AEW Collision Holiday Bash Results – 12/23/23 (Trios Title Match, Continental Classic)

AEW Collision Results
December 23, 2023
Frost Bank Center in San Antonio, Texas
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go live to the arena without any intro…Bryan Danielson’s music hits as Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly welcome us to the show. Claudio Castagnoli’s music hits next as he comes out.

This is the final Collision of 2023!

Teammates of BCC face off for the first match of the night.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Stephon Smith is the referee for this match.

The bell rings as we get AEW chants…both men lock up as Claudio drops Bryan who is back up. He makes a pin attempt on Claudio who kicks out…both men make pin attempts as each kick out at one. Both men do a test of strength. Bryan attempts to take down Claudio who then grabs Bryan and attempts to pin him. Bryan grabs the legs of Claudio and attempts to bring it, but Claudio fights it off…Bryan then stomps on Claudio’s legs…Claudio is up as Bryan did not expect Claudio to get up, as we get BCC chants. Claudio sends Bryan to the corner and hits him with shoulder blocks to the mid-section…Claudio then sends Bryan down and hits him with an elbow drop. Bryan goes for the legs again and applies a leg lock on Claudio and grabs the arms of Claudio and makes a pin attempt, but Claudio kicks out at one. Claudio is up and sends Bryan over…both men are locked up and both men have their shoulders down…each men continue to attempt submission holds on each other. Both men are up as Claudio sends Bryan to the corner. The ref asks for a clean break…Claudio then pokes Bryan in his bad eye as he goes down. Claudio makes a pin attempt, but Bryan kicks out!…Both men again try pin attempts on each, but both kick out at two. Claudio tries for a giant swing, but Bryan fights out of it and locks up Claudio who makes it to the outside. Bryan then hits Claudio on the outside with a shotgun drop kick using the ropes. Bryan then from the apron drops Claudio with a big knee to the shoulder and then sends him to the steel steps. As the the action continues on the outside, Bryan kicks Claudio in the chest with big thrust kicks…Bryan sends Claudio back in the ring, but Claudio fights back and nails Bryan in his bad eye. Claudio sends Bryan to the corner and follows up with a big elbow to the face. Bryan then sends Claudio to the corner and nails him with big chops, followed by two running drop kicks! As Bryan goes for a third, Claudio catches him and swings him around and then drops him and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO BRYAN KICKS OUT! We get this is awesome chants from the San Antonio fans! Claudio attempts a sharpshooter, but Bryan makes it to the ropes to break the hold…Bryan is up and Claudio headbutts him to send him to the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Bryan is down on the floor as Claudio walks around…he then runs and nails Bryan with a big elbow to the face. Claudio goes back in the ring as the ref begins the ten count. Bryan is crawling on the floor and makes it back in the ring as Claudio drops him and covers him for only a two count! Claudio applies a choke hold on Bryan as the ref check on him to see if he can continue the match…Bryan is up and makes it to the ropes to the break the hold, but Claudio nails him with elbow shots and rights as Bryan is sitting on the top turnbuckle.

Back from PIP: Claudio attempts a superplex, but Bryan fights it off and sends Claudio a top the turnbuckle. Claudio hangs upside down as Bryan kicks him…Bryan picks up Claudio and drops him from the top with a belly to back suplex! Bryan is crawling to get to Claudio and covers him, but Claudio kicks out a two! Bryan then grabs Claudio and hits him with hammer blows, but Claudio picks up Bryan and swings him around and drops him. As Claudio goes for a cover, Bryan applies the LeBell Lock, but the ref did not see the leg on the bottom rope…he finally sees it as the fans boo! Claudio is up as Bryan chops Claudio..five minutes remain in the match per Dasha…Both men are up on the top turnbuckle…Claudio picks up Bryan and drops him with a huge suplex as Claudio covers Bryan – 1 – 2 – NO! BRYAN KICKS OUT! Both men are down trying to catch their breath. Claudio then picks up the head of Bryan hits him with uppercuts…Claudio picks up Bryan, but he fights out of hit and gets his legs around Claudio who gets up and plants Bryan face first on the mat…Claudio covers Bryan 1 – 2 – NO! BRYAN KICKS OUT! Bryan then hits Claudio with a big knee! Bryan covers Claudio, but he kicks out at two! Bryan kicks Claudio several times as Claudio reverses it. Both men are down, as they kick each other in the face…both men are locked up and hit each other with up kicks…Claudio is up and applies the sharpshooter on Bryan as Dasha tells us we have one minute left! Claudio has Bryan in the center of the ring as we have 30 seconds left! Claudio is cracking on Bryan’s lower back as the fans are on their feet! Claudio drops the hold at ten seconds…Claudio nails Bryan with an uppercut as the time limit expires. The match ends in a draw to boos!

