AEW Dynamite Results – 8/22/20 (TNT Championship, The Elite vs. The Dark Order)

AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results
August 22, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

FTR (5-0) w/Tully Blanchard vs. Private Party (6-5)

Tully Blanchard is ringside wearing an FTR jacket. Tony Schiavone explains that FTR attacked RNR Express last week because they attacked Tully. Dax tosses Marq Quen around but Quen uses his speed to catch both of FTR with dropkicks. Dax pokes Quen in the eyes and puts the boots to him before taking Cash in for the first time.

Cash hits a European Uppercut followed by a Scoop Slam. Dax tags back but Quen gets away from him and tags Kassidy. Kassidy hits an Axe Handle Drop off the top and tags Quen back in. Private Part send Dax into the ropes and connect with a series of kicks. Quen leaps over the back of his partner and drops down onto Dax with a Ghetto Stomp for a nearfall.

Quen knocks Dax out to the floor and then Cash lays him out with a clothesline from the apron. Cash tags in and hits a Baseman Dropkick before blatantly choking him in the ropes. Dax tags back in and FTR break out some more double team moves as they isolate the smaller Quen in their corner. Quen tries to escape their corner but Dax pulls him back and FTR continue to beat him down.

Dax goes for a Scoop Slam but Quen counters into a Headlock. Cash blind tags his partner and then leaps over him into a Sunset Flip attempt. Quen blocks it only for Dax to decapitate him with a Clothesline for a nearfall. Cash puts Quen in a Headlock on the mat to try and keep the flyer grounded. Dax tosses Quen to the floor, tags Cash and then Cash dives only for Quen to move causing Cash to slam into the barricade.

Quen and Cash tag out at the same time. Kassidy hits a series of clotheslines on Dax and Cash and then a Springboard Stunner on Cash. Kassidy Superkicks Cash to the floor and then connects with a Springboard Flipping Stunner on Dax for a nearfall. Quen blind tags his partner as Dax went to roll him up and Quen hits a Springboard Flying Cross Body for another nearfall.

Quen tries to tag out but Cash pulls Kassidy off the arpon. Quen rolls Dax up for another nearfall and then catches him with a Small Package for another nearfall. Quen rolls Dax up but Dax counters into a Backslide for a nearfall of his own. Cash tags Quen and hits a beautiful Spinebuster for a nearfall after both FTR members leapfrogged a charging Quen. Kassidy broke up the pin attempt.

Kassidy tosses Dax to the floor and then goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Tully pulled Dax out of the way. That distracted Quen long enough for Cash to grab him and throw him into the ring post. FTR hit the Good Night Express for the pin!

Winners: FTR via pinfall (Good Night Express)

Earlier today Moxley says that MJF’s campaign is mostly cute and none of that stuff bothers him but he says people that feel the need to talk about themselves all the time rub him the wrong way. Moxley says the toughest guys usually don’t have to say much and hide behind words. He says MJF talks a lot, so he wonders what he’s hiding. Moxley says MJF is certainly talented in every way and he does hope that he can be the one to lead AEW into the next 25 years, and that one day he will become a world champ, lose his virginity and move out of his mom’s basement but that day isn’t Sept. 5. He says he is going to hurt MJF on Sept. 5 and everyone will find out exactly what MJF has been hiding deep down.


MJF wearing a neck brace and using a walker says that dictators like Genghis Khan and Fidel Castro pale in comparison to “Dictator Jon.” MJF says Moxley attacked him from behind like a gutless coward and suggests he is too afraid of him to attack him from the front. He says that Moxley’s actions have consequences and says that some day he wants to have a family with kids and he would like to play with those kids but Moxley tried to stop him from doing that.

MJF says that the Paradigm Shift isn’t a move, it’s an abomination. MJF’s lawyer says that the Paradigm Shift is a dangerous move and according to health officials possibly deadly. His lawyer says that if Moxley can just come out and end anyone’s career that he wants then who is next? He claims that they put up a petition online to ban the move and got 5-million signatures.

MJF’s lawyer drew up a contract to have the move banned from their match at All Out and he says that if Moxley is the bad ass he claims he should have no problem with this stipulation. He says that if he doesn’t sign it then they will sue him and they will take his money, his cars and his house.

