AEW Collision Results – 6/8/24 (BCC vs. FTR and more!)

AEW Collision Results
June 8, 2024
Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Saturday night’s alright for fighting…

We live inside the arena as Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as Claudio Castagnoli and the ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta make their way out to the ring to a big ovation.

The music of FTR hits next, as the former AEW Tag Team Champions come out to a big FTR chant from the fans.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

Yuta and Cash start things off. Both men lock up as Cash takes down Yuta with a headlock. Yuta runs the ropes as Cash sends down Yuta, who then gets up and drops kicks Cash twice. Both men lock up again, but Cash pulls away and tags in Dax. Yuta tags in Claudio. Both men lock up as Claudio sends Dax to the ropes. We get a clean break at Claudio rubs the head of Dax. Funny stuff. Claudio grabs Dax as he goes down on the mat, but Dax is up as both men go against the ropes. We had a clean break, but Dax pushed Claudio. Both men are on the ropes. No clean break as Claudio hits Dax with a big uppercut as it looks like Dax’s gum flew out of his mouth. We get a big FTR chant, as both men lock up. Dax chops Claudio really hard across the chest. Both men lock up again as we get a chop fest between the two. Claudio then picks up Dax and slams him down…Yuta is tagged in. He chops Dax, but Dax answers back with multiple chops, sending Yuta to the corner. Dax tosses Yuta in the corner, but he comes back and scoops up Dax and slams him on the mat. Cash caused a distraction, which caused Yuta to miss a flying head scissors and land on his head. Cash is tagged in. Cash chops Yuta, but Yuta fires back with chops of his own. Cash picks up Yuta and slams him. Cash covers Yuta for a two and then connects with a drop kick. Cash tags in Dax who covers Yuta for a two count. Dax has the leg of Yuta, but he sends Dax crashing to the mat. Claudio is tagged in and lays uppercuts into Dax. Claudio then sends Cash off the apron with a big pump kick. Claudio covers Dax, but he kicks out at two. Claudio goes for the giant swing, but Cash prevents it. Dax is on the floor as Claudio charges at Dax, but is met with a big boot to the face. Dax and Claudio are back in the ring, as Claudio goes for the swing, but Dax breaks it up…Claudio and Dax exchange chops and blows to the face. All four men go at it…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: On the outside, Yuta chops Dax and Claudio and Cash hit the floor as Claudio sends Cash into the barricade. Back in the ring, Claudio tags in Yuta, as they double team Dax. Yuta covers Dax, but he kicks out at two. Yuta then grabs the leg of Dax and tags in Claudio. Claudio sends Dax to the mat with a big lariat. Claudio then sends Dax to the corner. Dax is up on the ropes, but Claudio meets him with big chops. Both men are up on the ropes and exchange blows…

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Claudio sends Dax to the mat. Claudio covers him for a near fall…Claudio picks up, but Dax hits him with a back elbow. Yuta and Cash hit the floor. Both Claudio and Dax try to pin each other…Dax then drops Claudio with a big spine buster. We get this is awesome chants…Dax sets Claudio up on the ropes. Both men are on the top. Dax superplexes Claudio! Yuta comes in as Cash takes him down…We get an AEW chant. Yuta is sent to the floor, along with Cash. Claudio covers Dax for just a two count. Claudio picks up Dax, but a blind tag was made as Cash is in…Claudio picks up Cash for the giant swing as Yuta connects with a kick. Claudio covers Cash, but Dax stops the pin attempt. Claudio sends Dax to the floor. Claudio grabs Cash, but he rolls him up for a near fall. Claudio then nails Cash with a big elbow and covers him for a two count…FTR then drop Claudio with a shatter machine…Cash covers Claudio, but Yuta comes in to break it up. Cash is up and grabs Claudio and applies a sharpshooter. Claudio crawls to the ropes, but he turns it around on Cash as the fans go crazy…Yuta is in, but Dax drops him and Dax has Yuta in a sharpshooter…Cash piledrivers Claudio and covers him, but Claudio kicks out at two. Bobby Cruise announces one minute remains in the time limit. Claudio and Cash are up on the ropes and Claudio superplexes him…Claudio applies the cross face as Yuta and Dax are the floor…the bell rings as the fans boo. Bobby Cruise announces a time-limit draw for the 20 minutes the match was set for. Dax grabs a mic and says BCC are fighters and calls for five more minutes. Brandon Cutler comes out and says he is out on behalf of the EVP’s. He has a copy of the contract for the match that says 20 minutes. He says that the match clearly says 20, not 25, not 30. Cutler comes in the in ting as Claudio drops him and puts him in the big swing. FTR then drops Cutler with the shatter machine as Dax rips up the contract.

