AEW Collision Results – 2/24/24 (Bryan Keith vs. Malakai Black and more!)

AEW Collision Results
February 24, 2024
Great Southern Bank Arena in Springfield, MO
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go right to the opener as Saturday night’s alright for fighting! It’s new and looks good!

The pyro goes off as we are inside the arena with Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show!

Sammy Guevara is out first for our first match of the night. Powerhouse Hobbs is out next, as it was mentioned on commentary all the other members of the Don Callis family have been banned from ringside.

No Disqualification Match: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy goes right after Hobbs with a quick start! Sammy nails Hobbs with a big kick, followed by a cutter from the top rope. Sammy sends Hobbs to the floor with a big lariat over the top rope! Sammy tries to send Hobbs into the steel steps, but Hobbs reverses it as Sammy leaps over the steps…Sammy wastes a bit of time charging at Hobbs, who picks him up and slams Sammy hard into the steel steps back first. Hobbs grabs Sammy and nails him with a big right hand to the face. Hobbs picks up Sammy and slams him on the apron and then tosses him into the barricade. Hobbs picks up Sammy and drops him on the floor. Hobbs pulls out steel steps, then sends Sammy into the barricade. Hobbs jaws at Kevin Kelly. Hobbs demands his belt from Kelly as Hobbs grabs him. Kelly gives his belt to Hobbs as he uses it on Sammy, who recovers and superkicks Hobbs. Sammy grabs a chair and nails Hobbs with it in the back and then hits Hobbs in the face with it. Hobbs fires back and tosses Sammy over the barricade and lands on his knees…Sammy grabs the belt and hits Hobbs in the back. Sammy grabs a table from under the ring. He sets it up as Hobbs staggers to his feet. Sammy grabs a chair and hits Hobbs in the chest. Sammy grabs another table from under the ring and sets it up. Sammy goes to the top rope and leaps down, but is caught by Hobbs, who powerslams Sammy through the table as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: replays are shown of Hobbs power slamming Sammy through the table, which broke in half. Hobbs picks up Sammy and heabutts him. Sammy is back in the ring and goes to the top rope and hits Sammy with a big lariat. Hobbs makes the cover as Sammy kicks out at two! Hobbs grabs Sammy’s face and yells at him. Hobbs picks up Sammy and tosses him into the turnbuckle…

Back from PIP: Hobbs picks up Sammy and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Hobbs charges at Sammy who moves. Sammy picks up Hobbs and slams him hard. Sammy covers Hobbs who kicks out at two! Sammy leaves the ring and grabs a monitor from the timekeepers table. He nails Hobbs in the head with it. Sammy then grabs a table from under the ring and puts it in the ring. Hobbs recovers and stomps on Sammy. Hobbs sets up the table in the ring and grabs Sammy who counters with a thrust kick to Hobbs. Sammy goes for a cutter off the second rope, but Hobbs caught him and slams him down. Hobbs covers Sammy, who kicks out at two! Sammy roles to the outside. Hobbs has a table that he is setting up on the floor. Hobbs kicks Sammy. Hobbs grabs another table from under the ring and sets it next to the other table. Hobbs picks up Sammy who slips out and sends Hobbs into the ring post head first. Samy grabs bottle and nails Hobbs who falls on the table. Sammy grabs another bottle from a fan at ringside and breaks it over the head of Hobbs. Sammy grabs a ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Hobbs is lying on the tables. Sammy climbs the ladder as Sammy does a moonsault off the top of the ladder and lands on Hobbs as the tables break in half! Sammy is holding his right hand, but he seems okay. Sammy tosses Hobbs back in the ring as we get this is awesome chants. Sammy sets up another table in the ring for this no time-limit match. Sammy sets up Hobbs on the table. Sammy is on the top rope, but Hobbs is up and shoves the ref into Sammy who falls on the turnbuckle. Hobbs is up and picks up Sammy and slams him into the table from second rope on the table as it breaks in half. Hobbs covers Sammy to get the win!



Back from the break we are backstage with Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli talking about when Claudio first came to America and met up with Dave Taylor and began training at the gym…Mox says Claudio walked from the airport to the gym. Mox calls Claudio a freak and himself a freak…Mox says they don’t get paid by the hour…he talks about the time limit draw from Wednesday…Mox says he is pissed off. Mox says BCC accepts FTR’s challenge and BCC is the elite of All Elite. They accept the match against FTR at Revolution. Claudio says they create the wrestling of today. Claudio says they can live in the past, but if they want to step into the future, they need to better than the BCC. Mox says that can’t be all FTR had at the match on Wednesday…Mox says if FTR wants to be big names at Revolution they need to as they will swim in deep, deep water…great promo.