8-Man Tag Team Match
The Lucha Brothers (1-3) and Butcher & Blade (6-5) vs. Jurassic Express(6-3) & The Natural Nightmares (6-1)

The heels attack before the bell. Lucha Bros hit stereo Somersault Planchas onto the faces on the outside. QT Marshall hits a Spinning Enziguri on Butcher and then a big Knee Strike on Blade. Marshall sets up for a dive but Butcher pulls him down and then the Lucha Bros take turns kicking him.

Marshall escapes the heels and tags Rhoades into the match. He hits a series of clotheslines and arm drags on Blade. Rhoades Leg Drops Blade’s arm but the heels pull him to the outside and beat the hell out of him. Butcher and Blade take turns beating Rhodes down and finally tag Pentagon into the match.

Pentagon lights Rhoades up with kicks to his knee before tagging Fenix. Fenix walks the ropes before kicking Rhodes in the face.


Pentagon and Lucha tag in and Lucha lays out everybody with kicks. Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicida onto Butcher on the floor. Fenix comes out of nowhere right into a kick from Lucha. Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicda onto Fenix and then a Somersault Plancha onto Blade. Pentagon gets his head kicked off by a Tail Whip and then a Chokesllam and Standing Moonsault for a nearfall.

Butcher comes in and runs Lucha over with a Shoulder Block and then they run into each other. Lucha goes for a Shining Wizard but Butcher blocks it and Blade hits a Stunner followed by a Shining Wizard from Butcher!

Marshall hits a Buckshot Forearm on Butcher and then a Diamond Cutter! Fenix comes in and hits a Tiger Feint into a Roundhouse Kick. Pentagon then catches him with a Slingblade! Jungle Boy hits Pentagon with the Double Spring Tornado DDT but eats a dropkick from Fenix. Dustin comes charging in but Pentagon backdrops him right into an American Destroyer on Fenix!

Pentagon goes for the Fear Factor on Jungle Boy as Blade goes to the top leading to the two arguing with each other. Pentagon shoves Blade into a rollup from Jungle Boy for the pin. Lucha laid Pentagon out after the roll up.

Winners: Jurassic Express & Natural Nightmares via pinfall (rollup)

Eddie Kingston comes out after the match as Lucha Brothers are still arguing with Butcher and Blade. Kingston talks about how they used to be on the Indies suffering together but they don’t have to do that anymore. He asks both teams why they aren’t champs. He says they can only be beat when they are divided.

Kingston says that if they come with him then he will lead them. They all shake hands and hug and leave with Kingston.

Britt Baker offers Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford free dental care for life if they help her. She wants to make her match with Big Swole a Handicap Match and wants Ford on the team. She offers to make Reba do her makeup for a year for free too if she joins and Ford agrees.


Orange Cassidy comes out with The Best Friends for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Schiavone says his win over Jericho last week was the biggest win of his career but before OC can say anything Chris Jericho interrupts him.

Jericho says he knows OC is a man of few words and he wanted to get in a few words first. Jericho congratulates OC for his win and says that it’s rare that he gets beaten and points out he’s only been pinned three times in AEW. Jericho says that may seem embarrassing to an extent but deep down he’s actually proud of him.

Jericho says that it proved OC is learning from him and it proved that he has heart and courage and what it takes to be a main event star. He applauds OC for proving all of his critiques wrong. Jericho says he wants to give OC a toast and holds up a bottle of his bubbly. Jericho says before he does that something is stuck in their craw because they are even 1-1 against each other and need a rubber match to see who the better man really is.

Jericho suggests that instead of having their match in the ring and says that he wants to do something special. Jericho says that it makes sense for them to have a Mimosa Mayhem Match and then runs a video describing what it is. 80 gallons of orange juice is mixed with 500 cases of wine ringside and the only way to win is by pinfall, submission or being thrown into the tank of mimosa.

OC agrees to the match and Jericho then offers to toast him but asks Inner Circle to come out first. They surround the ring with bottles and attack Best Friends and OC. Inner Circle hold OC upside down and pour win all over his face.


