AEW Collision Results – 2/3/24 (Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Keith and more!)

AEW Collision Results
February 3, 2024
Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg, Texas
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Saturday night’s alright for fighting on TNT…

…Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as we go live to the arena with the pyro going off!

The fans are crazy in Texas tonight!

Dasha introduces the champion in Eddie Kingston as he makes his way to the ring as we get Eddie chants! This crowd is ready to go with this match tonight!

Bryan Keith is already in the ring.

Continental Crown Champion Proving Ground Match: Eddie Kingston defends against Bryan Keith

The bell rings and we are underway! Eddie attempts to kick Bryan as he fights it off. Bryan tries kicking Eddie, but he fights it off, as both men lock up. We get lets go Eddie chants…Both men are still locked up against the ropes…we get a break, but Bryan slaps the champ across the face. Both men lock up again as Eddie pushes Bryan to the ropes. The ref calls for a break. As Bryan goes for a punch, Eddie blocks it, but Bryan fire back, but Eddie takes down Bryan as he hits Bryan across the bridge of the nose. Eddie then delivers a series of chops to the chest of Bryan and then suplexes him. Bryan Keith recovers and then hits Eddie with a series of headbutts. Kingston fires back with headbutts of his own and then slaps Keith across the face. Eddie then delivers a knee to the face of Keith. Kingston makes an attempt to suplex Keith but he fights it off…both men then exchange blows and chops. Keith then tells Eddie to bring it as the fans gets fired up…Kingston then nails Keith with three knife edge chops, but Keith kicks Eddie in the legs sending him to mat. As Eddie gets up, Keith kicks him in the face. Bryan Keith then nails Kingston with a reverse kick as he goes down. Keith covers Kingston for only a two count. Eddie rolls to the outside as Keith follows. Keith then sends Eddie to the barricade shoulder first. Keith then smacks Kingston in the head…the action goes back into the ring as Bryan slaps Eddie in the jaw as he goes down. Keith covers the champ who kicks out at two! As Eddie is up, both men exchange blows…Keith then suplexes Eddie as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Eddie up and grabs Bryan and uses the ropes to choke him. Keith goes down as Eddie stomps on the face of Keith. Eddie then kicks Keith in the face, who recovers and gets fired up and kicks Kingston back, but Eddie is back on the offense and takes down Keith, who falls the corner. Kingston then kicks Keith in the chest. Keith gets back up as Eddie then kicks him again. Kingston then hits Keith in the back…

Back from PIP: Keith sends Kingston to the corner, but Eddie gets his feet up and hits Keith. Keith then fires back with a leaping headbutt hitting the champ in the jaw as Eddie rolls to the floor. The ref begins the ten count as Eddie makes his way on to the apron. Keith kicks Eddie off the apron back to the floor. Keith then takes out Eddie on the floor…Eddie makes his way back in the ring as Keith hits Kingston with a big boot as he falls to the mat. Bryan Keith covers the champ who kicks out at two! Bryan Keith tries to pick up Eddie, but he reverses it and drops Keith with an exploder…Keith then drops Eddie with an exploder of his own, followed by a huge powerbomb….Keith covers Kingston…1 – 2, NO! KINGSTON KICKS OUT AT TWO! Kingston is up as Keith nails Keith with a big chop. Kingston then hits Bryan with a big backfist and then an exploder…Eddie covers Keith 1 – 2 – NO! KEITH KICKS OUT AT TWO! Eddie then fires up with machine gun chops to the chest of Keith. Eddie then is hit by a huge kick by Keith. Eddie then catches Keith with a sleeper…Keith drops Kingston with a jaw breaker, but he holds on! Eddie then drops Keith with a DDT and covers him, but he kicks out at two! Both men are up as Keith slaps Eddie who then nails Keith with a big backfist! Kingston covers Bryan Keith to get the win.


After the match, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Eddie and tells him to talk to Bryan Keith. Tony says that only in Texas starting tonight Bryan Keith is ALL ELITE as the graphic is on the big screen….the fans start and Keith chant as Eddie claps and then Keith and Eddie hug. Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Danielson shakes the hand of Keith and raises his hand…we go with a backstage shot showing Hechicero.


Back from the break we get a recap of Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Hardy from last Wednesday’s Dynamite with the CMLL stars saving Hardy from BCC. We then go to a backstage promo with Moxley talking about CMLL having the greatest luchadors in the world. He then says BCC studies the history all over the world and has a deep respect for pro wrestling and has no reason not to show respect to CMLL and the heritage of luchadors. Mox then says this is like the show on the other channel, lazy all American wrestlers and that BCC is the elite of All Elite…Mox says that CMLL stars better hope and pray that BCC does not show up in their backyard.