Dasha announces that Bryan Danielson has advanced to the Blue League Finals. Claudio looks dejected as Bryan is on his back trying to recover. Claudio is eliminated and finishes the tournament at 7 points. Both men shake hands and hugs as the commentary team runs down the Gold League tournament before we go to a video package recapping the Gold League Matches from last Wednesday’s Dynamite.


Back from the break, Top Flight and Action Andretti are out first for our only title match of the night. The Acclaimed’s music hits as Max Caster does his a rap making fun of Top Flight and Action. The part of the rap making fun of Governor Greg Abbott didn’t seem to sit well with the San Antonio crowd.

AEW Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn (c) defend against Top Flight and Action Andretti

Aubrey Edwards is the ref for this title match as she calls for the bell. We oh, scissor me daddy chants. Max Caster and Darrius Martin lock up as Caster takes down Darrius with an arm drag and put him in a wrist lock. Caster does a blind tag to Anthony Bowens as Action is tagged in. He takes down Bowens and attempts a pin, but Bowens kicks out. Darrius goes to the corner and tags in Action….Top Flight double team The Acclaimed. Billy Gunn is tagged in as he takes down Action who is quick to get up, but Billy drops him as the fans go wild! We go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Billy kicks Action and tags in Caster who sends Action to the ropes and drops him with a big elbow. Caster covers Action who kicks out at one! Caster applies a headlock on Action who fights out! Caster makes it to his corner to tag in Bowens who comes in and nails Action with big elbow shots to the back of the head.


Back from the break, Action is in the corner as Billy charges at Action who moves out of the way. Billy then tags Caster, as Action tags in Dante. Dante then tags Darrius as he drops Billy as Action is then tagged in. Action delivers a standing shooting star on Caster…Dante is up on the ropes and comes down as Billy catches him and drops him hard on the match…Darrius then hits the ropes, but Billy picks him up for a tilt a whirl slam and drops him! Bowens is up on the second rope, but Action and Dante nail drop kicks on Billy and Caster. Billy is on the apron as he sent to the floor by Dante…Top Flight take flight and take out Billy and Bowens on the outside…in the ring Action attempts a pin on Caster, but he pulls the tights and rolls up Action to get the pin to retain.


We go to a vignette with Hook who puts out a challenge for next week at Worlds End to Wheeler Yuta, as Hook puts the FTW Title on the line.

Brian Cage’s music hits next as he out with Prince Nana. Keith Lee is out next wearing a Santa Clause hat.

Brian Cage vs. Keith Lee

The bell rings as we are underway! Cage and Lee lock up as Mike Posey is the referee for this match. Both men break the hold…Cage locks up Lee in a headlock as Lee tries to pick up Cage. Cage charges at Lee, as he picks up Lee and sends him down to the mat. Lee is up with a smirk on his face. Both men lock up, but break the hold as Lee drops Cage. Lee then charges at Cage who moves out of the way. Cage tries to suplex Lee, but he can’t pick him up. Cage up and then drops Lee with a big tornado DDT as we go to what is suppose to be picture in picture, but Sling TV gives me a full commercial break instead…sorry everyone.


Back from the full break, Lee hits Cage with shots to the mid-section. Lee sends Cage to the corner and hits him with lefts and rights to the gut, followed by a forearm shot to the face. Lee picks up Cage and drops him as Lee covers Cage for only a two count. Lee grabs Cage and sends him to the ropes, but Cage leg trips Lee and then kicks Lee as he goes down and rolls to the apron. Cage picks up Lee and goes on the second rope as Lee fights off Cage and sends him down. Lee goes to the top, but Cage is up and kicks Lee…Lee is up on the second rope as Cage is on the top rope and suplexes Lee hard to the mat! The fans chant Holy S—! Cage covers Lee for just a two count! Cage picks up Lee and kicks him in the chest and hits him with a pump kick in the face. Cage then picks up Lee and drops him face first to the mat. He covers Lee for only a two! Prince Nana grabs a cinder block from under the ring and gives it to Cage, but Lee is up and, picks up Cage, slams him hard and covers him to get the pin! Prince Nana is shown not happy. Lee has a mic and says almost a year ago someone took him out for two months with the cinder block…Lee says the person won’t answer him so he will go to Wednesday’s Dynamite to make his message clear and he has house to tear down and will do it brick by brick.

We go backstage with Renee talking to Toni Storm…Mariah May then says her American wrestling license has been approved…May asks Storm for any advice, but says she didn’t hear the question…Storm then directs her attention to talk about her title defense against Riho at Worlds End…This was another great promo from Storm. Renee’s reactions are great!