Trios Match
The Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Alan Angels) vs. The Elite (Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson & Kenny Omega)

Angels and Nick start things off with some nice fast-paced action. They spill to the ramp where Angels attempts a Diving Rana off the stage but Nick catches him and then tosses him back. Nick attempts an Asai Moonsault but Angels rolls back in the ring. Nick lands on his feet and then hits a Double Spring into a Lucha Armdrag in the ring.

Matt tags in and they hit Double Dropkicks to all the heels. Matt charges into a boot from Angels but comes back with the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes on Angels and then a double Suplex on Reynolds and Silver as they charge in. Omega tags in and The Bucks lift Angels up into the air where Omega and Nick kick him and then hit a crazy Bulldog/Front Suplex combo.

Dark Order come in but immediately get tossed to the floor. The Bucks hit a Double Slingshot Plancha, while Omega lays Angels out with Shortarm Elbows. Omega hits a Rolling Fireman’s Carry and then springs to the top but Reynolds crotches him. Angels tosses Omega to the floor and Reynolds holds a chair up to Omega’s face as Silver kicks into him!

Angels hits a Ghetto Stomp off the apron onto the chair on Omega as the referee was holding the Bucks back. Reynolds hits a Plancha onto Matt as Silver held him up in the air. Back in the ring, Angels gets a nearfall on Omega. Silver tags in and hits a series of uppercuts on Omega.


Nick hits a Hanging Backstabber on Reynolds and tags Matt. The Bucks hit a series of knees and kicks on Reynolds. Omega tags in and the Elite take turns with strikes again but the Dark Order pull the Bucks out and then take turns laying into Omega. Reynolds and Silver hit a series of kicks and then a German Suplex/Rollup combo for a nearfall.

Omega fights back with elbows and Snap Dragons on all of them. He hits the V-Trigger on Reynolds and tags Matt. The Bucks go for the Meltzier Driver but Silver stops it and he hits a Tombstone followed by a Tombstone from Reynolds on top of Nick! Eagles hits a Ghetto Stomp off the top on Matt for a nearfall.

Reynolds chokes Matt but Matt kills him with a Superkick. Eagles goes for an Asai Moonsault but eats a Double Superkick in midair. Nick hits a beautiful Double Spring Somersault Plancha onto Reynolds and Silver on the outside! The Elite hit an Assisted Indie Taker followed by the One Winged Angel on Angels for the pin.

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (One Winged Angel)

After the match, Omega attempts to Powerbomb Angels onto a chair but The Bucks stop him and talk him out.

Backstage, Alex Marvez announces that a Gauntlet Match will be held next week to decide the No. 1 Contenders for the Tag Titles featuring the top four ranked teams. Marvez asks FTR about their relationship with Blanchard. Cash says the simple answer is they want to be the best and to be the best they need to learn from the best. Tully says it is about getting from almost the best to being the best. Tully says that they are destined to get to the top where everyone else is looking up at them.

Dax says that they are the pinnacle of tag team wrestling but then Page busts in and bitches at them about what happened last week. They hand him a beer and tell him to relax. Cash says that what happened with RNR last week has nothing to do with him and says that they disrespected them last week and did what they had to do. Dax says he had to fake his injury because of the things The Elite have said about them he had to make sure they could trust them. Dax says the only one that had their backs was Page.

Dax says that Page was once in the Young Bucks’ shadow but he and Omega beat them and got out from their shadow, but asks what happens if the Bucks win the Gauntlet and then beat Page and Omega. He says that will just undo everything Page has achieved. Dax says that they want to get to All Out and face a man they have the utmost respect for and that is Page.


Darby Allin (7-5) vs. Will Hobbs (0-4)

Allin hits the ring and dropkicks Will Hobbs sending him to the floor and then hits a Tope Suicida. Allin takes Hobbs’ knee out but then tries to whip him into the ropes but the much bigger Hobbs reverses it and Backdrops him. Hobbs Press Slams Allin and then Powerbombs him out of the corner.

Allin tries to fight back with chops but Hobbs lays him out and hits a Spinebuster for a nearfall. Allin comes back with a Springboard Back Elbow followed by the Coffin Drop for the pin.

Winner: Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)

Taz gets on the microphone and tells Allin they have a new member of Team Taz and he wants to introduce him. Allin’s music hits and Ricky Starks comes out dressed as Darby Allin mocking him. Starks cuts a mocking dark promo like Allin does. Cage attacks Allin with the FTW Title from behind. Starks taunts Allin further and then Cage holds him as Starks hits him with the skateboard. Starks hits Allin with a Coffin Drop off the middle rope.


