AEW Collision Results – 9/9/23 (World Title Eliminator Semifinals and more!)

AEW Collision Results
September 9, 2023
Cleveland, Ohio (Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the opening with the competitors hyping up tonight’s matches on the show…

We go to the opening video package…Saturday night is alright for fighting!

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as the pyro goes off! The lighting looks good and fans are ready and on fire! As of this morning, per WrestleTix, limited tickets for tonight’s show were still available.

Jon Moxley’s music hits as he is shown walking through the back and makes his way out to ring through the crowd. The fans are certainly going to favor Jon tonight as he is in his home state.

Action Andretti is out next with Darius Martin as he claims tonight he will be the new International Champion.

AEW International Championship Match: Jon Moxley defends against Action Andretti

The bell rings and we are underway. Action is ready for a fight as both men lockup. The fans are chanting let’s go Moxley. Mox nails Action with a huge chop as he rolls out of the ring to the floor. Action is back in as both men lock up again. Mox has Action is an armbar and then nails Action with a big forearm. Action fires back with chops of his own, but they have no affect on Mox, who kicks Action and nails him in the face as the action spills to the floor. Mox tosses Action back in the ring but Action comes back and sends Mox to the floor. Mox nails Action with a chop then a series of headbutts on the floor as he then tosses Action back in the ring. Action fights back with forearms and kicks. Mox is hit with a drop kicks by Action who then covers Mox for only a two count! Mox goes to the outside as Action drops him and catches the knee of Mox. Action throws Mox into the barricade shoulder first as he goes down…

Picture-In-Picture: Mox is back in the ring as Action scoops him up and slams him down. The ref checks on Mox as Action continues the offense as he works on the knee of Mox. Action kicks the knee of Mox and covers him for only a two count! Action has Mox in a Boston Crab hold on the knee of Mox as the ref is checking to see if he will submit. Action lets go of the hold and nails Mox with a huge chop as he gets up, but it sends Mox to the mat a s he is holding his knee.

Back from PIP – Action sends Mox to the outside and then attempts to take Mox out on the outside, but he moves out of the way. Mox then takes out Action on the outside holding his knee. Kevin Kelly calls Cleveland bizzaro world as the fans are behind Mox in his own home state. Back in the ring, Action leaps over the ropes and takes down Mox who holds his knee. Mox covers Action who kicks out at two. Action fights back, but is caught by Mox who has Action is a sleeper, but Action gets out of it and drops Mox to boos. Action nails Mox with a huge elbow to the face and then drops him, covers him, but Mox kicks out at two! Action goes to the top rope, but Mox climbs the ropes and tosses Action who lands on his feet! Action drops Mox to the corner, but he recovers and drop kicks Action. Action goes to the ropes and drops a spinning crossbody on Mox and covers him for only a two count! Action then grabs Mox’s arms and kicks Mox as the fans boo! Mox reverses it and catches Action in a bulldog choke as Action taps out! Mox retains!


After the match, grabs the title and makes his way through the crowd to a huge ovation.

We go to a video package with Roderick Strong talking about his time with Adam Cole in ROH. Strong talks about how he and Adam were brothers. They show old photos and footage from ROH with Strong and Cole. Strong says he is going to go on to win the Grand Slam tournament to win the AEW World Championship.

Kris Statlander is out next.

TBS Championship Championship Open Challenge: Kris Statlander defends against Robyn Renegade

The bell rings and Kris takes down Robyn Renegade. Kris then drops her again with a huge dropkick. Kris is in the corner as Robyn attempts a kick, but Kris moves out of the way. Kris charges at Robyn in the corner…Charlette distracts the ref on the apron as Robyn fires back and takes down Kris. As Robyn is distracting the ref, Charlette chokes out Kris. Robyn picks up Kris and drops her down. Robyn sends Kris to the corner, but Kris fires back with a back elbow and a kick to Robyn. Kris then charges at Robyn and connects with a huge knee. As Kris covers Robyn, Charlette distracts the ref for only a two count. Robyn scoops up Kris and drops her hard on the mat. Robyn then charges at Kris in the corner as he moves and then picks up Robyn and drops her to the mat. Kris then drops Charlette who is on the apron and rolls up Robyn for the win to retain.