Hechicero is introduced first with a a really good entrance…Byran Danielson is already in the ring.

Bryan Danielson vs. CMLL star Hechicero

The bell rings as we are underway. Hechicero tries to take down Danielson as both men lock up hands for a test of strength. Both men are down on the mat as Hechicero escapes a wrist lock. Both men then lock up as Hechicero and Danielson try leg locks on each other in the center of the ring. Hechicerco slaps Bryan as Hechicero makes a pin attempt, but Bryan kicks out. Bryan then grabs the arms of Hechicero and applies a surfboard, but he escapes and then applies the same move on Danielson! Bryan is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Both men lock up again as Bryan sends Hechicero to the corner. Danielson kicks Hechicero with several kicks to the chest…we are told Hook as arrived to the arena for a match tonight…

Bryan knocks Hechicero down with a big forearm to the face. Hechicero comes back and takes down Danielson with a big leg drop…Hechicero applies a rear naked choke on Danielson who makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. As Bryan rolls to the floor, we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Hechicero goes to the outside and slaps Danielson in the chest and follows up with a huge kick to the chest. Danielson rolls back in the ring as Hechicero follows…he grabs Danielson and hits him with a series of punches to the head. Hechicero then hits Danielson with a series of big rights to the head as Sling TV gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the break, Hechicero is slapping Danielson with a series of big chops to the chest. As Danielson goes to the corner, Hechicero nails Danielson with more punches…Hechicero then grabs Danielson and sends him to the other corner…Hechicero comes off the second rope and sends Danielson down with a drop kick! Danielson goes to the top rope as Hechicero follows…Danielson fights back and hits Hechicero with a big headbutt…Hechicero falls to the mat…Danielson comes down with a diving headbutt, but Hechicero grabs the arm of Danielson…Hechicero then make a pin attempt as Danielson kicks out! Hechicero sends Danielson to the floor…Hechicero then runs and dives over the top and takes down Danielson on the outside! The fans are fired up! Hechicero then sends Danielson back in the ring…Hechicero comes off the top rope as Danielson gets the knee up…Danielson then applies the LeBell Lock on Hechicero who makes his way out of the move and twists over and locks up the arms of Danielson and then bends the fingers of Danielson….Bryan reaches for the second rope to break the hold. Danielson then kicks Hechicero with a series of kicks to the chest. Hechicero is up and picks up Danielson and drops him with a spinning hammer lock into a back breaker! Hechicero then attempts a jumping knee strike, but Bryan moves and then drops Hechicero. Danielson goes for the big knee, but Hechicero moves out of the way and then catches Danielson and covers him for only a two count! Bryan then rolls up Hechicero and is able to get the pin!


After the match, Hechicero attacks Danielson…Claudio Castignoli’s music hits as he runs to the ring to make the save!

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to FTR and Daniel Garcia…Lexy asks if FTR and Daniel Garcia will be a team going forward…Garcia says he glad he has them by his side. Cash Wheeler says he likes having a young star on their side…Dax Harwood says that the rankings are back and they have a high ranking in the Trios category.

Hooks music hits as the FTW Champion makes his way out to the ring. We get a recap of Hook and Brian Cage in a fight on the floor at Dynamite.

Hook vs. The Outrunners (Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd)

Hook takes out both members of The Outrunners. They then come back and double team Hook. Turbo then tags in Truth who drops Hook, but he fires back with huge blows.. Truth then tags in Turbo as Hook grabs him…Turbo then tags in Truth as they double team Hook. Both men pose as Hook takes them both out from the outside. Hook sends Turbo to the floor and then locks in his submission hold – the Redrum on Truth who quickly taps out.



Back from the break Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduces Mark Briscoe – “REACH FOR THE SKY BOY” Mark makes his way out to a good ovation from the Texas fans.

Mark is in the ring as Tony talks about a week ago that he would help FTR and Daniel Garcia…Mark says that first things first, it feels good to be in Texas tonight! He says it is very special for him in Texas as he spent Saturday nights with his brother watching a man named Tony Schiavone interviewing Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair…Mark then says its great to be here tonight with Tony Schiavone, as we get Tony chants…Marks tells the fans to simmer down and its time to get serious…Mark says he fights for his friends and his family. Mark says he took five steps on the stage and got tossed off the stage by House of Black…but as the credits rolled, FTR and Daniel Garcia had their hands raised as House of Black was sent to the back licking their wounds…Marks says its been tough year after 20 years of being one half of the best tag team on the planet, he is now flying solo…Mark says he will until he can fight no more…the lights go out…House of Black appear on the big screen. Malakai Black says that is great and emotional…Black says he likes magic tricks and will be like a magician and make Mark disappear from wrestling…the lights go back on as Mark is in the ring by himself…Malakai on the big screen says they are already in his head.

