AEW Collision Results – 9/23/23 (Texas Death Match, Title Matches, More!)

AEW Collision Results
September 23, 2023
Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the video package hyping up tonight’s matches! Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

As the pyro goes off, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show! The crowd is hot!

The three-way TNT Title match will start off the show, as Darby Allin comes out to a big ovation from the Grand Rapids fans. Christian Cage music hits next to boos from the fans. He comes out next wearing the TNT Title belt as Kevin Kelly reminds us Cage is not the champion. Luchasaurus is out next.

Referee Aubrey Edwards is demanding the title so she can hold it up.

Three-Way Match For The TNT Championship: Luchasaurus defends against Darby Allin and Christian Cage

The bell rings and we are underway as the fans begin to chant Darby! Christian steps out of the ring to boos as Lucha looks on…Darby tosses powder in Lucha’s face as there is no DQ. Darby goes after Christian on the outside and brings Christian into the ring and attempts to pin him for only a two count. Lucha then takes out Darby and tosses him to the floor and then tosses him against the guardrail several times. Lucha grabs a chair and tosses it in the ring and then tosses Darby in the ring. Christian puts Darby on the chair and uses it as leverage to choke him with the top rope. Christian works on the neck of Darby using the chair. Lucha picks up the chair with Darby on it and tosses him! Lucha is about to cover Darby, but Christian tells him no and tells Lucha to go get something…Christian then covers Darby for only a two count as Lucha looked a little confused. Darby gets tossed to the outside and tosses over the steel steps by Lucha as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Lucha continues the defense on Darby, tossing him into the guardrail. Christian then grabs a chair and nails Darby in the gut with it. Darby makes his way back in the ring as Christian follows. Christian nails Darby with a series of chops in the chest. Luchas then nails Darby in the face with a huge uppercut. Lucha stomps on Darby’s back which is taped up. Lucha holds Darby as Christian lays rights hand on him.

Back from PIP – Darby is tossed to the corner…Lucha charges him, but moves. Christian attempts a spear, but Darby moves and covers him for only a two count. Darby then drops Christian and climbs to the top rope as Christian goes to the outside. Darby hits them both with a coffin drop on the outside! Back in the ring, Darby comes down and then takes down Lucha. Christian attempts to hit Darby with the title belt, but Darby moves. Lucha then picks up Darby and drops him with a chokeslam. Lucha then picks up the title and starts looking at it. Christian is back in the ring telling Lucha to give him the belt as the fans chant thats your belt. Lucha gives Christian the belt and then Darby pushes Christian into Lucha. Darby then nails Lucha with the belt and covers him for only a two count. Darby hits Lucha with a coffin drop and then Christian comes in a tosses Darby out and covers Lucha for the three count, as we have a new TNT Champion!


After the match, Christian hugs Lucha who holds up the hand of Christian. Lucha then has Christian on his shoulders as Christian holds the belt up high. He puts Christian down as it walking around the ring as Christian leaves the ring. Darby is the floor holding his elbow. Christian orders Lucha to leave to the back. Christian walks off with a smirk on his face.

We go to a video package with Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Don Callis from Friday night’s Rampage, with Kenny Omega returning…

Alex Marvez is backstage with Don Callis and his family. Don says it makes him sick that Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are on the same page. Don says that Kenny has always been weak and he is not worried about the match for WrestleDream. Don then says he also has another family and its Will Ospreay. Don says his family is never been stronger and says he will see them in Seattle and they wipe up the tears.

Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Ibushi Kota vs. Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita and Sammy Guevara at WrestleDream in Seattle!


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is with Christian Cage and Lucha backstage…he says that he is dedicating his win to Nick Wayne’s mom and late father…it was announced that Tony Khan has announced that Christian will defend the TNT Title next Sunday at WrestleDream in Seattle with two-out-of-three falls and Christian is mad and walks off looking for Tony Khan.