FTR’s music hits as we get ready for our next match. The music of Shane Taylor Promotions hits next as Shane and Lee Moriarty are out next.

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty

The bell rings as we are underway. Dax and Lee start off as Lee shoves Dax who tags in Cash. It was announced that Mox and Claudio vs. FTR at Revolution. Cash pushes Lee into the corner. Both Cash and Lee lockup as Cash sends Lee into the ropes…Cash drops Lee with a back elbow and then arm whips Lee down as he tries to get up. Dax is tagged in…Lee tags in Shane Taylor as he and Dax lockup. Dax attempts to send Shane to the mat, but he won’t go down. Dax grabs Shane who gets out of the hold. Dax steps back from Shane as both men lockup…Dax drops Shane with a shotgun dropkick. Shane is up as he tags in Lee Moriarity. Lee works on Dax, who fires back with chops to the chest of Lee. Both men exchange chops. Lee tags Shane as Dax didn’t see it…Shane, from behind drops Dax and covers him for just a two count as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Shane has Dax in the corner and then grabs him and sends him into the turnbuckle. Shane tags in Lee as he nails Dax with a series of right hands to the head. Lee sends Dax the corner as Lee tags in Shane who scoops up Dax and drops him hard…we get a full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV.


Back from the break, Shane has Dax in a big bear bug hold as Cash is rallying the fans to cheer on Dax…Shane then slams Dax and covers him for only a two count. Shane tags in Lee as Dax rolls him up for just a two count. Dax puts Lee in a sleeper hold as Lee sends Dax to the ropes…we get a tag from Shane who comes in and nails Dax in the face with a big knee. Shane goes to the second rope and comes down, but Dax rolls out of the way. Shane tags in Lee as Dax makes the tag to Cash who comes in and nails Lee with a big uppercut. Cash nails Shane with a big uppercut sending Shane to the floor. Cash then hits Lee with another uppercut, followed by a cutter. Lee goes to the apron and Cash picks up Lee and Shane grabs the leg of Cash…Shane nails Cash with a big punch as Lee cover him for a two…Cash nails Shane in the face with a big elbow as he goes to the floor. Dax tags in Cash and they hit Lee with the doomsday device. Dax covers Lee for the win.


After the match, Cash grabs a mic and says that Jon Moxley says step up and get things done…Cash says he and Dax are like cockroaches…Cash says if you have anything to say come out and say it…Dax says that Mox has been here since almost day one. Dax says Bryan and Claudio are scared of Jon, but that FTR is not scared and at Revolution FTR is coming for Mox’s head – top guys out.

We go to a vignette hyping up Bryan Danielson vs. Jun Akiyama, which is later tonight.

Thunder Rosa’s music hits as the former Women’s World Champion makes her way out. Lady Bird Monroe is already in the ring.

Thunder Rosa vs. Lady Bird Monroe

Rosa picks up Lady Bird and then applies an armbar. Lady Bird recovers and slams Rosa, who then fires back with a chop of her own. Rosa said Lady Bird to the turnbuckle head first. Lady reverses it with slaps to the chest of Rosa. Rosa drives a knee into the face of Lady Bird and then follows up with a flying drop kick. Rosa picks up Lady Bird and slams her on the mat. Rosa picks up Lady Bird for the Tijuana bomb for the win!



Back from the break, Renee is with Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale and Stokley Hathaway…Kris challenges Skye Blue to a match next week on Collision.

Back in the arena, the lights go out as the ROH World Six-Man Tag Champs are out first…The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn are out next as Max Caster does his usual rap…he seems to forget his lines, as you can see it on his face…

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang’s Jay White, Billy Gunn and Colten Gunn vs. Iron Savages

The Iron Savages with Jacked Jamison are already in the ring.