We go to a video package with Adam Copeland on his past Cope Open challenges. Next week Adam Copeland will appear on Collision in Las Vegas for a promo.

Serena Deeb’s music hits as she makes her way out to the ring…She looks at the camera and says she is back…Deeb gives her Deeb’s Doho to a young fan at ringside.

Queen Aminata’s music hits next as the Queen makes her way out to boos.

Serena Deeb vs. Queen Aminata

We get a Deeb chant as the bell rings…both women lock up. Deeb drops the Queen to the mat…Aminata is up…Both women lock up again as Aminata attempts a headlock on Deeb who escapes out of it. Deeb then grabs the leg of Aminata and grabs her arms as Deeb makes a pin attempt, but Aminata kicks out at two. Both men lock up hands for a test of strength. Deeb sends Aminata to the ropes, but she takes down Deeb with a shoulder block…Deeb comes back and locks up Aminata with a crab, but she makes it to the ropes to break the hold. The Queen comes back and drops Deeb with a snap suplex and covers Deeb for just a two count as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Deeb is up and fires back, but the Queen drops her again with a big punch. Aminata picks up Deeb and drops her…Aminata then applies a headlock on Deeb and transitions it into an armbar. Deeb rolls up Aminata for just a two count. Deeb attempts to fight back, but Aminata’s offense is too much as she drops Deeb hard to the mat. The Queen covers Deeb for just a two count!

Back from PIP: The Queen has Deebs arms, but Deeb fights back and ducks a series of lariats for Aminata, but is able to connect on the Queen…Deeb then fires back with a series of rights to Aminata, followed by a rolling forearm. Deeb the uses the ropes to choke Aminata as she drops to the mat…Deeb then drops the Queen with a swinging neckbreaker. Deeb tries for a double underhook, but Aminata reveres it and cover Deeb for only a two count! Deeb then tries for a pin attempt on Aminata, but she kicks out and then headbutts Deeb who goes to the corner…the Queen lands a big hip attack on Deeb…The Queen goes for another, but Deeb rolls the floor and wraps the legs of Aminata around the ring post for a figure four…the action is back in the ring as Deeb drops Aminata and pounds the knee of the Queen on the mat…Deeb applies the serenity lock on Aminata who quickly submits.

Before the commercial break, we are told we will hear from Swerve Strickland.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring talking about the rankings…the music of Swerve Strickland hits as Prince Nana comes out…Tony says that Swerve is the number contender to the World Title according to the rankings. He is out to a mix of cheers and boos.

Tony talks about on this week’s Dynamite, he will take on Hangman Page with the winner going on to face Samoa Joe at Revolution for the title…Swerve brings up that this is black history month and talks about those who paved the way for him who made black history such as Ron Simmons and Kofi Kingston…he gives a shout out to Kofi…he then gives a shout out the ROH Women’s Champion Athena. Swerve says this Wednesday he has an opportunity to be the next AEW World Champion. He then says he had to do some really bad things to get here, but he doesn’t regret it…Prince tries to talk, but Swerve cuts him off as we get Cowboy S— chants…Swerve says that he has beaten Hangman twice now and that third times a charm and he puts Page behind him and becomes black history and then goes to Revolution to be the champion…Prince then says the Mogul Embassy will be on top…Swerve cuts him off and says Mogul is family and business…Swerve tells Prince Nana no interference that way there are no excuses.

We go to a vignette with “Timeless” Toni Storm talking about being technical and will show Deonna Purrazzo just how technical she can be in the ring…Mariah May then cuts off Toni and asks her if she saw her match…Toni tells May if you have seen one women’s match you have seen them all…Toni says she will sniff and taste Purrazzo, as she then asks for cranberry juice…

Red Velvet comes out…Vertvixen is alreay in the ring.

Red Velvet vs. Vertvixen

The bell rings as Velvet locks up Vertvixen who breaks out of the hold. Velvet takes down Vertvixen and covers her for just a two count. Velvet picks up Vertvixen and face plants her hard on the mat. Velvet then attempts to drop Vertvixen as she reverses it and drops Velvet to the mat. Vertvixen then takes down Velvet with a big boot to the face. Vertvixen charges at Velvet who moves and then hits Vertvixen with a backstabber for the win.



It is time for our main event! Christian Cage’s music hits as he and Nick Wayne and Killswitch make their way to the ring…Wayne’s mom is with them.

