Kris Statlander is out next a much bigger ovation. Diamante and Mercedes Martinez is out next together. It was noted on commentary that Diamante and Mercedes came out together.

Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale vs. Diamante and Mercedes Martinez

The bell rings and Kris and Diamante lock up. As Kris turns her back to jaw at Mercedes, Diamante nails her from behind. Kris picks up Diamante and then walks over and tags in Willow. Diamante is taken out in the corner by Willow as some fans chant her name. Mercedes holds the hips of Diamante to avoid being hit by Willow. Diamante then kicks Willow. Willow then attempts to take out both Mercedes and Diamante, but it’s too much. Mercedes makes a tag to Mercedes as they both double dropkick Willow. Diamante covers Willow for the pin, but Willow kicks out a two as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture Diamate pulls the hair of Willow and drops her to down on her back. Diamante sends Willow in the opposite corner as she is double teamed by Diamante and Mercedes. The quick tags continue as Mercedes is tagged in. She kicks Willow and then tags in Diamante.

We now go to a full commercial break, which I am sure is a Sling TV thing.

Back from the full break, Willow is double teamed again. She breaks the double clothesline attempt and nails Diamante and is able to make the tag to Kris who takes down Mercedes and Diamate with dropkicks. Kris picks up Diamante and shoves her into Mercedes. Willow is not in as they both double team Diamante and Mercedes. Willow is up on the top rope, but is pushed off by Diamante. She then takes out Kris and sends her to the outside. Mercdes picks up Diamante and tosses her over the rope onto Kris and Willow. Willow gets back in the ring and drops Diamante. Kris isnow in and drops Diamante with a fisherman’s buster. Mercedes then takes out Kris from behind. Mercedes then rolls up Willow and Diamante pushes on Mercedes who grabs the rope and gets the pin, as the ref didn’t see it.


We now to to a backstage interview with Lexy Nair talking to Toni Storm. Toni calls Lexy “toots” – Funny stuff. She then ays she doesn’t know what Lexy does. She says all the girls in the four-way match are all insecure little girls. Toni then asks Storm about losing to Hikaru Shida and tells her she is going to get security and then to shut up as she walks off. Lexy thanks Toni for her time.

Samoa Joe’s music hits as the fans chant Joe!

Samoa Joe vs. Andrew Everett

The bell rings and we are underway as the fans chant Joe is going to kill you! Joe nails Andrew with a number of jabs as he goes down. Joe then tosses Andrew to the corner and crushes him in the corner as the fans cheer him on! Andrew is down as Joe picks him up and nails him in the gut with a knee. Joe then drops Andrew with a huge clothesline and submits him with a Coquina Clutch.


After the match, Joe grabs a mic and says he is the now and forever king of television. He says he came tonight looking for the answer of a champion. He says he met with the silence of a coward. He says your real world champion is acting like a b—- now. He says that CM Punk doesn’t seem talkative tonight. He then says since he won’t get what he wants, he will convince him for a match at All In.


We are back from the break as we go ringside to the commentary team hyping up All In and running down the current card for the PPV.

Christian Cage’s music hits as Nigel calls him father of the year – funny. Christian is out with Luchasaurus. Christian has the TNT Title on his shoulder as he and Lucha make their way to the ring. Christian has a mic. He tries to talk as the fans boo him. Christian then says he has to say this is the biggest family reunion he has been a part of. He says that all in North Carolina are all related. He asks the fans to put down their hot dogs. He says there are second bests to come out of North Carolina. LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. He then says that as far as pro wrestling he far more superior to Ric Flair and the fans begin to wooo loudly. He then says as the TNT Champion, I/we demand respect. Funny stuff from Christian who is great on the mic. He says the fans in the arena and the wrestlers that are in the back wish they were him. Christian then says as of late he feels disrespected by Darby Allin. He tells Darby that as long as the TNT Title is in his hands, Darby will never have it again. Christian asks Darby if he wants to be a hero so bad then come after it. Arn Anderson with his son Brock interrupts Christian as says it is enough. Arn says that Greensboro knows the Anderson’s. Arn says that Greensboro is a historical place and to take a bow. He then say Greensboro is also Horseman country. Arn then says he wants to point out something to the sea monster, that he is the champion and not Christian. Christian then says says no more open challenges and asks Arn if he wants to step in the ring, he would make an exception. Arn said if it was 20 years ago he would slip in their and spine bust his a– and win the title.