Billy Gunn and Boulder start off in the match as Boulder sends Billy to the ropes…Billy drops Boulder with a big shoulder block. Boulder then is up and drops Billy who tags in Bronson. Billy is up and sends Bronson into Boulder. Billy tags in Colten who charges at Bronson who moves out of the way. Bronson and Boulder double team Colten in the corner as Boulder tags in Bronson who drops on Colten. Jamison is then tagged and nails Colten. Jamison tags in Boulder and drops Colten. Jamison is tagged in…Colten tags in Jay White who drops Bronson with a big chop. White then nails Jamison with chops as Bronson is in, but he sent to the floor by White. White covers Jamison, who kicks out at two…Billy Gunn is in and drops Jamison with the famaser…White then grabs Jamison and nails him with a bladerunner for the win.


We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking with Bryan Danielson about his match against Jun Akiyama…Danielson says that Akiyama is a legend. Bryan says that Eddie Kingston will be on commentary…Bryan says he doesn’t respect Eddie Kingston…Bryan then mocks how Eddie does his promos and has wasted his potential under the last year…Bryan says that Eddie’s wasted potential pisses him off, which is why he will beat Eddie at Revolution for the Continental Crown.

The lights go out as Malakai Black comes out for his first singles match since June 2022. Bryan Keith’s music is out next…

Bryan Keith vs. Malakai Black

Black is in the corner as the bell rings. Black removes his jacket. Black looks on…both men lockup as Keith has Black in an armbar. Black reverses it, but Keith counters. Bryan drops Black with a leg sweep. Black is up and walks around the ring. Keith sends Black to the ropes and then nails Black with a big boot to the face. Keith works on Black with kicks as Keith drops Black and covers him for just a two count. Keith has Black up, but he escapes and kicks Keith who goes down. Keith is on the apron as Black sends him to the barricade with a big kick as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Black rolls to the floor and kicks Keith in the head and then nails him with a knee to the face. Black sends Keith into the ring, who recovers and nails Black with a big right hand. Black then counters and kicks Keith who goes down. Black covers Keith for only a two count. Black picks up Keith and kicks him in the face as he goes down. Black covers Keith for only a two count. Black then delivers a big leg drop on Keith and covers him for just a two count. Black then puts a headlock on Keith as he tries to fight back…

Back PIP, Black and Keith exchange blows. Keith then catches Black with a big elbow and then drops hims with a lariat. Black is up and Keith then drops Black with an exploder suplex and then a knee to the back of head as Black goes down. Keith covers Black for just a two count. Keith tries to pick up Black, but Keith’s knee gives out. Keith then drops Black hard to the mat as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count..both men get up just before ten. Black then kicks Keith who fires back with elbow shots. Black then kicks Keith. Black goes to the top rope, but Keith makes his way up on the ropes, but Black sends him down. Black goes for a double stomps but Keith gets the legs up…Black recovers and nails Keith and then German suplexes him and makes a pin attempt, but Keith kicks out….Keith then nails Black with a big knee strike and then powerbombs Black and covers him…but Black kicks out! Black is up and then delivers a spinning heal kick to the face of Keith and then cover Keith for the win.


After the match the lights go out…the lights come up as Mark Briscoe is in the ring with a kendo stick…Brody King and Buddy Matthews come out, but Mark sends them out of the ring…Mark pulls out a spike and charges at Black who moves out of the way as the spike ends up in the turnbuckle…Black swats the kendo stick out of Mark’s hand. Buddy and Brody come back in the ring and drop Mark on his head.


Back from the break, we get a vignette highlighting the feud with Sting and Darby Allin and the EVP’s (Young Bucks) leading into the tag title match at Revolution.

Serena Deeb’s music hits as she makes her way to the ring. She gives her flag to a young fans at ringside. Lady Frost’s music hits as she makes her way out next.

Serena Deeb vs. Lady Frost

The bell rings as both women lock up. Frost drops Deeb and goes for a quick cover, but Deeb kicks out at one. Kiera Hogan was supposed to wrestle Deeb, but has the flu per Kevin Kelly…Deeb has Frost in a submission hold…Frost escapes and then kicks Deeb in the back. Deeb is up and drops Frost. Deeb then sends Frost down with a leg whip. Deeb locks the legs up Frost. Frost crawls to the ropes to the break the hold as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Frost sends Deeb to the corner and hits Deeb with chops and then applies a big boot to the neck. Frost then suplexes Deeb. Deeb fights back with back elbows, but Frost counters with elbow blows. Frost applies a choke like hold on Dee and then sends her to the corner…Sling gives me a full commercial break…


Back from the break, Deeb drops Frost with a dragon screw leg whip. As Frost is up, Deeb hits Frost in the throat with a big punch. Deeb then drops Frost with a running lariat. Deeb picks up Frost who sends Deeb to the corner. Deeb then delivers a big neckbreaker on Frost, followed by a swinging neck breaker…Deeb covers Frost who kicks out at two. Deeb tries to pick up Frost who counters and drops Deeb and then kicks her in the face. Frost then drops Deeb with a chiller driller and covers Deeb who kicks out at two…Deeb then nails Frost with a back elbow and then clotheslines Frost. Deeb then applies a single leg Boston crab on Frost who quickly submits.