Christian Cage’s music hits as he comes to the ring with the TNT Title and Nick Wayne. Cage grabs a mic as the fans boo loudly…Cage tells the fans to sit down and shut up as the fans boo louder! Cage says the business is why did Nick’s mom smash Adam Copeland in the head with the TNT Title in Montreal…Cage says why should he explain it when Nick’s mom can do it herself…Cage introduces Shayna Wayne as she walks to ring with no music and loud boos! Cage tries to talk…he then hands the mic to Shayna to loud boos as she looks around…Shayna asks why the fans boo a mother and she says how dare the fans boo her…She then says she did what she did to Adam Copeland because Nick Wayne is her son, her baby boy, her pride and joy…she says she sat in the ring and watched Adam Copeland slam a steel chair into Nick’s head…she says she did what any loving mother would do, protect her son…she then says the one person who really loves and cares for her son as much as she does is Christian Cage. Cage then says Adam Copeland is a piece of crap and Shayna worked as a waitress for $40,000 a year and worked hard so her son’s dream could come true to be a pro wrestler…Cage then says that Adam grew up with a single mom who worked crappy jobs just to make ends meat…Cage then says Montreal was not a great night for Copeland, but a great night for him…he said he scored great that night and walked out of Montreal with mother Wayne and now that his family is complete he will address Copeland for Worlds End, but won’t accept it as a challenge because he is not a challenge and he has already beaten Copeland…Cage says he is the best and for all the single mothers in the world he will take Copeland to the shed and beat him. We have a no DQ TNT Title Match at Worlds End.

We go backstage to Lexy Nair who is with Big Bill and Ricky Starks…they were set to defend the tag titles against the Golden Jets…Bill says that he thinks Kenny’s medical issue is fake as his uncle has gingivitis and he is fine. Bill says Kenny is scared to face the tag champs…as Ricky says the Golden Jets forfeit they will party…Chris Jericho then come in as says that he has a contract to wrestle and will find a partner for the tag title match at Worlds End.

Brody King’s music hits as he represents House of Black. Daniel Garcia is out next as Daddy Magic is on commentary for this next match.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League: Daniel Garcia vs. Brody King

The bell rings as both men stare each other down…Garcia slaps King who then kicks Garcia as he goes down in the corner…King then hits Garcia with a big cannonball…King covers Garcia who gets his foot on the ropes. Garcia is up as King nails him with a huge chop! King then kicks down Garcia who gets up but is chopped and drops to the mat. Garcia is up on the apron only to be hammered by King. Garcia grabs King and uses the ropes to choke King, but King slugs Garcia and then picks him up and puts him a chokehold and drops him to the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Garcia is on the floor as the ref begins the ten count. Garcia makes his way to his feet and gets back in the ring as King picks him up and sends him to the outside again. King goes to the floor and sends Garcia into the barricade. Garcia tries to get to his feet, as King picks him up and chops him. King then sends Garcia into the barricade again. King puts boots to the face of Garcia and picks him up and sends him into the time keepers table…King trash talks Daddy Magic before sending Garcia back in the ring. King picks up Garcia and nails him with big rights to the face and tosses him into the opposite corner, as Garcia drops to the mat. Garcia is up…

Back from PIP: Garcia kicks King with big boots to the face…three in a row, but King recovers and sends Garcia down and hits him with a senton…King covers Garcia who kicks out at two! Garcia is up as King hits him with a big knife-edge chop! Garcia is down and gets up only to be chopped by King, but he stays up and is fired up as the fans go crazy! King puts his hands behind his back and tells Garcia to give him his best shot…Garcia chops King, but it has not affect. Garcia tries to pick up King, who drops him after a few hammer blows. King picks up Garcia and goes to clothesline Garcia who ducks and drops King and covers him for only a two count! King then DDT’s Garcia, followed by a big lariat…King covers Garcia, who kicks out at two! King then drops Garcia with a huge gonzo bomb…1 – 2 – NO! GARCIA KICKS OUT AGAIN! Brandon Martinez (referee looks on)…Garcia then picks up King and german suplexes and covers King to get the big win as the fans go nuts!


As King stalked towards Garcia the lights go out…as the lights come on Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black are in the ring…Daddy Magic goes for the save, but is taken out…King then grabs the fingers of Garcia and snaps them…suddenly FTR’s music hits…Dax Harwood grabs a mic and says he is tired of the magic tricks…FTR then puts out the challenge to House of Black…


Back from the break, Skye Blue is out first…the lights go out as Julia Hart’s music hits…the TBS champion is out next as represents the House of Black.

Abadon’s music is up next…Thunder Rosa’s music hits as she comes out in a convertible Cadillac. She gets a great ovation from her hometown crowd.