After the match The Renegade Twins double team Kris. Jade Cargill’s music hits as the place go bonkers! Jade takes out the Renegade Twins as the fans chant Jade! The fans chant welcome back! Jade offers her hand to Kris and then picks up Kris and drops her with the Jaded as she picks up the TBS Title, kisses it as Mark Sterling enters the ring. Jade leaves the ring as Kris looks on mad.


We go to a backstage interview with Renee Paquette talking to Ruby Soho and Saraya. Ruby says how angry she is at not capturing the Women’s Title and how upset she is at Toni Storm…Saraya says Toni Storm is nuts…and that she uses Mayonnaise as facial cream or something…Saraya tells Renee she is better looking than Lexy…Saraya talks about how she debuted at Grand Slam and will walk back into Grand Slam and walk out of Grand Slam still the AEW Women’s World Champion.


Back from the break, we have a backstage interview with Tony Schiavone talking with ROH World Champion Claudio Castognoli and Eddie Kingston who said he went to the land of make believe after he left the independent scene. Eddie talks about how Claudio met his parents. Eddie tells Claudio that he will put the NJPW Openweight Title on the line at Grand Slam. Claudio told Eddie he still owes him a handshake and will not lose the title to Eddie, but a better man as Claudio leaves and Eddie says he will get his family tickets needs to sell some tickets. He then tells Schiavone to tell Tony Khan to do his job and walks off…We have a title for title match at Grand Slam on September 20.

Bullet Club Gold is out first, then the Lucha team.

Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) vs. Gravity, Aerostar and Dios Del Inframundo)

Tony Khan announced shortly before the start of tonight’s on social media that White is no longer on the card for tonight due to ‘personal reasons’. So we have a trios match tonight, instead of an eight-man tag match.

The bell rings as we are underway…the fans begin to chant A–hole at the Gunns. Austin is in and is kicked in the back of the head by Gravity. Austin then takes out Aerostar. Juice is tagged in and nails Dios with a number of punches. Andrade looks on the monitor from backstage. Gravity and Aerostar are in the ring and double kick Juice. Gravity sends Juice to the ropes, but he caught by Colten as Juice recovers and takes down Gravity as we go to to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The Gunns exchange quick tags as Austin covers Gravity for only a two count. Austin sends Gravity to the corner and tags in Juice who leaps up and lands hard on Gravity. Juice grabs Gravity as he tries to fight back…

Hey its the Sling TV thing as we go to a full commercial break…

Back from the full break, Juice has Gravity in a headlock. Gravity is back up and takes out Juice who tags in Colten as Austin is then tagged in…Aerostar takes out both of Gunns as Aerostar covers Austin for only a two count! Colten picks up Aerostar and slams him hard as he rolls to the outside. Juice is tagged in and drops Dios with a huge leg lariat and then plants Dios face first to get the win.


We go to a video package with CJ Perry saying talking about what happened at All Out and showing footage of her making the save from Powerhouse Hobbs. She says she sat on the sidelines for two years. She said she is here to make Miro a champion. She closed by saying she was the coldest manager in wrestling and wants to do it again.


Back from the break we go to a vignette with Dark Order asking for their support. They talked about not having any catchphrases.

Then we have another vignette with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn announcing they are going to start their world tour…they talk about their title defenses and hanging out with Dennis Rodman. They said they will bring the biggest scissor parties to take over the wrestling world.

Rey Fenix comes out with Alex Abrahantes. Looks like we have match not announced earlier today or this past week.

Rey Fenix vs. Angelico

Rey takes out Angélico on the floor. The action goes back in the ring. Rey nails Angelico in the chest. Angelico has Rey in an armbar and drops him down as the fans chant for Rey. Angelico has Rey in an armbar as the fans chant for Rey. Angelico continues to work on the arm of Rey who fights back with a kick to the head of Angelico. Rey is up as Angelico charges at him, but he moves and takes down Angelico with a springboard and armdrag. Angelico is taken down by Rey who covers him for only a two count. Rey kicks Angelico in the chest as he goes down. Rey kicks Angelico in the back. Angelico recovers a slips away from Rey who tries to take him down. Angelico covers Rey for only a two count. Angelico nails Rey with a huge punch, but Rey comes back and nails Angelico hard and drops him. Rey then covers Angelico for only a two count! Rey then drops Angelico again with a huge kick and covers him to get the win.