Claudio then grabs a mic and says to Dax anytime, anywhere they are on!

This is clearly going to be the match of the night on tonight’s Collision.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Kyle O’Reilly about his match coming up tonight with Orange Cassidy. Kyle says that Orange is AEW and put the International Title on the map. Kyle is then interrupted by the Undisputed Kingdom. Roderick Strong says that something is missing from Kyle since he has come back. Strong says that he needs support, he has he back. Kyle says he doesn’t. Strong then says to Kyle just remember what you told me when you came back, as the segment ends.

Kris Statlander is out next with Stokley Hathaway. She has new music. Robyn Renegade is already in the ring.

Kris Statlander vs. Robyn Renegade

The bell rings as we are underway. Both women lock up. Robyn sends Kris to the mat, but she fires back and sends Robyn hard to the turnbuckle. Kris sends Robyn down to the mat. Kris charges Robyn and then picks her up…Kris then nails Robyn and picks her up and drops her hard to the mat. Kris then picks up Robyn again and drops her yet again. Kris covers Robyn to get the pin.


Stokley grabs a mic and says that Kris is an inspiration and is the reason why he gets up in the morning, because he wishes he had the speed, strength…like Kris. Stokley said that he had a conversation with Tony Khan and they are on the same page. Kris is the past, present and future of AEW. He then says that she will make history by being the first woman to win the TBS and Women’s World Title. Kris is the first entrant in the Owen Hart Foundation Cup. He then says that there is no one that can stop her.

I like the new music of Kris Statlander and this heel turn is fresh for her. Stokley is great on the mic. I liked his promo tonight.


Back from the break, Lexy Nair says that Willow Nightingale has just entered the building. Willow walks up to Lexy, who tells her Kris Statlander has entered the Women’s Owen Hart Cup Foundation Tournament. Willow then says she is entering the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup. Lexy asked Willow what she is doing here…Willow says that she is keeping an eye on the action.

We go back to the ring as Dustin Rhodes is out first, followed by Johnny TV and his wife Taya Valkyrie.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Johnny TV

The bell rings as we are under way. Both men lock up as Johnny then nails Dustin with big rights. Dustin fires back with a big punch. Dustin rolls to the floor and puts his arm around Taya as she freaks out. Johnny comes to the floor. Dustin then drops Johnny with a big cannonball express. Dustin sends Johnny back in the ring. As Dustin walks towards Taya, Johnny drops him to the floor. Dustin is on the steel steps as Taya puts her big boot to Dustin…Taya and Johnny kiss as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring, as Johnny has Dustin in a headlock, but Dustin breaks the hold. Johnny then sends Dustin to the mat and kicks him in the face as he then kisses Taya. Dustin is up as Taya and Johnny kiss again…


Back from the full break, Johnny nails Dustin, but he fires back as we get a slug fest. Dustin kicks Johnny and then nails him in the face with a big right hand. Dustin then drops Johnny with a big bulldog. Dustin powerslams Johnny and covers him for just a two count. Dustin tries to pick up Johnny, but he reverses it and drops Dustin on his head. Johnny picks up Dustin, but he holds on to the ropes…Dustin comes back with a code read on Johnny. Dustin then kicks Johnny between the legs. Dustin hits Johnny with a crossroads and covers him, but Taya puts his foot on the rope…the ref ejects Taya. As Dustin turns around, Johnny hits him with a big thrust kick. Johnny covers Dustin, but he kicks out a two. Johnny kicks Dustin in the face. Johnny is up and goes for a starship pain, but Dustin moves out of the way. Dustin picks up Johnny and delivers a crossroads on Johnny and covers him to get the win.


Dustin has a mic. He says that he is getting old. The fans chant you still got it! Dustin then says this doesn’t happen a lot for him in the ring, standing after a match. He says he has two things to talk about. He says for almost 37 years the fans have not left him. He thanks them for accepting him and showing up and turning on TV’s to watch him. He wants to thank everyone in back, Tony Khan and production crew. He thanks the camera crew, calling them the best in the business…he says the second thing that really pisses him off. He wants to talks about Jack Perry. He says that when Perry left they missed him. He says that when he came back they were happy to see him and that he attacked the boss…the one who gave him a second chance…Dustin says Perry was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never worked a day in his life…he has never sacrificed. Dustin says sacrifice is losing your job and then picking up two jobs to make ends meet. Dustin says he has sacrificed for his family. Dustin says that he took a picture with Perry and thought is was cool. Dustin says that Perry is a follower and not a leader. The view never changes – to quote Dusty…we get a Dusty chant from the fans. Dustin tells Perry they have a match on Dynamite. Dustin tells Jack that he is going to destroy him. Dustin says Jack can’t beat him fair and square. Dustin says that when its all over, Jack Perry will never forget his name – “The Natural Dustin Rhodes.”