Hook is out for our next match, followed by RVD to a nice ovation as some fans begin to chant RVD. Jake Hager and Anna Jay are out with Angelo Parker and Matt Menard

Rob Van Dam and Hook vs. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard

The bell rings and we are underway…Hook starts first with Parker as he takes Hook down. Hook locks up Parker and takes him down to the mat. As Parker gets up, Hook takes him down again and has him in an armbar. Parker nails Hook in the gut and is able to tag in Matt Menard. Both Menard and Parker double team Hook as he was distracted by Anna. Hook is able to tag RVD who works on the arm Menard. As RVD showboats with the fans, Menard nails him. RVD comes back and kicks Menard. RVD goes to the ropes and takes down Menard who goes to the outside. The fans chant you still got it as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: RVD tags in Hook as Parker is tagged in. Parker kicks Hook who goes down. Parker then rolls Hook to the corner of the heels and Parker and Menard double team him. Parker tags in Menard as he tosses Hook to the ropes and connects with a dropkick.


Back from the full break, Hook takes out both Parker and Menard and tosses them out of the ring. As Hook goes for the tag, Menard comes in and prevents the tag. Hook then drops Menard with an exploder suplex. Hook crawls and makes the tag to RVD! RVD takes out both Menard and Parker. RVD nails a rolling thunder on Menard. Parker is then taken out with a kick to the face by RVD. Anna Jay distracts the ref as Jake Hager comes in with a chair, but RVD moves. RVD nails Menard with the chair, Hook has Parker in a chokelock and RVD goes to the top rope and lands a huge frog splash on Parker for the three count!


After the match, Hook and RVD celebrate with the fans…

We go to a video package with Eddie Kingston on his plans as he holds two belts…Eddie Kingston will be defending the ROH and NJPW Strong Openweight Title against Katsuyori Shibata at WrestleDream next Sunday in Seattle.


Back from the break we go to a vignette with the Dark Order…They are here for us they say…

We go backstage with The Kingdom talking about neck health and how Best Friends are two dorks and Matt Bennett and Matt Taven will have a match next week on Collision.

Julia Hart is out next with Brody King. It was announced that Kiera Hogan will be subbing for Willow Nightingale. It was said that Willow was taken out with mist in her face earlier and was sent to a local hospital to be checked out…no footage exists.

Julia Hart vs. Kiera Hogan

The bell rings and Hogan goes after Julia, but she comes back and drops Hogan and then pulls Hogan’s hair. Julia works on the back and head of Hogan, slamming her face to the mat. Julia then picks up Hogan and drops her with a huge suplex. Julia then nails Hogan with huge left and right hands. Hogan attempts to fight back, but Julia counters and drops Hogan and covers her for only a two count. Julia has Hogan in a headlock as Hogan tries to fight back…Hogan then takes down Julia and as Julia is up, Hogan nails her with a running drop kick. Julia recovers and takes down Hogan. Julia picks her up and then puts Hogan in a submission hold on the mat as Hogan gives up!


After the match, Julia continues the hold…Skye Blue’s music hits as she comes down to confront Julia, who sprays mist in the face of Blue. King says this will not end until they get to the one – Kris Statlander…King calls for Statlander to put the TBS Title on the line at WrestleDream or this will continue…the officials were checking on Blue in the corner.

Hart grabs the mic and says the house always wins.

We go to a video package with The Righteous hyping their match for the ROH Tag Titles against Adam Cole and MJF at WrestleDream in Seattle.

We go back to the arena as Bullet Club Gold’s music hits. They all come out with Jay White.

Andrade is out next…

Andrade El Idolo vs. Jay White

BCG are all on the apron at the moment as the fan begin to chant A—holes….