We go back to the locker room area with Tony Schiavone talking to FTR running down all the tag teams they have beat. They ask who is the next team to step up and they need more challengers. They announce next week for any team to challenge them next week on Collision…any tag team to step up and challenge them for the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Semifinals: Darby Allin vs. Roderick Strong

The Kingdom are shown backstage with Roderick Strong hyping him up as they walk through the curtain…

Darby Allin’s music hits as he skating through the back, but is met by Luchasaurus who takes out Darby. Christian comes out as Lucha has him held up and tells Darby he will never be the TNT Champion as long as Christian is the champion. Lucha then tosses Darby into the big door as officials come to check on him. In the ring, Strong and The Kingdom celebrate as the fans boo. The fans cheers as Darby is trying to make his way out as Nick Wayne is with him…the fans cheer Darby as Nick tries to pump up Darby. Darby rolls in the ring as the bell rings… Roderick stomps on Darby and then picks him up and chops him hard. Darby is up, but he is dropped again with big chops by Roderick. Darby tries to fight back as Roderick picks him, but Darby rolls up Roderick for only a two count! Darby takes out Roderick to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring as Darby hits Roderick with huge right hands to the head. Roderick is able to recover and picks up Darby and drops him on his back. Roderick puts Darby’s head on the bottom turnbuckle and stomps on it. Darby rolls to the center of the ring as he gets up with is chopped by Roderick and drops on his back. Roderick picks up Darby and slams him down. Roderick covers Darby for only a two count! Darby then rolls to the outside as we are back…

Back from PIP – the action is on the outside as Darby punches Roderick who recovers and picks up Darby and slams him back first into the ring post. Darby rolls back in the ring as Roderick taunts the fans. Roderick then grabs Darby’s neck and uses the ropes as leverage. Darby then comes back with two pin attempts on Roderick, but he kicks out at two. Roderick then works on the neck of Darby as he makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Roderick picks up Darby and chops him hard across the chest. Darby is on the top rope as Roderick climbs up as Darby fights back by clawing the back of Roderick as he drops to the mat. Darby attempts a coffin drop, but Roderick gets up and pushes Darby as he falls into the top of the ring post. Roderick picks up Darby and slams him hard on the top turnbuckle as the fans chant h— s—! OH MY GOSH THAT WAS CRAZY!

Picture-In-Picture: Roderick has Darby in a Boston Crab, but Darby makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Roderick then stomps on Darby’s back. Roderick then chops Darby hard as he drops to his knees.

It’s the Sling TV thing again as we go to a full commercial break.

Back from the break Roderick picks up Darby and then drops him on the apron. Darby then climbs to the top and lands a coffin drop on Roderick. As The Kingdom try to go after Nick, AR Fox is out. Nick and Fox jaw at each other for a moment. Back in the ring, Darby drops Roderick as both men are down with Darby holding his back in pain. The fans are on their feet! The Kingdom go to the apron but Nick pulls them down… Darby goes for a coffin drop on Roderick, but his caught by knees as he looked at Nick who was taken out by AR Fox by mistake who was going after Matt Taven…Roderick covers Darby for the win.

Roderick and The Kingdom leave as Roderick puts his neck brace back on…funny stuff!


After the match, Nick is checking on Darby as Fox comes in, but Nick pushes him away and jaws at Fox.

We go to a video package with Powerhouse Hobbs talking about his feud with Miro.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Keith Lee about his time as a tag team champion. Keith says he plans to do things solo as there are certain individuals ignoring him. He says he is the collision and says his advice is to run.