Great promo from Dustin. He had a lot of passion and despite the expected outcome of Perry winning, Dustin’s promo had passion.

Johnny TV and Taya are doing their gimmick from IMPACT Wrestling, but Johnny just continues to lose, which takes away from it.

Back from the break, we get a video package featuring Jack Zabre, Jr.

The music of the Premiere Athletes hits next as Tony Nese and Ari Daivari with Mark Sterling make their way out. Their opponents are in the ring.

Nese and Davari double team Trent Jordy and Dante Leon. They make quick work for this squash match.


We go to a vignette with Scorpio Sky that says there is a gap in this company. There are fallen heroes in this company. Sky says he wants be your hero, your voice and will champion and that he is here for the fans.

Toni Storm’s music hits as the Women’s World Champion comes down to the ring to a big ovation. Mariah May and Luther is with her.

The music of Lady Frost hits next as she makes her way out to the ring.

Toni Storm vs. Lady Frost

The bell rings as we are underway. The fans chant Toni. Both women lock up, but the hold is broken. Toni slaps herself and pounds her chest. Frost sends Toni into the corner. Both women lock up. Toni has Frost in an armbar. Frost tries to get break the hold, but Toni holds on. Frost sends Toni to the mat, as the world champion rolls to the floor. Frost kicks Toni in the jaw and then lands a moonsault on her. We go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Toni is back in the ring as Frost chops her in the chest. Frost then goes for another chop, but Toni ducks and hits Frost, sending her to the mat. Toni covers Frost, but she kicks out at two. Toni grabs Frost and sends her to the corner. Toni slams Frost to the mat and covers her, but Frost kicks out. Toni has Frost locked up and then tosses her across the ring. Frost is up as Toni chops her, sending her to the mat.

Back from picture-in-picture: Toni nails Frost with the hip attack and then covers Frost, but Frost kicks out at two! Frost rolls up Toni for only a two count. Frost then picks up Toni and drops her to the mat. Frost covers Toni, but she kicks out at two. Toni hits a backstabber on Frost and then drops her with a sit down powerbomb. Toni covers Frost for just a two count. Frost catches Toni, but she reverses it and hits the Storm Zero to get the win.


Toni grabs the mic and says to Mariah that she is having a hard time and that she will be facing Mariah’s friend Mina Shirakawa and that she (Toni) knows it upsets her…Toni says she never had anyone look out for her. Toni says as Women’s World Champion, she demands that Mariah be entered into the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament as Mariah begins to cry.

Toni has the best gimmick going in AEW.

Next week is the one year anniversary of Collision on TNT.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Shane Taylor Promotions and Top Flight and Action Andretti. Dante Martin talks to Lee Moriarty about their match next week on Collision. Shane then says the Lee is rolling with the baddest team in AEW. Shane says that Action and Top Flight are glorified stuntmen and that Action is the only one with heart.

Dante and Moriarty will face off in a TNT Championship Qualifying match on next week’s Collision.


Back from the break, we have Samoa Joe and Hook backstage. Joe asked Hook about LaCross…Joe says that it being the oldest sport in America does not make sense. Hook and Joe break into the locker room of the Premiere Athletes and take them out.

Katsuyori Shibata was behind the camera, due to being able to hear the Google Translator. 

I think Joe and Hook are being wasted with a silly feud they are going to win on in the end.

The music of Daniel Garcia is up next as he makes his way out to the ring. Tate Mayfairs is already in the ring.

Daniel Garcia vs. Tate Mayfairs

The bell rings as Garcia sends Tate to the mat Garcia rolls up Tate, but he kicks out at two. Garcia grabs the arm of Tate, but Tate goes to the ropes to break the hold. Tate chops Garcia and then showboats, but Garcia fires back and sends him down to the mat. Garcia then nails Tate with a big elbow. Tate then fires back and sends Garcia hard into the turnbuckle. Tate covers Garcia for just a two count. Tate then nails Garcia with punches. Tate tries to hook the inside leg of Garcia, but he fights back. Garcia then drops Tate, but he is up and hits Garcia with a foot to the face. Garcia recovers as he hits Tate with a shotgun dropkick from the corner. Garcia then hooks Tate and drops him for the red cross to get the win.


After the match, Garcia dances as the fans love it. Matt Menard was on commentary for this match. I really love his commentary. He is really entertaining.