The bell rings and we are underway. Both men lock up. Andrade sends Jay to the corner as Jay slaps Andrade. Andrade walks off and then Jay goes after him as Andrade puts him in a headlock. Jay is taken down with a shoulder block as the rest of the BCG distract Andrade and Jay takes him down. Jay goes to the floor as Andrade recovers and nails Jay. Jay rolls back in the ring and Andrade nails him from the top rope. Andrade snaps suplexes Jay twice and then tries again, but Jay counters and kicks Andrade in the head…Andrade recovers an drop kicks Jay to the floor…Andrade goes to the outside and tosses Jay into the ring…Jay then grabs Andrade and drops him with a DDT…Jay works on Andrade in the corner as the ref begins the five count. Jay then nails Andrade with a huge chop to the chest…Andrade is up on the top rope as Jay launches him to the floor for our picture in picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: BCG works on the Andrade on the outside, suplexing him on the mat. They celebrate on the apron as the ref starts counting to ten. Jay rolls Andrade back in the ring and covers him for only a two count. Jay uses the second rope to choke Andrade. Jay takes out the right knee of Andrade and begins to work on it. Jay then covers Andrade for only a two count! As Andrade favors his knee, Jay puts him in a headlock. The ref checks on Andrade…

Back from PIP: Jay still has the headlock on Andrade as he tries to work his way to the mat, but is able to get up, but Jay slams him down. Andrade then rolls up Jay for a small package, but Jay kicks out! Jay then nails Andrade with chops as Andrade gets up. Jay goes for another chop, but Andrade ducks and takes down Jay as the ref begins the ten count. Both men are up and exchange blows to the chest! Andrade then takes down Jay with a dragon screw and then a forearm. Andrade is up as Jay is down in the corner. Andrade goes to charge Jay, but the rest of BCG pull him out. Andrade goes to the top rope and takes down everyone on the floor! Jay is back in the ring and hits Jay with a double moonsault and covers Jay for only a two count! Andrade picks up Jay as Jay counters, but Andrade nails Jay as he slumps to the mat. Jay then suplexes Andrade to the floor! Jay rolls Andrade back in the ring and then spikes Andrade to the mat and covers him for a near fall! Jay then puts Andrade in a headlock. Andrade is in the corner as Jay hyper extends his knee trying to kick Andrade. Andrade works on the knee and nails Jay in the jaw, then covers Jay – 1 – 2 – NO! Jay kicks out to this is awesome chants…Andrade then drops Jay and covers him. Juice then puts the leg of Jay on the bottom rope as the ref stops the count. Andrade puts Jay in the figure four as Jay screams in pain. Andrade turns it into a figure eight…Juice distracts the ref as he nails Andrade with the a foreign object in the head and Jay then drops Andrade with a switchblade and covers Andrade for the pin.


We go to the video package with Santana returning and being confronted by Ortiz, which is the same that aired during Rampage.


Back from the break we have Shane Taylor with Lee Moriarity talking about Keith Lee going to work for the other billionaire as he stayed with Ring of Honor…Lee vs. Lee…

Aussie Open come out to the ring dressed in suits as they go to the announce table and hug Kevin Kelly as he calls them his boys.

The Workhorsemen are out next…

FTR is introduced next to a great ovation.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) defend against The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake)

FTR chants begin…the bell rings and here we go! Cash and Henry start as Henry tries to take down Cash. Both men lock it up again. Cash drops Henry who comes back and puts Cash in an armbar. Cash counters with an armbar of his own. Henry breaks out of it and dropkicks Cash. JD Drake is tagged in as Cash tags in Dax Harwood. Both men lockup. Drake nails Dax with huge chops! Dax fights back with chops of his own, but Drake picks up Dax and slams him hard. Henry is tagged in and then Drake is tagged back in and chops Dax. Henry is tagged in as both Dax picks up Henry and slams him down! Drake is tagged in and then takes down Dax. Henry is tagged and drops Dax. Drake is tagged in and lands a huge moonsault on Dax for only a two count as we get Holy S— chants. Back in the ring, Dax puts Drake in a sharpshooter as Drake taps! Aussie Open stand up and applaud FTR.