Thunder Rosa and Abadon vs. Julia Hart and Skye Blue

The bell rings as we are underway….Abadon and Blue start…Blue takes down Abadon quick and tags in Hart. Hart snaps down Abadon and then slams her head hard to the mat. Abadon is back up and hits Hart with lefts and right…Abadon drops Hart and hits her with big fists. Abadon continues the fight on Hart. Abadon goes to make the tag on Rosa as Blue runs over and drops Rosa off the apron and onto the floor. Hart and Blue double team Abadon as referee Aubrey Edwards tries to restore order…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Hart slams Abadon’s head to the mat. Hart then nails Abadon with big rights…Abadon is up and drops Hart to the mat as both are down. Blue then runs over and pulls Rosa off the apron and tosses her into the steel steps. Hart is up and grabs Abadon as Blue runs and kicks Abadon in the face…Hart then applies a headlock as Sling TV gives me a full break.


Back from the break, Hart has Abadon locked up, but Abadon fights back, but its not enough as Hart tags in Blue…Abadon sends both Blue and Hart to the mat…Rosa is tagged in and takes down both Hart and Blue! Rosa then hits Hart with double knees and then takes down Blue with a flying lariat and then big knees! Rosa then takes down Blue with a running drop kick and covers her, but Julia Hart breaks up the pin…Hart and Rosa go face to face, as Hart sends Rosa to the floor…Rosa is back in the ring as Blue picks up Rosa and drops her and nails her with a big thrust kick to the face…Blue drags Rosa as Hart is up on the top rope, only to be dropped by Abadon…Hart is hanging upside down…Abadon holds Hart in the corner as Rosa drops Blue with a big thunder bomb to get the win.



Eddie Kingston’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring. Andrade’s music is up next as he is out without CJ Perry who is still recovering following surgery for a really bad infection. Get better CJ!

AEW Continental Classic Blue League: Eddie Kingston vs. Andrade El Idolo

The bell rings as we begin! Andrade puts his hand out as both men shake hands. Andrade shoves Eddie and Eddie shoves him back…Andrade hits Eddie with a back elbow as he shakes it off. Both men trash talk each other…they lock up as Andrade puts Eddie in a headlock as Eddie fights out of it. Andrade puts Eddie in an armlock as Eddie attempts to fight out of it. Eddie reverses it and locks up Andrade….Eddie sends Andrade to the corner as Andrade comes back and drops Eddie and covers him for only a two count! Andrade puts Eddie in an armlock as Eddie fights back and drops Andrade and stomps on his mid-section. Eddie picks up Andrade as Andrade fights back, but Eddie drops Andrade as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Eddie has Andrade in a headlock…the hold is broken as Eddie chops Andrade and puts him on the top turnbuckle and then sends him to the floor. The ref begins the ten count, as Andrade is back up on his feet. He rolls back in the ring and then rolls back out to start the ten count over…Andrade is back in the ring and charges Eddie who catches his leg and drops him…Eddie applies a headlock on Andrade and then snaps him and applies the headlock again. The ref checks on Andrade as Tony Schiavone says there will be no more breaks…

Back from PIP: Andrade kicks Eddie in the knees… Andrade then drops Eddie again with dragon screw leg whips…Andrade is fired up and picks up Eddie and sends him to the corner and kicks him in the mid-section. Andrade then charges Eddie and connects with double knees to the face…Andrade covers Eddie who kicks out at two! Andrade grabs Eddie and picks him up and German suplexes him multiple times…Andrade covers Eddie, but Eddie kicks out at two! Andrade goes to the top rope, but Eddie is up as Andrade comes down to met with a big kick by Eddie as he goes down holding his knee…the ref checks on Eddie…Andrade is in the corner as Eddie chops him hard and then drops Andrade with a big exploder. Eddie covers Andrade who kicks out at two! Eddie is up limping. He picks up Andrade and tries for a half and half, but Andrade sends Eddie to the floor and then connects with a huge moonsault from the top rope to Eddie on the floor! Andrade rolls Eddie back in and hits him with a standing moonsault and then covers Eddie – 1 – 2 – NO! Eddie kicks out at two! Andrade is up and picks up Eddie as we get dual chants for Eddie and Andrade…Andrade has a hammer lock applied, but Eddie breaks it loose and delivers a big belly to back suplex on Andrade…Eddie covers Andrade, but he kicks out at two! Eddie tries to pick up Andrade, but the ref checks on him as he stays low to the mat…Andrade is up and nails Eddie with a big elbow! Andrade covers Eddie as he kicks out at two! Andrade looks shocked as we get this is awesome chants…Andrade goes for the figure four, but Eddie makes it to the ropes as Eddie gets out of the figure eight…Eddie is up and then back hands Andrade and picks him and slams him down and covers Andrade to get the win!


Eddie Kingston goes on to face Bryan Danielson Wednesday on Dynamite….Bryan Danielson comes down to the ring as both he and Eddie jaw at each other as the show goes off the air.

I will be putting touch ups on this recap…