We go to a video package featuring CMLL’s Zeuxis, who will challenge Mercedes Mone’ for the TBS Title on Dynamite.

The commentary team run down the card for Dynamite and next week’s one year anniversary of Collision and Forbidden Door.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Orange Cassidy about his match tonight with Kyle O’Reilly. He talks about all his friends being gone. He then talks about Zack Sabre, Jr, who is he is facing at Forbidden Door. He then says he can’t talk about it and has to get out of here, as the segment ends.


Back from the break, the music of Orange Cassidy hits as he makes his way out to the ramp, then walking slowly to the ring.

The music of Kyle O’Reilly is up next as he is out next.

Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle has Orange’s arm locked up. Orange reverses it and grabs Kyle’s arm. The Undisputed Kingdom are shown at ring side. Both men are down on the mat. The fans start chanting Kyle. Kyle has Orange locked up. Orange breaks the hold. Kyle then rolls up Orange for only a two count. Orange then rolls up Kyle for a one count. Both men then continue pin attempts on each other. Cassidy then rolls to the floor, as go to picture-In-Picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Cassidy is still on the floor as O’Reilly is walking around the ring. Cassidy is back in the ring. Kyle sends him to the mat and locks up his arm. The ref checks on Cassidy as he tries to break the hold. O’Reilly then transitions the hold into a headlock. The ref checks on Orange. Cassidy makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Orange grabs the arm of O’Reilly, but he reverses it.


Back from picture-in-picture: Orange Cassidy has O’Reilly in a side headlock. Cassidy rolls up O’Reilly for only a one count. O’Reilly is up as Cassidy grabs his arm, but O’Reilly reveres it…Cassidy rolls up O’Reilly, who kicks out at two. Cassidy tries for a double wrist lock, but O’Reilly stops it. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and then runs and drops kicks O’Reilly, but he is up and sweeps the leg of Cassidy as The Undisputed Kingdom cheer on from ringside. Cassidy is sent to the ropes…O’Reilly grabs the arm of Cassidy and twist his arm, followed by a dragon screw. O’Reilly goes to the floor as Strong whisper’s something to O’Reilly. Orange hits the floor, but O’Reilly sends Cassidy into the barricade. O’Reilly sends Cassidy back into the ring. O’Reilly grabs the leg of Cassidy and hits another dragon screw on Cassidy as we go to another picture-in-picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: Kyle grabs the leg of Cassidy and drops his knee on the back of Cassidy’s leg. Cassidy rolls to the floor, as Kyle picks him up. and sends him into the barricade, followed by a kick. O’Reilly rolls Cassidy back in the ring and works on the leg Cassidy. Kyle walks around Cassidy and then kicks him in the face. Kyle then kicks Cassidy in the chest.

Back from the picture-in-picture break, Orange is fired up and sends Kyle to the floor. Cassidy dives through the ropes and sends O’Reilly into the barricade. Cassidy then connects on Kyle with a cross body. Orange then hits O’Reilly with a thrust kick. O’Reilly picks up Orange and drops him on his right shoulder. Both men get up and then fall down. The ref checks on both men. Both men are up. Cassidy lightly kicks Kyle as he does the same. Cassidy and Kyle then exchange kicks and strikes to the face. O’Reilly sends Orange to the mat as O’Reilly has an ankle lock on Orange. Cassidy picks up Kyle and slams him down. Cassidy picks up O’Reilly and slams him down. Cassidy covers Kyle for only a two count as we get a this is awesome chant. Kyle kicks Cassidy as Cassidy kicks O’Reilly…Kyle locks in an armbar and then wrist lock on Cassidy. O’Reilly has his hand in the left pocket of Orange for leverage. Orange tries to break the hold with knee lifts to the head. Orange then picks up O’Reilly and drops him with a beach break, but O’Reilly kicks out at two! Orange goes for the orange punch, but his knee gives way…Orange then tries again and hits Kyle with the orange punch to get the win.


After the match, Orange gives O’Reilly a thumbs up as he walks off shaking his head. Trent Beretta and Kyle Fletcher attack Orange from behind. O’Reilly sees on the big screen what is happening and turns around an runs into the make the save, but its too much. Kris Statlander is in the ring. She shakes the hand of Trent. O’Reilly and Cassidy are down. Willow Nightingale’s music hits as she runs down to the ring…Statlander, Trent and Fletcher quickly leave the ring. Willow picks up Cassidy as he then goes over to O’Reilly and picks him up. Willow, Orange, O’Reilly look on as the Don Callis Family stand on the ramp.

Overall, not a bad show tonight. The action was great and we get a new storyline with Willow Nightingale, Orange Cassidy and Kyle O’Reilly in the mix.