Brock then enters the ring and we have a match against Luchasuarus for the TNT Title. Lucha nails Brock with a big boot to the face and then is chopped and sent to the outside. Arn chases Christian around the ring. Lucha picks up Brock and drops him hard to the mat as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Lucha continues the offense on Brock. Lucha picks up Brock and slam him hard to the mat. Lucha then has Brock in a submission hold as the ref checks on Brock, asking him if he wants to give up. Arn is then shown at ringside cheering his son on. Lucha then twists the neck of Brock. He breaks the hold and stomps on Brock. Lucha then picks up Brock and tosses him down. As Brock attempts to get up, Lucha picks him up again and tosses him down again.

Back from PIP: Brock attempts to come back with right hands across the jaw of Lucha, but it’s not enough as Lucha chokeslams Brock and then follows up with a bulldog, Lucha covers Brock for the win to retain.


Darby is then in the ring and takes out Lucha from behind with the skateboard. Darby then grabs a mic and says Lucha is a dinosaur and has been around for 65 million years. He then asks Lucha if he has ever had a skateboard up his a–. Darby then challenges Christian to a match on next week’s Collision. Christian accepts and calls Darby a son of a b—-. Darby tells Lucha at All In he will be the face of TNT once again!


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces Powerhouse Hobbs. He has a book in his hand, which is the books of Hobbs. Tony brings up last week’s show with QT offering gifts, but Hobbs walked out. He then says that an opportunity presented itself – Chicago – All Out…he says that there is always someone distracting him. He says he took his a– back to the bay and grabbed the book of Hobbs. He then said he doesn’t want anyone’s help. He says the next chapter in the book is named redemption. He then asks how is he supposed to redeem himself after losing the TNT Title and a battle royal. He says that he needs to call on the redeemer. Hobbs calls out Miro. Miro’s music hits. Miro walks out as his pyro goes off. Miro is then attacked from behind by Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto Hobbs looks on as Miro is in the ring and is dropped by Aaron and Nick. As Miro gets up, Hobbs picks up Miro and drops him with a huge spinebuster, drops the book of Hobbs on Miro and walks out of the ring. Miro begins to recover and has a angry look on his face.

The commentary team runs down the current card for Dynamite and then next week’s Collision, as they promote the Fight for the Fallen theme. They remind us that all the proceeds go to the Maui Food Bank for families affected by the fires. The commentary team then runs down the card for All In.

Jim Ross’ music hits to a big ovation from the fans. JR makes his way down to ringside to join Ian and Nigel on commentary for the main event. Ian says that JR went through a lot of travel challenges to get to the show. The House of Black music hits, as Ian says that they are the longest reigning Trios champions. JR says he worked hard to get to Greensboro for the main event. As House of Black begin to make their way out to the ring, we go to a full commercial break.


Back from the break, House of Black are in the ring. FTR’s music hits as they are out next to a big ovation. CM Punk’s music hits and the fans in Greensboro like Punk. FTR and Punk make their way in the ring. As Punk holds up the “real world title” there are some boos, but it’s not like it has been in recent weeks.

Dasha makes the Collision main event introductions. As Punk was introduced, the fans booed him more than cheered him in that moment.

AEW World Trios Championship Match: House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews) defend against CMFTR (CM Punk, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