Daniel Garcia’s music hits as he is out on the entrance ramp…FTR’s music then hits as all three make their way to the ring…Daddy Magic is on commentary for this match.

We get a big FTR chant…

Trios Tag Team Action: Christian Cage and Patriarchy (Nick Wayne and Killswitch) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and Daniel Garcia

Dax and Nick will start the match. Both men lock up but Nick escapes…Dax then locks up Nick, but he reveres it, but Dax schools Nick with a big chop. Cage is tagged in as the fans boo loudly. Dax takes down Cage with a big shoulder block and rolls up Cage for only a two count…Dax then rolls up Cage again as Cage kicks out again…Dax tries for a third time, but Cage kicks out yet again! Nick is tagged in as he slaps Nick. Dax tags in Garcia who takes down Nick, but he comes back with an arm drag. Wayne attempts to pin Garcia who kicks out. Nick then slaps Garcia…he then sends Nick to the floor…Cage comes in and is sent to the floor by Garcia…Killswitch comes in as FTR and Garcia try to dance, but the ref blocks Killswitch…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Garcia and Wayne lock up…Nick tags in Killswitch who takes down Garcia with a big right hand…Killswitch tags in Wayne who kicks Garcia across the back. Garcia tries to fight back, but Wayne drops him with a big right hand. Cage is tagged in. As Garica tries to get to his feet, Cage drops him…Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the full break, Cage steps on the neck of Garcia. Cage then picks up Garcia and then applies a face lock on him. As Garcia tries to fight back, Cage drops him…Killswitch and Wayne hold Garcia in the corner as he fights out of it…he tries to make the tag, but can’t…Garcia attempts to pin Garcia who kicks out at two…Cage goes to the top rope, but its crash and burn as Garcia moves out of the way. Garcia tags in Cash Wheeler as Cage tags in Nick Wyane…Cash takes down Nick with a big drop kick! Cash then tags in Dax…Killswitch not legal, enters the ring and shoves FTR…the former tag champs take down Killswitch as Wayne from behind tries a series of pin attempts on Dax, but Dax kicks out…Wayne is up on the top rope, but Dax hits him from behind…Dax climbs up and drops Wayne hard to the mat with a big superplex…Dax covers Nick, but Killswitch makes the save. Killswitch distracts the ref as Cage uses the ropes to take down Dax…Killswitch then picks up Dax and chokeslam him hard to the mat. Wayne covers Dax for only a two count as we go to another picture in picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: Cage is tagged in and drops Dax with a neckbreaker. Cage covers Dax who kicks out at two! Cage sets up Dax’s face on the second rope as Killswitch delivers a big boot to the face. Dax falls to the floor and then rolls back in the ring. Killswitch is finally tagged in and sends Dax into the turn buckle chest first. He then hits Dax with a knee to the chest before tagging in Cage…

Back from PIP: Dax drops Cage on his back. Cage tags in Wayne who drops Garcia with an elbow sending him off the apron. Dax is in the corner of the heels fighting his way out…Wayne then drops Dax with a vertical suplex and then applies a headlock on Dax. Dax tries to make a tag…he escapes the hold and drops Nick with a belly to back suplex…Nick tags in Cage who grabs Dax and sends him to the floor. Dax sends Killswitch into the steel steps…Dax rolls back into the ring as Dax and Cage collide…both men are down. Cage crawls to make a tag to Nick who cuts off Dax…Dax then is able to tag in Garcia who drops Nick and then picks him up and suplexes him…Cash is in…he dives through the ropes and takes out Killswitch on the floor…Garcia then drops Wayne with a brain buster and covers him, but NICK WAYNE KICKS OUT! We get this is awesome chants. Wayne then suplexes Garcia as he then covers Garcia who kicks out at two! Wayne jaws at Garcia who is down…Garcia then rolls up Wayne for just a two count! Garcia then drops Wayne with a swinging neck breaker and covers him, but he kicks out at two! As Garcia attempts to go to the top rope, he is cut off by Cage…Dax and Cage then fight it out on the apron. On the floor, Dax drops Dax to the floor with a killswitch…Cash is in the ring, but is chokeslammed but Killswitch…Cage spears Cash as Dax has Cage in a sharpshooter, but the hold is broken up by Wayne who hits him with a Wayne’s World…Garcia then grabs Wayne from behind and then roll him up and gets the pin!


After the match, Garcia and Cage have a stare down. FTR and Garcia dance while looking at Cage as the commentary team run down the card for Dynamite before the show goes off the air.

Some of the action during the main event was a challenge to keep up with at times…