Back from the break, we have a vignette with Vincent and Dutch…

In the ring, Tony Schiavone introduces Bryan Danielson who comes out to a big ovation fro the Cleveland fans…Tony asks Bryan what is next. Bryan said that he told his daughter once she turned 7 he would finish up on his career. He said she is 6 and he keeps promises to the ones he loves, but time is running out. He says that he will not go gently into the good night. He says that he will kick everyone’s head in. He says that if this is his last and final year, it will be the most epic year of his career. Bryan says he calling his shots…he then says Seattle, WA – WrestleDream he wants to fight Zack Sabre, Jr. as Ricky Starks comes out with Big Bill. Ricky says he is on Collision but has to sit through catering again as Bryan gets all the attention. Ricky says he is the face of Collision. Ricky is in the ring with Big Bill telling Bryan how he has graduated from being hungry to being greedy and he is going to take and take and it is in his nature. Bryan says he wished that Ricky would have been more patient because he wasn’t done yet. He tells Ricky he saw what Ricky was about and approves….he was about to offer Ricky a spot in BCC, but Big Bill then drops Bryan and he pulls Big Bill away and then takes out Bryan. Mox comes in to make the save, but Big Bill takes out Mox with a boot. Ricky has the shirt that Bryan had and chokes out Bryan with it as Big Bill chokes out Mox. Ricky’s music hits and he and Big Bill head back up the ramp and stick it to the fans…back in the ring, Bryan is out and Mox tries to recover…

The commentary team runs down the card for Wednesday’s Dynamite, the Grand Slam Dynamite and FTR will defend the Tag Titles against Iron Savages. It was just announced Danielson vs. Zabre, Jr. at WrestleDream in Seattle, WA.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is with Big Bill saying that Big Bill will challenge Jon Moxley for the International Title in Cincinnati and beat him to be the new champion. The Lucha Bros come with Alex Abrahantes and say that Big Bill has to stand in line as Rey Fenix has unfinished business with Mox.

Jim Ross is out on commentary as Samoa Joe is out first. Penta is out next with Alex Abrahantes.

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Semifinals: Samoa Joe vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The bell rings and we are underway…Joe and Penta lock up. They get into a shoving match. Penta gets in the face of Joe, who then shoulder blocks him, but Penta comes back and nails Joe with a superkick. Joe recovers and chops Penta and Roderick Strong and The Kingdom look on from the monitor backstage. Penta drops Joe as he rolls to the outside. Penta then takes down Joe with a slingblade on the outside! Penta then chops Joe as they begin to trade blows as the action continues on the outside. Joe rolls in the ring to break the count and then slams Penta against the barricade. Both men exchange blows on the outside. Penta kicks Joe and sends him hard into the barricade. Alex Abrahantes grabs a table from under the ring as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Joe grabs Penta and rolls him back in the ring…Joe works on the neck of Penta in the corner. Joe sends Penta to the outside and sends him into the steel steps. Joe then tries to pull the mask of Penta off and jaws and the fans. Joe then picks up Penta and rolls him back in the ring. Joe covers Penta for only a two count! Joe then kicks Penta across the chest…

Back from PIP – Joe has Penta up, but Penta reverses it and kicks Joe who goes down.. Penta is up on the top rope and comes down, but Joe moves out of the way and nails Penta with a big back elbow. Joe then works on the neck of Penta as the fans get behind Penta and cheer him on! Penta fights back, but Joe picks up Penta and drops him head first on the top turnbuckle. Joe then grabs the arms of Penta and has then bent back as we see Roderick and The Kingdom still looking on…Back to the action in the ring, Joe still is working on Penta as the ref asks Penta if he wants to submit. Penta works his way out of the hold, but Joe nails Penta then follows up with kicks. Joe covers Penta for only a two count. Joe picks up Penta and then nails him with an elbow in the corner and drops him with a big kick. Penta is down as the fans chant Joe. As Penta is up, Joe looks to go for the muscle buster, but it is blocked by Penta, who drops Joe and covers him for only a two count! Penta tries to pick up Joe, but it’s countered as Joe catches Penta and drops him with a huge powerslam. Joe covers Penta – 1 – 2 – NO! Penta kicks out! Penta works on Joe and kicks him in face as Joe is down in the corner. Penta covers Joe – 1 – 2 – NO! Joe kicks out! Penta kicks Joe again in the back and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Joe kicks out for another near fall! Joe is back up and recovers. He drops Penta and lands a senton and covers Penta as we have yet another near fall! Joe is on the outside as Penta from the ring apron, kicks Joe. It looks like we may have an overrun as Penta goes to take out Joe on the outside, but Joe walks out of the way as Penta lands on a table that breaks in half! Penta is back in the ring and covers Penta for only a two count. Joe brings down Penta with the Coquina Clutch as Penta quickly submits! The goes off the air!