CM Punk chants start, with some boos. The bell rings and its Cash and Buddy starting the match! Cash tags in Punk to boos and chants of his name. Its Punk and Buddy – who lock it up! Buddy sends Punk to the corner as we have lets go Buddy – lets go CM Punk chants. Punk has Buddy in a headlock. Buddy then sends Punk against the ropes. Buddy chops Punk, who tags in Cash. Both men lock up as Cash takes down Buddy, who gets back up as Cash is doing jumping jacks. Cash attempts to lock up Buddy who breaks the hold, but is taken down by an arm drag. Dax is tagged in and chops Buddy and drops him down. Dax then delivers a leg drop on Buddy and covers him for only a two count. Buddy tags in Brody who nails Dax with huge chops to the chest! Brody sends Dax to the corner and continues to chop him hard! Dax ducks a big knee from Brody and nails him with chops in the corner. Dax tags in Cash as they double team Brody and send him to the outside with a double dropkick. Malakai holds back Brody and calms him a bit. Punk is tagged in and Malakai is now tagged in. Both Punk and Malakai walk slowly in circles as the fans boo. Punk blocks and knee from Malakai. Punk nails Malakai in the lower back as Malakai then takes down Punk and hits FTR off the apron. Punk is then sitting down in the ring staring at Malakai, who then sits down and stares at Punk. Buddy comes in, followed by Brody. All teams are in the ring and we have a big brawl, as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: The action spills to the outside as all six men are chopping each other and sending one another into the barricade. Brody and Punk exchange blows as the action then goes back in the ring. On the outside, FTR is working on Brody, sending him into the barricade.

Hey it’s the Sling TV thing again, I am sure – as we go to a full commercial break.

Back from the full break, Dax is chopping Buddy as they exchange blows. Buddy then drops Dax with a big DDT! Brody is tagged in and chops Dax hard who drops on his back. Brody then grabs the legs of Dax and chops him again. Malakai is tagged in and drops Dax with a huge chop. He covers Dax for only a one count!. Malakai then kicks Dax as he drops to his back. Malakai tags in Brody, who tosses Dax and then picks him up and chops him hard! Brody tags in Malakai who then nails Dax with a huge kick to the face. Dax comes back with a huge DDT on Malakai. Dax tags in Punk to boos. Buddy is tagged in and taken down by Punk with shoulder tackles. Punk then tries a GTS on Buddy, but its broken up by Malakai. Punk tries a GTS on Buddy again, but its countered. Julia Hart gets on the apron to make a distraction. Punk is on the top rope and Malakai drops Punk off the top rope when the ref’s back was turned. Brody is tagged in a nails Punk in the corner, sending him to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture again.

Picture-In-Picture: Brody goes to the outside and drops Punk with a big chop to the chest. The action then spills over the barricade and into the fans. Punk is back over the barricade and is met by Brody who tosses him back in the ring. Brody tags in Buddy, but not before putting his big boot on the back of Punk’s neck. Malakai is now tagged in. He kicks Punk as Buddy and also Malakai double team him.

Back from PIP: Malakai kicks Punk in the back of head as he is down trying to crawl to make the tag. Malakai tags in Brody who hits Punk with knife edge chops. Brody suplexes Punk and tags in Buddy. Buddy covers Punk for only a one count. Buddy has Punk down on the mat in a headlock. Punk is back up and attempts to fight his way to make a tag, but its too much. Buddy nails Punk with a running knee. Punks then recovers enough to hit Buddy with a GTS. Malakai pulls Buddy out of the ring…Punk makes the tag to Cash. Cash drops Malakai with a big powerslam! Dax is in and sends Malakai and Buddy to the outside! FTR then sends Brody to the outside! Cash then dives between the ropes taking out House of Black on the outside! Brody gets back in the ring as he met with a huge bulldog from Cash. Cash covers Brody for only a two count as the fans start to chant this is awesome! Brody counters a suplex from FTR with a double DDT! Punk is on the outside, holding his knee. Brody is up and on the top rope. Dax is up and chops Brody. Brody headbutts Dax, who gets up and is on the second rope. FTR picks up Brody and drops him with a double superplex. Punk then drops a huge elbow on Brody and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Brody kicks out! FTR and Punk hit Brody with a super shatter machine. Punk then kicks Malakai in the head, as he goes down! The fans are on their feet and its loud! Punk drives Malakai into the barricade on the outside. Dax attempts to pin Brody, but he kicks out. On the outside, Samoa Joe comes out and chokes out Punk and drags him over the barricade. It distracts FTR. Brody then nails Dax with a spinning lariat and covers Dax for the win, to retain for his team. House of Black and Julia Hart stand tall in the ring. Punk is shown on the floor trying to recover as the show goes off the air.