After the match, Deeb grabs a mic…Calling herself the Professor of the wrestling dojo, Deeb says that the women’s division in AEW is heating up. Deeb says she puts the locker room on notice. She says that anyone who wants to step up, she is here to elevate the women’s division. She says that when she wrestles the lights don’t go out and doesn’t come out to a black and white picture. Deeb closes by saying she is back to put the All Elite Wrestling back in wrestling.


Back from the quick break, Eddie Kingston’s music hits as he makes his way to the commentary table to Eddie chants. Bryan Danielson’s music hits next as the American Dragon makes his way to the ring for our main event match.

The music of Jun Akiyama is next as he makes his way out and heads down to the ring.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jun Akiyama (Eddie Kingston on commentary)

The bell rings as we are underway…The fans are fired up…Both men lockup hands…Bryan grabs Jun from behind as Jun goes to the mat. June reverses the hold of Bryan and goes to the ropes. We get a clean break. Bryan drops June and then grabs the arms and legs of Jun…Bryan stomps the legs of Jun and then works on the left leg of Jun. Bryan then drops a big elbow on the knee of Jun who puts a cross armbreaker on Bryan…Bryan counters and then works on the left knee of Jun again…Bryan pulls the leg back and then grabs the neck of Jun who breaks the hold by raking the eyes of Bryan. June grabs the arm of Bryan Danielson and then bends his fingers back and hyper extends the elbow of Danielson who goes down. June works Bryan and applies a hammer lock, but Bryan counters and sends Jun to the floor. Bryan charges at Jun but is met with a big right as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: June works on Bryan on the floor and then picks him up and sends him back in the ring. Jun then covers Bryan who kicks out at just two. June then grabs the hand of Danielson and has him in a headlock. Jun is in the corner as Danielson gets out of the hold and chops Jun, but he fires back and drops Danielson and covers him for only a two count. Danielson is on the apron…

Back from PIP: Bryan is lying on the apron as Jun delivers a big knee drop on the head of Bryan Danielson who drops to the floor. Jun attempts a suplex who blocks it and knees Jun in the head and suplexes Jun on the floor. Danielson goes to the apron and then lands a big knee strike on Jun who drops to the floor. Jun is back in the ring as Bryan drops Jun with a big shotgun drop kick, followed by a few running knees…Jun is up and drops Bryan with a running lariat. Bryan recovers then hit Jun and applies the LaBell Lock on Jun…Jun fights back with a big knee and then drops Danielson with a big powerbomb and covers him, but he kicks out at two! Bryan then is up and nails Jun and applies the ankle lock, but Jun gets out of the hold and delivers a German suplex on Jun…Danielson hits Jun with a series of knees, but he fights back and drops Danielson and then applies a chokehold on Bryan…Danielson is able to get his foot on the rope to break the hold…Jun then comes back with a big exploder knee strike on Danielson as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count. Both men are up before the ten count…both men hit each other with running knees as the drop to the mat. Both men are up as Jun nails Bryan with a big elbow that turns into a slug fest with forearms. Danielson then goes down. Jun picks him up and tries for an exploder suplex, but Danielson nails Jun with a big knee…Danielson goes to the corner to set up a big knee strike. Jun is up as Danielson runs and nails Jun with a big running knee to the face. Danielson covers Jun to get the pin!


After the match Danielson celebrates to a fairly big ovation. Danielson points to Jun and claps. Bryan puts his hand out to Jun for a handshake. Both men shake hands. Bryan then turns his attention to Eddie…Bryan flips off Eddie as Jun then slaps Danielson as we get Eddie chants…Bryan then kicks Jun between the legs as Eddie charges the at Danielson….Claudio then comes down as Danielson and Claudio double team Eddie…FTR then runs down to make the save as BCC leave the ring…Tony Schiavone says he gets word from Tony Khan with Eddie Kingston and FTR vs. Claudio, Mox and Bryan Danielson on Wednesday’s Revolution….the show goes off the air.