During the break, Sammy Guevara came out with poster boards mocking Matt Hardy until Hardy attacked him. Hardy destroys Guevara with a chair and then tosses him off the stage through a table. Referees finally run out to calm Hardy down as Guevara is helped to the back by the AEW trainer.

Thunder Rosa is shown with the NWA Women’s Title and she says that she heard Hikaru Shida. She says she has come here to help bring the women’s division to the next level and put it on the map to get some respect. She will challenge Shida for the title at All Out.

Women’s Tag Team Cup Finals
The Nightmare Sisters (6-0) w/The Natural Nightmares vs. Diamante & Ivelisse Velez (2-0)

Eddie Guerrero’s daughter, Shaul, does the introductions for this match. Veda Scott is doing guest commentary. Brandi and Ivelisse start off against one another. Ivelisse lays into her with kicks and then tags Diamante. They hit a Double Hip Toss on Brandi and she quickly rolls to her corner and tags Allie.

Allie hits a series of knees but Diamante comes back with a series of armdrags. Allie manages to come back with an Armdrag of her own sending Diamante to the floor.


During the break, Brandi caught Diamante with a Pump Kick for a nearfall. She hits a Superkick and then Allie hits a Sliding Cross Body for a nearfall, too. Allie lifts Diamante up to the top rope and attempts a Superplex, but Diamante shoves her off and hits a Tornado Suplex.

Ivelisse and Brandi tag in at the same time and Ivelisse is a house afire with clotheslines and forearms. She counters a clothesline attempt from Brandi with a Jawbreaker into an STO and then a Urange Suplex for a nearfall. Ivelisse tags Diamante but Brandi shoves them into each other. Brandi Spears Diamante and tags Allie.

Allie hits the Rabbit Hole on Diamante but Ivelisse breaks up the pin attempt. Ivelisse tosses Brandi to the floor and then Diamante hits a Corkscrew Elbow before tagging Ivelisse. Marshall gets on the apron but eats an elbow from Ivelisse. That allowed Brandi to hit Ivelisse from behind but she backdrops him over the top onto Marshall. Diamante hits a Wheelbarrow Stunner on Allie and then Ivelisse kicks her in the face and rolls her up for the pin.

Winners: Ivelisse and Diamante via pinfall (rollup)

Medusa appears to give Diamante and Ivelisse the trophy and referees hand them roses but they throw the roses down and raise the Puetro Rican flag.


TNT Championship
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (18-1) (c) w/Arn Anderson vs. “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee (5-1)

Taz mentions that Cody has won 12 straight matches on Dynamite. Lee catches a charging Cody with a dropkick and then dumps him to the floor. Brodie tosses Cody into the barricade followed by a Cult Kick sending Cody into the chairs at ringside. Cody retreats back into the ring but Brodie continues his assault and hits a Half-and-Half Suplex.

Brodie follows up with a German Suplex and then goes for a Powerbomb but Cody escapes it only to eat a Superkick for a nearfall. Lee hits a series of Powerbombs and then the Spinning Lariat for the pin.

Winner & NEW TNT Champ: Lee via pinfall (Spinning Lariat)

The rest of the Dark Order comes to the ring to celebrate Lee’s win. Schiavone interviews Lee and Lee gets in his face and says that no one believed him or the Dark Order. He says that people like Tony created this monster and now he is a problem for AEW. Lee says with that title comes the power and now the Dark Order as at the top.

Trainers come out with a stretcher and put Cody in a neck brace. As Cody is put on the stretcher Lee screams at Tony to get out of the ring and then Cody lifts his thumbs up to say he is okay. The Dark Order surround Cody so Arn attacks them. Lee kicks Arn and then tosses him to the side before pushing the stretcher over dumping Cody out. Lee pulls out a bag of something and hits Cody with it. The Dark Order drag QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes and lay them out next to Cody.

Brandi runs out and lays across Cody but Anna Jay grabs her and chokes her out. Lee then pours the contents of the bag out on top of him revealing it to be the old TNT Title broken into pieces.