Aussie Open get in the ring and say that in eight days they will be in the fight for their lives. They remind FTR said Aussie Open is the best tag team today. Aussie Open says the need to prove to the world they are the best. Dax then gets on his knees and says he wants the baddest tag team in Aussie Open…

Backstage with Lexy Nair talking to CJ Perry. Lexy asks CJ why now after two year. CJ says Miro has lost his way with temptations. Miro comes in and says his temptation is her and CJ’s temptation is the lights and camera. Miro says if she stays he has to…CJ then asks Miro if he needs saving…CJ then says he will do what he does and she will do what she does. She then asks Miro not to lay a hand on her future clients and those she plans to manage…Miro then walks off.


Back from the break, the commentary team runs down the lineup for Dynamite, next week’s Collision and a video package for WrestleDream, along with the lineup. The video package promoting WrestleDream was well done.

It time for the main event…Ricky Starks is out first..Jim Ross is on commentary for the main event match…Starks hits the ring as his pyro goes off…Bryan Danielson’s music hits next to a big ovation.

Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson

The bell rings and Bryan and Ricky exchange chops as this started hot! Bryan finally takes his jacket off after taking Ricky to the outside. The action spills over into the fans as Bryan tosses Ricky into a trash can. Bryan headbutts Ricky and kicks him in the chest. The action continues in the lower level area. Ricky nails Bryan who comes back with kicks in the chest. The action is back over the barricade…Ricky tosses Bryan into the front row. Ricky climbs to the top rope and leaps on the Bryan in the front row! We go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Ricky chops Bryan in the chest as Bryan fights back with another chop, followed by a series of nasty headbutts. Bryan rolls Ricky back in the ring and works on the legs of Ricky. Bryan then grabs Ricky’s nose and puts him up in a submission hold as the ref checks on him.


Back from the break, Ricky nails Bryan with the ring bells ad then slams Bryan’s face against the announce table. As Bryan is back in the ring, Ricky nails Bryan in the leg with a chair and then continues to use it. Ricky sets up the chair on Bryan’s leg, but he gets up and hits Ricky with hit who is on the top rope. Bryan and Ricky are on the ropes as Ricky bites Bryan in the forehead…Bryan drops Ricky to the mat…Bryan is back up on the top rope and hits Ricky with a huge drop kick. Bryan then kicks Ricky in the chest as the fans chant yes. Ricky turns around and tosses the chair the face of Bryan…The fans chant for tables! Ricky works on Bryan as we go to our last picture in picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: Ricky has a strap and begin to whip Bryan in the back with it. Ricky then chokes out Bryan with the strap as he drops to the mat. Bryan rolls to the floor as Ricky follows him. Bryan tosses Ricky head first into the ring post! Bryan rolls back in the ring as he is down. Ricky is back in and has a chain…he nails Bryan in the head!

Back from PIP: Bryan chops Ricky and then Ricky fights back…both men exchange blows to the chest! Ricky then takes down Bryan and chokes him with the chain! Ricky pulls hard and Bryan begins to fade…Bryan appears to be out. The ref begins the ten count…Bryan is up at eight! Ricky then picks up Bryan tries to hang him with the chain…Ricky goes for the spear, but Bryan moves and has Ricky in a crossface and then wraps the chain around Ricky’s throat…Ricky begins to fade…the ref begins the count…Ricky then gets up and starts nailing Bryan who counters with forearm shots to Ricky’s face! Both men are down on their knees, exchanging blows! The ref begins to count as we have this is awesome chants…Ricky has a chair as Bryan drop kicks Ricky who is cut open above his left eye. Bryan grabs Ricky and stomps on him and spits on him…Bryan grabs the chain as the fans chant AEW! Bryan wraps the chain around his knee…He gets up and points to Ricky and connects with a huge knee on the face of Ricky! The ref begins the ten count…Bryan Danielson wins it!


After the match, Big Bill checks on Ricky and Wheeler Yuta checks on Bryan. Bill picks up Ricky who is walking towards Bryan. Bill and Yuta jaw at each other as the show goes off the air.